I decided to have some fun by filling a Gkm prompt for the first time.

Short summary: HeadCheerio!Brittany loses a bet so she has one month to seduce LoserGP!Santana and film it on video. Will she succeed? Will she win? Will she win or lose so much more in this bet than she thought at first?

I'm gonna post the story in shorter chapters and hope to finish it by the end of the week.

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It starts out like a regular Monday morning for Brittany.

The moment she steps out of her car in the parking lot, everything revolves around her. The minions are already there, waiting for her and Quinn.

Together, they basically run this school. They've been friends since the beginning of middle school, and quickly after their arrival at McKinley High, a new era started. They climbed to the top of the social ladder really fast, thanks to their amazing looks, Brittany's natural friendliness and Quinn's talent at manipulating people around them. Now Brittany is head Cheerio, with Quinn as second in charge and they're easily the most popular girls in school.

As Brittany is waiting with a pack of younger Cheerios for Quinn to finally arrive so they can start their day together, boys and girls she's never even noticed existing greet her with smiles and shy waves. She smiles at them back, because she likes people. This makes their dynamic with Quinn perfect, they complement each other really well.

They are both superhot, because duh, and blonde, but everything else is fairly different.

Brittany is bubbly, open and optimistic, she wins people's hearts at first sight. Everyone likes her. If someone doesn't, they better hide it really well, because Quinn has a way of making people who doesn't like either of them, fear their lives. She can be pretty mean. Sometimes Brittany finds it funny, but other times, it's just sad to see such a lovely person she knows the real Quinn to be, act so brutal to others. But Brittany needs her beside her. She can only rule with a strong Quinn guarding her back.

And if there's one thing Brittany likes, then it's the way this school is laid out in front of her legs.

When Quinn arrives, they finally enter the school. They walk down the crowded hallway, parting the stacks of student, trying to find their way to their lockers and first classes. It's easy. Everyone stops to catch a glance at them.

Losers try to find out what mood they're in and see if they should prepare for a cold slushie in the face throughout the day. Girls stare at them with envy, and boys' heads turn after them with lust, leaving jealous girlfriends all along the hallway.

Boys are stupid, Quinn likes to say and Brittany agrees most of the times, but they both know they couldn't survive without keeping the horny teenager boys of McKinley wrapped around their pretty fingers.

And sometimes, boys are fun.

And Brittany's learned to take the things she wants from them. She is very experienced in that department. Quinn, much less so. Brittany likes to call herself adventurous when it comes to sex, but she knows some people think differently. Quinn always tells her they are just jealous, but it really hurt when Brittany was first called a slut. She was so upset, Quinn swore to make the girl's life hell and so she did, the poor girl changed school a few months later.

Since then, people know they are not to be messed with.

When they arrive at their lockers, Brittany opens hers to take out her books and take a look at herself in the mirror. Her ponytail sits on her head high, and her make-up is flawless, she is buzzing with confidence. This day couldn't start better.

She shoots a wide smile at her reflection, and is about to close her locker, when she catches a pair of dark brown eyes staring right back at her in the mirror.

She throws her head around, but nobody is standing on the other side of the hallway. Someone with a huge black backpack is rushing away from the spot Brittany is staring at now, but Brittany doesn't know who it is. She shrugs her shoulders, and it slips from her mind completely when Puck's familiar voice hits her ears.

"Morning baby" Puck greets Quinn who rolls her eyes at his idiotic smirk but lets him kiss her anyway. They make out until Puck's hands wander lower to cup Quinn's ass and he pulls her into him to kiss her harder with tongue.

"Must you always ruin it?" Quinn snatches his hands away angrily. Puckerman stares at her dumbfounded, and Brittany can barely contain her giggles. They are awfully entertaining.

"What, I thought I could-"

"At home, Puckerman" Quinn sneers at him. "You are not about to grope me at school."

"I'm just happy to see you" Puck throws his hands in the air, earning a glare from her girlfriend. "I'm sorry, okay? I just can't hold back when it comes to you babe. You are too hot" He whines, leaning closer to Quinn, and his words ease the anger on his girlfriend's expression. He pecks her on the mouth, before turning to Brittany.

"Hey Britt" He smiles at her, and Brittany catches gratitude in his eyes. It's probably because she talked Quinn into sleeping with him a few weeks ago. It was only time after all. Brittany knows a girl can't tease a boy for too long, else he will get tempted to find what he wants somewhere else. Now Puck's got what he wanted, and Quinn just became more popular after they ran the story through the whole school. She still acts like a virgin though, and always tells Puck she just wants to be respected.

Brittany doesn't really know what that means. Boys don't really respect her. They all want her and dump their long-time girlfriends for one night with her, but they don't care for her needs. She's learned from her first experiences, and now she is in total control when it comes to sex. But she's never really been someone who cared. She just hopes it's different for Puck and Quinn.

"So how is Her Majesty this morning? In for a little game before English?" Puck snaps Brittany out of her thoughts, and wiggles his eyebrows.

"Whose Majesty?" She frowns.

Quinn and Puck share a meaningful glance, and it always upsets Brittany when they do that. She is missing something again.

"He's talking about you Britt" Quinn offers with a smile that seems too cheesy to be real.

"Oh, okay…" Brittany clears her throat a bit to ease the awkwardness. "What do you have in mind?" She asks Puck absentmindedly. She is not that into 'the game', which really is just plain bullying most of the times, but Quinn tells her it's essential to keep their social status intact, so she usually gives in and acts like she is enjoying it.

"Guess who ran straight past me in the morning?" Puck asks, lowering his voice.

"We're not psychic Puckerman" Quinn shoots him a glare, but he ignores it.

"It was her, the shemale" Puck raises an eyebrow intimidatingly and his expression turns darker. "Guess she was in a rush to get off in the bathroom before first class with a fresh picture of you in her head" He shakes his head condescendingly, but Brittany is stunned by his words.

"Me?" She asks back to make sure she heard right.

"She was totally checking you out when I got to your lockers." Puck explains, and Quinn stares at him, completely grossed out by his words.

Brittany finds this really weird. Of course, she is not surprised that somebody was checking her out, but this girl never really showed any interest in her. Not that Brittany could consider doing anything with a member of Glee club, because that would be totally weird and Quinn would bite her head off. She doesn't even know the girl's name. Quinn must've mentioned it when she transferred here from another high school, because Quinn keeps tracks of these things, but Brittany easily forgets names and stuff like that. But now the girl's got her intrigued. There's one thing she remembers though and it's the gossip about her having a dick. Puck and Quinn totally believe it, and they hate her for it. Brittany finds it strange, because she's never seen a girl with a dick, but the idea doesn't gross her out as much as it probably should according to everyone else around her.

"Don't you think the freak should learn a lesson to keep her head low?" Puck asks Brittany, and Quinn's mouth instantly turns into a cold smile. She stares at her encouragingly, and this time Brittany doesn't argue.

"I guess" She shrugs a little, not to show how curious she truly is.

Maybe if she encountered the girl face-to-face again, she could see what Puck saw.

"Come on ladies" Puck winks at them before turning on his heels to lead the way.

Brittany follows him closely, thinking this Monday morning might turn out a lot more interesting than it started.

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