Part 17

The winner takes it all

It seems like they are completely alone in this world.

It seems like that for a long, long time. As if every second spent with Santana is worth a thousand Brittany spends without her.

They are only reminded of having company in the house, when noises disturb their bliss. Footsteps in the hallway, someone is close by.

Brittany buries her head into the crook of Santana's neck, hiding from the sounds.

They become impossible to ignore though, and they both realize the footsteps are approaching, coming right in their direction. Santana bumps her, and their eyes meet, both knowing they will be busted, in a matter of seconds. Adrenaline rushes to Brittany's blood and a thousand scenarios runs through her brain, but it's too late to act now.

The thing is, when Kurt busts into the room, she doesn't even mind it, not really.

"Ever heard of knocking, asshole?" Santana shouts at him, pulling the covers up to their noses.

"Gosh!" Kurt squeals hysterically, trying to cover up his almost naked body. "I thought this was the goddamn toilet!"

He is only wearing a pair of red silk boxers, much to Brittany's amusement.

"Kurt, get out!"

Recovering from his shock, Kurt points his finger at them.

"Oh my dear God, you two totally had sex!"

"It's none of your business!" Santana yells. "Now go, else I will kick you out and you'll fall on your flat ass!"

Brittany knows it's an empty threat, because Santana lost her boxers somewhere under the comforter. She giggles at the possibility of Santana forgetting this fact. She touches her arm though to get her attention and sends her a smile.

"Don't worry about him, San," she whispers. "It's okay if he knows, he is our friend."

Santana's frown settles, and she returns Brittany's smile.

"You're right," she says quietly. "I'll be nicer, promise."

"Don't even try to deny it! Your cheeks are redder than the roses in my aunt Muriel's garden! Kurt shouts with wide eyes.

When Santana turns back to Kurt and showers him with snarky insults, Brittany can only shake her head and chuckle. The boy leaves the room finally, swearing not to give up and return to the topic later.

"That wasn't so nice, San."

"I'm only nice to you."

"Hmm…and why is that?" Brittany giggles.

"Cause I gots to treat my girl right," Santana winks before giving her a peck. "Come on, I'll make you breakfast…if you want?"

"Yes, I do."


They appear together downstairs, hand in hand.

It's like making a statement, but the move says more in a split second than any word could. Brittany smiles at Santana, a small secret smile before they part. All eyes are on her as she settles at the dining table. Kurt and Blaine start questioning her, and she can barely say anything through her wide, toothy smiles.

She shares a look with Quinn, and it's enough for her to know this is exactly what her best friend planned. From the moment Santana stepped into her room, Brittany knew it was Quinn. She knew it was her best friend who made this all possible.

Even on the expense of having to spend a night in bed with Rachel Berry.

She is forever grateful for Quinn.

When she hears a loud squeal from the kitchen, she knows Santana told Rachel. She owes her too, for last night, for giving Brittany her belief back.

She owes all these people something and she can only hope life gives her a chance to give it back.


When Santana appears from the kitchen and walks up to her with a plate of waffles in her hands, Brittany knows she picked well.

The waffles are amazing, but they are nothing compared to having Santana sit on her lap and let Brittany feed her waffles. It's a big thing and makes Brittany feel proud.

They munch on their breakfast, Kurt throwing suspicious looks at them and Rachel frequently letting out a dramatic sigh as if newborn kitties are snuggling in front of her eyes.

Brittany feels content, having breakfast in the circle of her close friends.

It's a lazy breakfast, with light chatter at the table, and a few teasing jokes here and there. There's nothing Brittany would enjoy more right now. Oh well, maybe round two with Santana…but she has to take her mind off of sex, instantly. As perfect as it was to be together with Santana again this morning, she knows it would be wrong to rush things.

She doesn't want to ruin their newfound paradise.

Rachel shakes her from her thoughts by clearing her throat, but Brittany doesn't mind the interruption.

"Well, as today seems to be the morning of announcements," she says, catching everyone's attention. "We'd like to follow the tradition."

Brittany frowns, not sure where this will lead. If the way Rachel is looking at Quinn is any indication, it could be anything. Brittany is horrified by the direction her thinking goes. It can't be that Rachel and Quinn...

It just can't.

"No way," Santana whispers, and Brittany knows she has the same thoughts.

"What do you mean, we?" Blaine asks Rachel, voicing their collective confusion.

Kurt is frozen like a sculpture, and his eyes are dangerously close to popping out of his head. He talks slowly, as if he is afraid of his own thoughts. "Rachel, I think you should explain yourself now."

"We, as in myself and Quinn," Rachel says pointedly, before turning to Quinn. "Would you do the honor?"

Brittany switches her gaze to Quinn, who looks like she is about to duck under the table.

"Uh…yeah, of course," she clears her throat, her pale skin flushed everywhere. "Well, I've been thinking about this for some time now and…Rachel assured me last night that…"

"Since when?"

"I can't believe this…"

"This will make the national news."

"Can you all just let me finish?" Quinn speaks up, her annoyance completely obvious.

"Go on, Quinn," Brittany says, feeling empathy for her friend. She thinks it's rude of them to mock Quinn, even though she feels just as shocked as the next person.

"She assured me last night that I can do this," Quinn continues, holding her breath before she announces, "I'm gonna run for senior class president…with-"

"Me!" Rachel shouts on top of her lungs. "Sorry, Quinn I couldn't contain my delight anymore."

"Right," Quinn sends her a forced smile, before she looks around nervously.

"Isn't it perfect, everyone?" Rachel asks them.

Brittany, recovering from her surprise, feels absolute joy over this decision.

"This is great, guys!" She says, sending a wink to Quinn.

The others are not so delighted. It takes a moment of chilling silence for the truth to come out.

"This was mine, Rachel," Kurt speaks up, with hurt and anger in his voice. "You knew I would run for it!"

"I'm sorry Kurt, but I reconsidered my decision and I'm absolutely sure now that this school needs girls in charge," Rachel explains eagerly.

"This school needs gays in charge!" Kurt jerks up from his seat.

"Don't play the gay card on me now!" Rachel stands up, and she seems to be growing in the heat of the argument.

"I can't believe you…" Kurt shakes his head, betrayal written all over his face. "How could you do this? I have no chance with a cheerleader on your side!"

"Kurt, honey…" Blaine tries to comfort him, but it's no use.

"You went too far this time, Rachel Barbra Berry!"

They all start yelling, only Santana and Brittany staying somewhat collected. Santana tries to ease the tension, and tells them to stop arguing, but they don't listen.

Brittany doesn't either, because she just got an idea.

She is afraid of it…she has no idea how it will turn out, or if it's even a good idea. But she believes it's the right idea.

"Guys," she speaks up, and waits for her moment. "I think I have a solution. I could run with Kurt, so-"



"Wait, Britt, what did you just say?" Kurt squeals.

Brittany blushes under their stares. Even Santana is looking at her with disbelief.

"I said, I could, um…" she mumbles at last. "I could maybe support Kurt, so chances would be fair."

"Are you serious, Britt?" Kurt asks, stepping closer to her.


"This is a terrible idea!" Rachel yells at them, while Quinn can only stare with her mouth open.

Brittany looks at them and hopes her best friend will understand.

"You are a genius, Britt!" Kurt chuckles and puts his hand on her shoulder. "God, I almost had a heart attack just now. Thank you, sweetie!"

"You're welcome, Kurt," Brittany says quietly.

"Okay, now that you two had your moment, can we just talk about how you're ruining my victory now?" Rachel asks with fury. "No one stands a chance against Brittany!"

"Rachel, leave it," Santana tells her. "It's done. Don't be a bitch about it!"

"Oh, so you're on their side now?" Rachel asks her, before the realization dawns. She looks at Brittany with rage. "Of course, that's only expected…"

"I'm not on anyone's side," Santana says harshly. "I want to be left out of this mess. I support both of you. Blaine, are you with me?"

Blaine, not expecting the question, takes a moment to comprehend it.

"I'm not taking sides either," he says finally, staring at Kurt and begging for forgiveness. "I'm sorry, Kurt, but this is the right thing to do."

"Good," Santana nods. "Now, can I finish my breakfast properly, or do you kids plan to continue this bloody argument?"

She finally succeeds in making them come round, and they all settle back in their seats. Brittany settles against her in their shared seat, and whispers a 'thank you' into her ear.

They continue their breakfast in silence, only asking each other to pass the coffee or salt. The tension is still tangible when Santana and Rachel leave to do the dishes.

Brittany searches for Quinn's look and their eyes meet. She sends her best friend a shy smile, and it's such a relief when Quinn returns it. She knows if this happened two months ago, Quinn would have probably bitten her head off by now.

They've both changed a lot since.

Brittany likes to believe she learned how to stand up for people, for her friends, but most of all, for herself – her rights, her sense of judgment, and her morals.

And she has earned the respect of many people for it, among her best friend's.

Even though she probably doesn't really like it, Quinn respects her decision to run with Kurt. They've come a long way in their friendship and Brittany feels lucky to have such a best friend. Quinn is probably the only one apart from her girlfriend who understands her without having to say even one word.

Words don't mean much after all.

What truly matters is the things - the thoughts and the feelings behind them.

For a long time, she questioned every word Quinn said, but not anymore. She knows no lies exist between them now.

She is quite sure she's never been so happy to have a best friend.


The mood is still not quite recovered when they are leaving Rachel's home.

Kurt leaves with Blaine quickly after breakfast. His usually collected attire - with every detail planned and executed without flaws - is frenzied and disorganized, but he still holds his head high. He is too proud, and still too hurt to thank Rachel for the effort she put into the party. It is Blaine who says sorry for his boyfriend's behavior before they leave.

It leaves Brittany with her girlfriend, Quinn, and Rachel.

Rachel offers to give them a lift, and they take the opportunity. Of course, none of them expects her to use the time for bitching about Kurt and his evil ways. The talk makes Brittany muse over her decision and its consequences.

She has a sense it will take some time for the storm to calm, for the bad feelings to disappear. She expects a fierce campaign for senior class presidency now, with an edge she didn't expect to occur but is responsible for its existence.

Sitting in the back, she catches Quinn's eyes in the window. Her best friend rolls her eyes and Brittany chuckles at her. She is pretty sure Quinn and Rachel make up the weirdest pair one can possibly imagine.

Brittany turns to Santana, who seems to be wrapped up in her thoughts, staring out of the window with her eyebrows knitted together.

"Hey," Brittany mutters quietly, stroking her girlfriend's hand. "You will get all wrinkly if you do that."

"Huh?" Santana snaps her eyes at her.

Brittany touches her, smoothing away the frown on Santana's face. "This, sillyhead."

"Oh, I was just thinking…" Santana shoots her a tired smile.

"What about?"

Santana shrugs. "Just everything…school, and Sectionals, and now this presidency thing, and you know, us."

This morning and the night before are a lot to digest, and it shows on Santana whose voice is unusually quiet and exhausted.

"San, you have no reason to worry about these," Brittany tells her, squeezing her hand tightly. "Especially the last…"

"Of course I worry about that," Santana says. "That's the most important thing for me."

"For me too, baby."

They share a gentle smile, and Brittany leans closer to kiss the corner of Santana's mouth. She seems to help Santana get rid of her worries for the moment, and they sink into peaceful silence on the backseat.

Rachel doesn't stop grumbling until they arrive at Santana's house.

Santana says goodbye, and gives Brittany a proper kiss before they part, promising to call later.

Brittany feels giddy about it already. She waves at Santana as they take off again.

"I'm so glad we are friends now and we can tell each other everything," Rachel tells Quinn as they continue the drive. "Isn't it wonderful, Quinn?"

"Wonderful indeed," Brittany says, barely able to hold her giggles as Quinn turns around to give her a look.

It seems their newfound bond with Rachel is about to turn into a nightmare for her best friend.

"Look, Rachel," Quinn turns to the girl in the driver's seat. "Maybe we shouldn't advertise our friendship just yet…I wouldn't want my other friends to be jealous of what we share."

Brittany almost bursts out laughing at Quinn's proposal. It's a genius way to handle Rachel's obsession with their very freshly established sort-of friendship.

"Why, of course," Rachel nods seriously. "I'm sure they'd envy the understanding we have. Last night was truly a revelation for me, I could only dream about being friends with you before but now I feel like we've been friends for years. Isn't that strange?"

She continues obsessing over Quinn, while Quinn tries to counter her remarks in a clever way.

For Brittany, it's pure comedy to witness their conversation.

She is almost disappointed for having to leave when they stop in front of her home. She says goodbye, and shares a look with her best friend.

It makes her break out in giggles as soon as she gets out of the car.

She laughs so hard, it makes her stomach ache.


Talking to her parents, she vaguely recites the happenings of the night.

She doesn't tell them about the big news though, not yet.

The memory of their scared to death faces is too fresh on Brittany's mind. She knows her parents wouldn't understand how she could reconcile with Santana so soon after such a horrible argument. Brittany wouldn't blame them for not understanding. The connection she made with Santana last night is incomprehensible for anyone but them.

She couldn't reason with her parents, because what she and Santana did was simply not reasonable.

It was maybe even irresponsible, immature - and a lot of these words Brittany truly hates to think about.

What they did, they did out of love.

She knows it was the right thing to do, and today she just wants to enjoy the feeling of having a girlfriend.


She checks her phone so frequently that it quickly turns embarrassing.

Santana calls soon enough though, much to her joy.

They discuss what happened in the morning, and it comes as a relief to know Santana supports her decision to run with Kurt. As they talk, Brittany thinks about how she's never had a serious relationship. She doesn't know the first thing about it really. She wonders if it's normal to want to spend the whole weekend with Santana, after they just parted. She is not sure if she can propose a date or if she is supposed to wait now.

"Britt, what are you thinking about?" Santana ask in the phone. "You got all silent."

"I was just thinking about, um…" Brittany mumbles. "Frankly, I don't know much about being girlfriends, San. Like, are we supposed to go on dates now or can I just invite you over tomorrow?"

Santana chuckles into the phone. "Whichever you want, babe."

"Hmm, you see, I kinda just want to spend my whole weekend with you," Brittany confesses.

"I don't think our parents would approve of that, Britt," Santana says sweetly. "And on top of that, you'd get bored of me quickly."

"That's impossible, San!"

"Trust me, Britt, I'm not that interesting."

"You are perfect though," Brittany tells her, not leaving room for argument.

"All right, then…" Santana laughs. "So, you really want to spend some time together this weekend?"

"Yes, duh," Brittany says. "Do you?"

"Yeah, I'd love that," Santana replies. "Do you have anything in mind?"

Brittany considers her options. She doesn't really want to go public and make a fuss about a date. She'd rather just stay in and enjoy their newfound peace with Santana.

"You could come over tomorrow afternoon," she offers. "We could watch a film and eat ice cream."

"Sounds perfect," Santana says, but her voice hints at suspense.

"Are you sure, San?" Brittany asks quietly. "You don't sound too enthusiastic."

Santana sighs into the phone. "It's just, are you sure it's a good idea for me to meet your parents so soon? I'm sure they hate me for, you know…being a jackass last time I was at yours."

Brittany considers her words. She didn't take her parents into account when she invited Santana over, but she should have. She has to talk to them before they meet Santana; that is for sure. She wants them to give Santana the chance that Brittany got from her girlfriend's parents.

"They know it wasn't your fault I was a mess," she tells Santana. "But we don't have to tell them anything yet."

"I don't want to lie about us," Santana says. "I'm just not sure how they'd feel about me…and us being together."

"Don't worry about this, please," Brittany tells her. "They will love you, I'm sure, San. How could anybody not love my girlfriend, right?"

Santana chuckles softly. "Right, Britt."

"I won't let anybody be an ass to you, I promise," Brittany says. "So will you say yes?"

"Yes," Santana says, and her smile can be heard in her voice. "I can't wait, Britt."

"Me neither, honey," Brittany replies, feeling like she won the lottery just now.

She scored herself the first date with her girlfriend.

It's much better than winning the lottery.


The day passes in the blink of an eye.

An hour before Santana's set arrival, Brittany finds herself slightly panicked.

She managed to sort out the mess that was her room with her mom's help and went shopping for everything she might need for the date…snacks, ice cream, and condoms. Not that she would be lacking them, but for her, buying condoms is like buying a new dress for a date.

She bonded with her mom while cleaning up, and made her promise she would be nice to Santana. She doesn't worry about her dad though, as he is always welcoming with people.

Now all she's got to do is dress up. However, she is home, so she is not sure whether she is supposed to change into fancy clothes or not. After some consideration, she decides to wear black shorts, a loose shirt with a big heart on it and dotted knee-length socks. What is pretty fancy though is her lingerie, hidden under the casual clothes. She is not sure she will get there with Santana tonight, but a girl's got to prepare…therefore, she goes for a pink lacy bra and matching panties.

She is nervous about sex, which is quite rare for her.

She is not sure where Santana stands on the topic…since they haven't even really talked about Friday night yet. She has to know how Santana feels about it, before she rushes her into something they will both regret. It's her responsibility to be smart and patient now.

After all, it's about Santana's virginity….a precious thing that she can take, but never give back.


When she hears a car stopping in front of the house Brittany runs to her window.

"Hey, San! You're here!" She yells to the girl after opening the window.

Santana looks up at her and waves, a smile spreading on her face. She motions to the door, questioningly.

"I'll be down there in a sec," Brittany shouts to her before she is out of the door and running down the stairs to let her girlfriend in.

"I guess she is here," her dad chuckles, sitting at the couch as Brittany passes him hurriedly.

Her mom is at the door already, catching a peek through the hole.

"Mom!" Brittany scolds her mom and sends her off hurriedly.

"She looks really pretty," her mom smiles before leaving to join her dad in the living room.

Strangely, the comment spreads warmth in Brittany's chest and she feels proud of having Santana as her girlfriend.

She opens the door to find a stunning girl standing on the porch.

"Wow, San, you look amazing," she sighs, her eyes wandering over Santana's appearance.

She is wearing red pants and a tight black shirt under her motorcycle jacket. She looks like a supermodel, who just arrived on a motorbike. She is dark and sexy, her eyes smoky and lips red…nothing casual about her.

She is a vision.

"Did I overdo it?" Santana asks shyly, looking down at herself.

Brittany steps out of the doorway and grabs Santana's hands, interlocking their fingers.

"You look stunning," she smiles at her girlfriend. "But I must say I'm surprised."

Santana blushes, casting her eyes away for a second.

"I just wanted to impress your parents…" she whispers, leaning closer to Brittany.

Brittany chuckles. "Well, good to know you dressed up for my parents on our date", she teases Santana.

"Silly," Santana laughs. "I wanted to impress you most."

"You sure did, San," Brittany winks at her, before leaning in for a kiss.

Santana's lips taste like cherry and they giggle when she leaves a reddish mark on Brittany's lips. Brittany licks it off and enjoys the taste of her girlfriend's lips.

When they are both presentable, Brittany squeezes Santana's hand softly and they step into the Pierce house together.


She leads Santana to the living room and feels their handhold tighten as Santana meets her parents for the first time in her life.

Brittany notices her dad smiling proudly while looking at them and her heart jumps in her chest. She holds Santana's hand proudly and introduces her as her girlfriend.

When she says the word, Santana looks at her in a way that she will always remember.

She doesn't let go of Santana while she shakes her mom's and dad's hand.

Her mom squeezes Santana's shoulder. "We've heard a lot about you, Santana."

"I hope not all bad things…" Santana chuckles shyly.

"San!" Brittany pouts at her.

Her parents laugh at them, as Santana apologizes sweetly.

"Why don't you girls join us for a bit?" Her mom asks, motioning to the couch.

Brittany is reluctant to answer, secretly wishing to spend some private time with Santana. She catches her stare and knows Santana has the same intention. But of course, she won't be rude to her parents.

"Yeah, of course," Santana answers with a smile.

Brittany looks at her dad, wishing he would interfere. As always, he quickly comes to her rescue.

"I have a better idea," he says to his wife. "Why don't we order in and you girls join us for dinner?"

"Awesome, dad," Brittany answers quickly before her mother can protest. "What would you like to eat, San?"

"Um, whatever you want is perfect for me," Santana shrugs.

"Then we will order from Breadstix," Brittany's dad declares. "I heard you both like that."

Brittany looks at Santana and they share a smile, remembering their first date at Breadstix. It was an amazing first date and the night that followed…Brittany will always keep the memory in her heart.

Her parents let them go and wish them a good time and the girls leave for upstairs, smiling giddily till the door is locked and they can finally kiss properly.


"Hmm, I missed you," Brittany nuzzles Santana's nose as they embrace each other.

"I missed you too, Britt," Santana whispers, before leaning in for another kiss. "It's nice to be here again."

It is really nice indeed, to have Santana here and be together without any secrets now. It's just them and there is nothing more Brittany can wish for.

Santana looks around the room, taking in the details and asking about the numerous pictures and objects lying around. She seems to want to know everything and she hangs on Brittany's words as she answers.

"I see you've been practicing some math, huh?" she asks, noticing the open books on Brittany's desk.

"Yeah, I have a test this week…"

"Can I help?"

Brittany blushes. "No, San, I want us to have fun now."

"Math can be fun," Santana shrugs, giving her a cheeky smile. "We can make it fun, if you want…"

Her words make Brittany gulp, her knees getting weak as she stares into Santana's eyes.

"What do you have in mind, San?"

"Let's see…if you complete this sheet, I will remove a clothing item of your choice," she says huskily and Brittany's eyes widen.

She really appreciates this side of Santana. She has no words to describe what a turn-on her girlfriend is right now.

"Deal," she blurts out and drops on her chair, eager to start.

Santana settles on the chair beside her and it doesn't really help Brittany to smell her girlfriend's scent while she is trying to focus. "I can't focus if you're so close, San," she whines pathetically and makes Santana chuckle.

"All right then, I'll keep an eye on you from the bed," Santana says before settling on top of Brittany's covers.

She is an incredible sight and Brittany wants to join her, but she has a task at hand. For a while she can keep her mind on math, but soon she starts day-dreaming about Santana's tits and well, math is over. She misses her girlfriend's closeness and has a tricky idea.

"Hey, San, can you help me?" she asks and Santana appears at her side.

"Yeah, let me look," she says, leaning in to read over the task Brittany is trying to complete.

Brittany uses the opportunity to surprise her and pull her into her lap.

"Hey!" Santana protests, but she doesn't seem to really mind the move.

"Hi," Brittany smiles at her before leaning in for a sweet kiss.

It turns into a heated kiss soon and her hand settles on Santana's hip, while the other is holding the back of her neck. She kisses Santana eagerly and sneaks under her shirt to touch her soft skin.

"No touching yet, Britt," Santana pulls away and kisses the pout off of Brittany's mouth. "Let's get back to math, ok? Promise you will be rewarded."

Brittany huffs as she stands up and reluctantly continues, determined to nail the test. She is motivated to do well more than ever and finds it much easier to complete the sheet than before. Santana checks her answers in mere minutes and Brittany prays for them to be right.

When Santana's lips turn into a seductive smile she knows she did well.

"Seems like you got all the right answers," Santana announces. "Now you can pick which clothing item you want me to get rid of."

"Can I see how you remove it?" Brittany narrows her eyes.

Santana seems surprised by the question and blushes slightly. "Yeah, I guess."

Brittany doesn't want to embarrass her and sticks with her shirt.

Santana smiles, and drops her jacket into Brittany's lap. She slowly pulls her shirt over her head and exposes her bare stomach and her boobs squeezed into a red lace bra. It compliments her breasts, and matches her skin tone perfectly.

"You are gorgeous," Brittany shakes her head, barely able to believe her eyes. "So sexy…"

"No, I'm not really…" Santana says shyly, twitching her fingers.

"Hey, come here!"

Brittany puts Santana's shirt and jacket on her desk and pulls her girlfriend in her lap. She squeezes her thigh gently and lays a soft kiss on the tiny freckle on her shoulder. She looks up at Santana, who is dazed by the intimacy of Brittany's kiss. She feels stimulated to continue and plants tender kisses on Santana's shoulder till her mouth hits her neck. Santana sighs and melts in her arms as she kisses behind her ear.

Her left hand, settled on Santana's lower back, slides up on her girlfriend's spine as Brittany's mouth opens and her tongue touches Santana's earlobe. A soft moan erupts from Santana, who rests her hand on the back of Brittany's scalp, pressing down gently and craving for her to go on. Brittany licks inside her earlobe and feels a twitch in Santana's abdomen as she places her hand there, close to the button of Santana's tight pants.

She feels Santana softening in her arms, relaxing into the moment completely. The feeling spreads warmth in her belly and she concentrates on Santana with all her senses, indulging both of them with the tenderness of the act.

In the heavy, all-consuming moment, they forget about homework, tests, parents downstairs, and even dinner coming from Breadstix.

Nothing else matters apart from them.

It exists now, this word – them - Brittany is only just about to get familiar with. It makes her feel safe, loved and stable, though the feeling of Santana's breath on her lips is sending her flying through the roof.

She could spend forever like this, kissing Santana.

There's no rush, no finish line, though her heart is still racing. Their kissing is slow, even lazy, but Brittany feels on fire, prompted to make a move in the direction her heart and body craves to go. Her fingers find the clasp of Santana's bra and Santana feels it, her tongue slipping out of rhythm with Brittany's, until they part entirely.

Brittany freezes, her eyes popping open as Santana whispers "Britt, I heard someone."

"Fuck," she chokes out, blood rushing to her head. "I forgot to lock the door."

Santana jumps off her lap, frenzied and scared to death as the steps are louder in the hallway. She quickly grabs her jacket and zips it up to her neck, just in time as a knock hits the door.

Brittany tries to collect herself. "Come in!" she says and pretends to be casual, as her mother steps into the room.

"Hello, girls," her mom says, laying her eyes on the pair of them. "What are you up to?"

"Um, just practicing some math, mom," Brittany mutters, her voice unusually raspy. Her mom must notice it, she thinks, but tries not to freak out. "Santana's helping."

"I heard you are a great tutor," her mom turns to Santana, her gaze getting caught up on something Brittany can't decipher. "I wonder how you got my daughter to study on a date though…"

She is smirking now and Brittany is pretty sure she's never seen her mom smirking.

"Uh, I think she's actually pretty motivated," Santana blabbers, averting eye-contact with Brittany's mom.

Brittany tries to end the embarrassment. "Mom, what's up?"

"We wanted to let you know that dinner is here in a few minutes," her mom finally stops gauging Santana and turns to her. "We ordered burgers and fries for you. I hope you approve of our choice."

"Definitely," Santana rasps out.

"Yeah," Brittany agrees. "Thanks mom! We'll be down in a sec."

"Good," her mom says, catching one more glance at them before exiting the room.

A few seconds later, Brittany is still quite shocked by her mom's facial expression. She wonders whether it meant her mom realized she and Santana were making out, or if it was just a nerve twitch older people sometimes get. She muses over the question till Santana makes a move.

"Shit," she blurts out, hitting her forehead. "I forgot to put on my shirt."

Brittany jerks her head towards her desk where Santana's top is resting and the absurdity of the situation makes giggles blubber up in her throat.

"Oh, jeez, San," she laughs. "I get my mom's face now."

"It's not funny," Santana mutters, annoyed as she kicks Brittany's leg. "Give me my shirt!"

Brittany giggles, grabbing the item. "Aw, don't be so embarrassed!" she cues to Santana, who snatches away the shirt from her hands.

"Now your mom thinks I'm the type of girl who can't go over a date without getting naked," Santana says exasperatedly, pulling the shirt over her head.

"Honey, that type is me," Brittany winks at her. "At least, that was me - hey, don't worry, okay? Judging from her reaction, she didn't mind. She likes you."

Santana halts, snapping her eyes at her. "Do you really think so?"

"Duh," Brittany nods. "Else she would've shown. She doesn't really hide her feelings, you know."

"I hope you're right," Santana sighs, grabbing her jacket. "Now, shall we join them?"

Brittany stands up, and smoothes a strand of hair away from Santana's forehead. "Yeah, but first…" she whispers, cupping her girlfriend's jaw and kissing her softly. "I love you, San."

"I love you too, Britt."

As they leave the room and walk down the stairs, Brittany wonders how they are always interrupted nowadays.

It seems like the forces of the nature are against them.

They've been since the beginning, now that she thinks about it.

But against all odds, they are together now.

Holding hands under the table while they eat dinner with her parents, Brittany feels like she won the best prize in the competition that's called life – Santana Lopez.


The dinner is more than pleasant.

Though Brittany feared her parents, especially her mom would interrogate Santana with annoying questions all night, they actually have a conversation she enjoys listening to. She doesn't talk much, letting Santana interact with her parents.

They seem impressed by Santana's wide knowledge of the world and her quick wit.

Santana always looks at her for a few seconds when she makes Brittany's parents laugh. Her eyes are gleaming with joy and Brittany squeezes her hand softly to reassure her.

She is doing great and Brittany is really proud.

When all the plates are empty, they are still engaging in a conversation about some supposedly famous people Brittany's never heard of. Unintentionally, she shuts the conversation off as a consequence. She admires Santana's beauty and quickly finds herself day-dreaming about her girlfriend's amazing breasts.



"I just offered to do the dishes with you."

The words shake Brittany's daze off, and her eyes pop open. "Oh, of course," she mutters, her throat dry from the vision in her head. "Come on!"

Santana sends her a soft smile before standing up.

"Thanks for the dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce!"

Brittany is surprised by her dad's harsh laugh. "You don't want us to call you Miss Lopez, do you? Let's just stick to Anne and Rob, all right?"

"Are you sure? I don't mind-"

"Santana," her mom interrupts. "You are very polite, but I think it's safe to say you will be a guest in our house for a long time. So really, you can call us Anne and Robert."

"As long as the time for Mama and Papa comes…" her dad teases.

Santana locks eyes with Brittany, smiling shyly.

Brittany returns her smile, feeling so giddy she almost jumps out of her skin. She interlocks their fingers, sending a message to Santana. It says that she agrees with her parents – Santana will be a guest in their house for a long time. In fact, Brittany wants her to be more than a guest.

Santana turns back to Brittany's parents. "Thank you, for everything!"

"You are welcome, dear," her mom says. "Now go girls, dishes are waiting. There's some ice cream in the fridge when you're done."

"Thanks mom, you're the best," Brittany chuckles and squeezes Santana's hand. "Come on San!"

They gather the empty plates and walk to the kitchen. As soon as they are out of sight and the dishes are in the sink, Brittany pulls Santana in for a hug.

"You did so well, San," she whispers into Santana's hair. "They love you."

"I'm so happy, Britt."

"Me too, honey," she pulls away, resting her hands on Santana's waist. "I'm so happy for all this."

Her voice trembles and she feels close to tears.

"For what, baby?" Santana asks tenderly.

"For us," Brittany whispers, before leaning in to kiss Santana.

She sighs into the gentle kiss, deeply and recovers by the softness of Santana's lips. Her emotions attacked her but she is stabilized again, safe in Santana's arms.

As they part, she rests her forehead on Santana's and lets herself breath her in for a moment.

"So, so happy…" she whispers, barely audibly.

"As I am," Santana replies, softly nuzzling Brittany's nose.

"I want to stay like this forever."

"Aw, honey…" Santana whispers, pulling away to look at Brittany. "Let's do the dishes, then we can do whatever you want, okay?"

"Uh-um," Brittany murmurs and reluctantly though, she lets go of Santana.

They start washing the dishes while chatting and joking playfully. Santana does much of the work while Brittany plays with the foam. She puts a bit on Santana's nose before blowing it off. Santana crunches her nose and laughs and it's the cutest sight in the world.

She makes even the most boring things in the world seem like fun.

She must be a unicorn.


They are cuddling in Brittany's bed, their faces inches apart and arms embracing each other tightly.

An empty box of Ben & Jerry's rests on the nightstand, long forgotten.

The rain is softly clattering on the roof and it's the only sound in the room. Otherwise, it's silence…the most peaceful kind.

Brittany's eyes are closed, her nose touching Santana's and mouth slightly open as she inhales and exhales, over and over again. She feels merged with Santana, enjoying her warmth, her softness, and the familiar sweetness of her scent. With her eyes are closed, all the other senses are sharpened.

With every second passing, she is more wrapped up in everything that's Santana.

Only they exist now in the world.

Brittany lingers in the moment, wanting it to never end.

She feels something though, an inexplicable urge to open her eyes. It's so strong she has to act on it. She opens her eyes only to see Santana watching her. Brittany sends her a soundless question, wanting to know what her girlfriend is thinking about.

"I think I was wrong about Quinn," Santana says, ending the silence.

Brittany muses on her words. "I think you've just seen the wrong part of her."

"Yeah, maybe," Santana's lips turn into an unsure smile. "She really surprised me, you know, when we were at Berry's. When she came into our room, I got really scared."

"Will you tell me what happened, San?"

"She just, well, told me she was not the one who belonged there with you."

Brittany's eyes swell with tears hearing Santana's words. She's never been so touched by her best friend.

She and Santana both owe a lot to Quinn.

"What did you say?"

"I said I wasn't sure…and it was true, you know, everything was still so fresh and I didn't know what to do," Santana shakes her head. "I knew how I felt though."


"Yes, of course," Santana replies. "I've always known. She just, somehow, made me go for it."

"She has a way to do that," Brittany chuckles softly, a teardrop sliding down her cheek.

Santana catches it with her thumb, cupping Brittany's jaw. "I'm not afraid anymore, Brittany," she says softly, but assured on the deepest level. "For a long time, I've hated having feelings for you. You were the opposite of me, popular and loved by everyone. I felt so ridiculous for liking you, even though you never noticed me."


"Please," Santana smiles through her tears. "When you walked up to me that Monday, I felt like it wasn't real…and in the end, it really wasn't. Among all people, Brittany, you hurt me the most, but I-"

"I'm so sorry," Brittany chokes out.

"I'm not, baby," Santana whispers. "I realized it wasn't you that really hurt me, it was the thought that everything happened because of the bet. I was so wrong to question everything, but I know now, Brittany. When you say you love me, I'm not afraid to believe you anymore. "

Brittany whimpers, the world falling to pieces and spinning around her. What Santana says touches her in places she's never been touched before, in places so deep and hidden she's never known they existed in her till this point.

She feels Santana kissing her lips before the words rip out of Brittany's body, "I love you so much."

It's almost painful to confess the rightest words she's ever said.

"I love you, too," Santana whispers into her wet lips. "I love you, I love you, Brittany."

"I should've told you the first day," Brittany sobs. "When we were here, I should've told you…I should've never-"

"Baby, we wouldn't be here now," Santana says. "Everything happened for a reason."

"Still," Brittany argues, forever guilty of hurting the only one she's ever loved.

"Let it go, baby, please," Santana begs her. "I'm not afraid to let go anymore. Please, let it go, Britt. I want you to not be afraid."

For her love, Brittany will try the impossible.

She will fight the past to win a future for them.

"I'm not afraid anymore," she whispers to Santana. "For you, I won't never be afraid anymore."

Everything is fresh and open, and she feels the most vulnerable she's ever been, yet the safest.

This is what love feels like, they say…

and only the bravest could ever love.

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