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One Month Later:

A knock at the door woke Jack from his light sleep suddenly. His blue eyes fluttered open and he blinked a few times, shrugging off the sleepiness.

"Come it!" He called. The door was pushed open, and Pitch strode in.

"Sleep well, Jack?" Pitch asked sincerely. In the month after "the incident" as they had decided to call it, Pitch and Jack had grown fairly close. However, neither or them had been able to confess the same thing they had on their minds, and neither of them suspected the other would feel the same if they did. So, it was a bit awkward, especially for Pitch who wasn't used to this kind of friendship or relationship. But they gradually grew on each other. Pitch was disappointed when Jack's leg had finally healed; he would miss the latter's company.

"Yeah I did actually. I think my legs good to go, so I suppose I should be heading out now." Jack informed him as he rose from the bed. He grabbed his staff that was laying on the floor next to him. There was a calm sort of completion he felt when he had his staff in his hands. He felt it now, as he gripped it in his hands he felt a wave of security wash over him. It was the first time he had held it in weeks, and he realized how much he missed the relaxing sensation it brought him. He looked at Pitch, who now wore a sad expression on his thin face.

"Aww, sad to see me go?" Jack teased. Pitch tried glaring at him menacingly, but found himself unable to.

"Yes Jack. I am actually. I really enjoyed your company and I'm going to miss having you around, even if all it was was just me taking care of your clumsy ass." Pitch told him, grinning. Jack laughed and headed towards the door.

"Thanks for everything Pitch. I really didn't except any of this from you." He said as he passed him.

"People are full of surprises Jack." Pitch said without looking over his shoulder as Jack walked out of the door. He listened to the sound of the boy's footsteps get softer and softer as he grew farther and farther away. Pitch sighed. Maybe I should have told him. He thought to himself. It was then that he heard the footsteps growing louder and louder as Jack raced back towards the room.

"I forgot to ask this whole time Pitch. Where am I?" He asked, his face flushing with red as he did. Pitch chuckled.

"Oh, really. You didn't think to ask this before?" He mocked. Jack could tell he was joking though and laughed with him.

"We're in the forest of Burgess, Jack. It's one of my secret hideouts I have scattered around the world. The exit is down the hall to the left. You'll come to a fork in the hallway. Go right and it will lead to an exit, ok?" Pitch explained. Jack nodded and took off, shouting "See ya soon!" back to Pitch as he raced away and out of the hideout.

Pitch sighed. He had hoped Jack was coming back to confess something. He quickly threw that hope aside now; it was stupid to think Jack would love him back. Just plain stupid. He shrugged as he reviewed everything that had happened. Jack had gotten hurt, he had taken care of them, and the two of them had become friends over the last month. It was simple, and Pitch was content with that. He would still see Jack occasionally, right? Of course he would…But what if he didn't? What if this was the last time he saw Jack for whatever reason, and he never got to at least tell him his true feelings?

The simple thought of his last concern was too much to bear and he took off down the hall and after Jack. It was very dark in the hallway, the occasional torch being the only source of light for him to use. He mentally cursed himself for keeping it so dark.

Pitch was too busy thinking and mentally cursing himself to hear another pair of footsteps racing towards him until it was too late. Jack and Pitch collided in the dark with a painful CRACK! Each of them flew backwards and landed on the cold stone floor, further increasing their individual pain.

"Oww!" Jack yelped as he landed, hitting his head hard. He blinked a few more times, trying to comprehend what had happened. Pitch just groaned in pain as he rubbed the spot on his chin where Jack's head had slammed into it.

"Are you ok Pitch?" Jack cried as he crawled over to him. Pitch groaned again in response as he tried to sit up. He succeeded, but only for a second. His body wouldn't obey his command and it slumped back to the floor.

"I'm so sorry Pitch!" Jack cried as he felt around for the former Nightmare King's body. His hand brushed against the cool fabric of his robes on his chest and Jack grasped onto it. He pulled Pitch into a gentle hug, whispering he was sorry over and over again.

Pitch finally regained his senses and returned the hug.

"It's fine Jack." He whispered. The collision really hadn't hurt that bad. It just smacked his jaw around and knocked the air out of him. He had since regained his breath and felt fine now. He sat up straight and then stood up, lending a hand out to Jack to help him up as well.

"Thanks Pitch." Jack muttered under his breath. He then felt Pitch's hands on his shoulders. His mind raced with confusion as to what Pitch was going to do. Was he more upset than he had said? Was he going to…hit him? Well, he probably deserved it. He had come back after he was supposedly leaving, and then ran into him and possibly injured him. At least he was coming back for a good reason. He wanted to tell Pitch something…

Before another thought could enter and exit Jack's mind, he felt a pair of warm lips on his own cold ones. The realization of what was happening hit him after a few seconds and his eyes widened. But then they closed as he returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around Pitch's waist. The latter pulled Jack closer until he was nearly under his now bruised chin. They both stayed like this for what seemed like hours, when in reality it only lasted a few seconds. Yet, in those few seconds, an emotional connection was formed that both of them understood without even saying a word.

They broke away gently, slightly gasping for air when they did. Even in the dim torchlight, Jack could see Pitch's face a deep crimson. But, that also meant Pitch could see him blush as well.

"You know that thing I was going to tell you Jack?" Pitch asked as he looked down at the floor, refusing to meet Jack's blue orbs.

"Y-yeah, I do." Jack stuttered.

"Well, I was going to tell you that…that I love you…" Pitch trailed off. The last words were barely a whisper, and Jack had to strain his ears to detect the sound. There was silence for a few minutes before Jack broke it.

"I do to Pitch." He whispered. Pitch golden eyes widened at the words. There was a sensation that formed so quickly in his chest that he felt it was going to burst. It was a sensation he was unfamiliar to. Happiness.

"Y-you do?" He looked up to meet Jack's eyes now. The boy nodded.

"I realized that after we had trapped you down…down there. I kept thinking of you, no matter how many times I tried to put you out of my mind you kept coming back. But I couldn't confess my feelings to any of the Guardians…So I told Jamie. At first, he was surprised, but he told me I should tell you and not let anything keep me from the person I loved. But…I couldn't find you. And believe me, I looked." Jack explained.

"I kept searching, but I never was able to find the bed or the tunnel that led to where we imprisoned you. So I gave up." He conceded. He dropped his blue eyes to the floor, not wanting to meet Pitch's golden ones.

"So why did you act so timid when you saw me? You kept telling me to leave…why?" Pitch asked after a couple seconds of silence. A shuddery breath escaped Jacks lips before he answered.

"I-I didn't think you'd feel the same. And I was scared that you were still a bad guy and wanted your revenge." He said with a slight grin.

"And do you know what Pitch?" He asked. Pitch shook his head and looked up, their eyes meeting for the first time.

"I've never been so glad that I was wrong." Jack told him as he leaned in for another kiss. It was just as good as the first, especially when their lips parted and Pitch's tongue found it's way inside Jack's mouth, emitting a short but evident moan from Jack. Pitch placed his slender hands on Jacks hips and pulled him close so that their bodies were pressed against each other. Jack let his arms find their way up Pitch's thin body until they were draped over his shoulders, keeping them both locked in the embrace until they broke away. Jack wished he didn't need to breathe, otherwise he probably could have stay like that forever.

"You're an amazing kisser Pitch." He complimented. Pitch smiled and hugged the winter spirit again, resting his head on the boys shoulder.

"You can stay a while Jack. We both feel the same for each other…there's no reason we can't be together." Pitch told him.

"But what will the others say?" Jack asked, clearly referring to the Guardians. Pitch shrugged.

"What does it matter? I love you, you love me. They'll have to adapt to it." He looked into Jack's blue orbs, trying to look reassuring. He must have done a good job, because Jack nodded.

"Ok Pitch. I can live with that." Jack said.

"Good. Now, what's say we head to bed, to get some, "sleep"" Pitch smiled, using air quotations at the word sleep. Jack understood perfectly, and played along for Pitch's amusement.

"Why yes, Pitch. I'm very tired. I could use some "sleep"" He replied.

So that was how the former Nightmare King and the Spirit of Winter found love. Like Pitch had said, people are full of surprises. And who would have thought that they would end up together?

And it all started with what was supposed to be a quick visit.

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