Buffy was alone in a castle full of people. The cold winds from a Scottish winter slipped down the halls. Wrapping itself around her. She hugged her coat tighter and moved to the window. The sun bleached sky impossibly bright. She sat down and watched the few clouds drift in front of the face of the sun. Their shadows playing across the hills. She didn't notice as the shadows over took the sky thick rolling clouds hiding the sun and sky. The temperature dropped a few more degrees. She longed to retreat into her room, curl under her blankets, and stay there until summer rolled back around. The faces of everyone she'd lost danced behind her eyes. The last caused a painful clenching of her heart.

Spike, burning for her, to save the world. Sometimes she found herself wondering if it was worth it. Tears rolled down her cheek unchecked. She let herself ache with his loss. Let the memories circle through her mind. The number of regrets she had in their relationship was staggering. Another face filled her mind, another set of regrets.

Angel. The pain she felt doubled. He was still out there somewhere. She still felt that he was somewhere in her future, when she was done growing up. Her fingers trailed over the pattern of frost on the glass. Feeling like time was running out. Maybe not his, but hers definitely. Maybe she shouldn't keep waiting for her life to start. Her attention was drawn back to the landscape. Soft white fluff was drifting slowly down already building up in places. She smiled softly. "Thank you." Her decision made. She pulled out her cellphone grateful to see it had service. The number was already in her speed dial. Always had been really. She hit the button and listened nervously while it connected. The sound of his voice almost made her cry.

"Angel." She said softly.

"Buffy?" He sounded concerned.

"It's snowing." She made a very unladylike hiccup into the phone. "I'm ready to make this work. Whatever it takes. I'm cookies."

"Where are you?"


"I'm on my way." He whispered. She gave him the address then went back to her room pacing nervously as she tried to figure out what she was going to pack and how she was going to tell them she was leaving. She threw a few things into a bag then went to command central. The tear filled goodbyes to Xander and Willow were the hardest. Dawn refused to go with her though from the look she gave him she figured it had more to do with Xander than not wanting to leave.

Four Short hours later the buzz of the doorbell rang through the Castle. She ran to the door not threw it open. She then stood in stunned silence. Looking between the two men on her door step.

"Spike?" She asked softly. "You're alive?"

"Not quite." He said sadly.

Angel whispered "Ghost" into her ear. "We're working on it."

"Come in, both of you. Now." She said pulling Angel through the door then closing it after Spike joined them in the wide hallway. She gave Spike directions to the Command room then wrapped her arms around Angel's neck. "Now where were we?"

"Let's find out." He said quietly leaning over to kiss her. She clung to him greedily stepping up the aggression of the kiss until she was breathlessly pressing against him.

"Best cookies I've ever tasted." He whispered against her lips. They regained some patience and control. Then stood in silence in front of the window watching the snow piling up outside. Wrapped in each others arms dreaming of the days to come.