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Scootaloo's Secret

Its Hearth's Warming eve in ponyville it's cold, windy, and snowing, everypony is in their homes. There is a lone filly , cold, lonely and hungry, digging through the trash bin behind Sugar Cube Corner, as she finds some cupcakes to eat, she is wondering where her next meal is coming from.

Pinkie Pie comes out the back door of Sugar Cube Corner and sees the little filly digging in the trash. Pinkie shouts,


The filly looks up and is shocked to see Pinkie and runs off Pinkie blinks she can't believe her eyes.


Scootaloo ran until she got to the place she calls home, a ragged tent with a hole in the top of it, on the outskirts of Ponyville. She crawls in and sits on the cold ground with the only cover she has a thin baby blanket that is tattered and worn the only thing she has left from the life she used to have. Scootaloo looks at the blanket and begins to remember the family she once had and the love that they share. Pinkie walks in the direction that Scootaloo ran,

"She could be anywhere."

Sighs Pinkie. As Pinkie kept looking, Scootaloo crawls out of her tent and looks around for somewhere to find food. As Pinkie approaches the outskirts of town she spots Scootaloo digging through a garbage can,

"Hiya Scootaloo,"

Scootaloo hangs her head in shame,

"Hi Pinkie, what are you doing here?"

"I am looking for you, why aren't you at home?"

Asked Pinkie,

"I am at home looking over at the worn tent, this is where I live.",

Replies Scootaloo. Pinkie can't believe her eyes,

"Oh my Celestia, this isn't good, why don't you come back with me to Sugar Cube Corner and we can talk about it.",

Replies Pinkie.

"Only if it's not a bother to you Pinkie I wouldn't want to impose on you or anything like that."

Exclaims Scootaloo.

As Pinkie and Scootaloo enter Sugar Cube Corner, Scootaloo smells the fresh smell of baked cupcakes. Pinkies walks over to the counter and motions for Scootaloo to join her, Scootaloo devours six cupcakes and a large glass of milk. Pinkie takes Scootaloo upstairs and tells her she could take a shower if she likes, Scootaloo accepts the offer and goes into the bathroom, Scootaloo emerges from the bathroom feeling a lot better. Pinkie sits on the bed and Scootaloo joins her,

"So Scootaloo why are you living in a tent, and where is your family?"

Scootaloo hangs her head,

"I don't want to talk about it Pinkie, all I wanna do is sleep."

"Ok Scootaloo you lay down, I have some final preparations for tomorrow."

Replies Pinkie, Scootaloo crawls into bed as sleep overtakes her. Pinkie quietly closes the door and leaves to go to the house close to Sweet Apple Acres. Pinkies knocks on the door and Twilight answers the door,

"Hi Pinkie what are you doing here?"

"Twilight I need you to come with me and I need spike to send out letters to the rest of the girls to come to, and spike make sure you tell them it's urgent and to come to Sugar Cube Corner and tell AJ to bring Applebloom and for Rarity to bring Sweetiebelle."

Exclaim Pinkie, as Spike takes the letters and sends them Twilight ask Pinkie what is wrong,

"You will just have to see when you get to Sugar Cube Corner."

Replied Pinkie, across Ponyville the rest of the elements receive their letters and told their families that they have to leave for a while but will return as soon as possible. Night is falling on Ponyville as the elements arrive at Sugar Cube Corner.

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