Hey guys so this is a new klaroline fanfiction that I am working on. This chapter is just an introduction and takes place while they are still kids. The next chapter will be in the present time.

Star-Crossed Lovers

Klaus and Caroline were raised in a foster home together when they were young. Klaus is adopted before Caroline is, and they don't see each other until 15 years later. Once they meet again, in Klaus' office they don't know what to think. Will they rekindle their friendship or no? Ratings may change in the future chapters.

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15 years ago:

Nik and Caroline were sitting together on the bench outside of their foster home. The summer weather was just coming in, and they were happy together. Nik was Caroline's best friend, and Caroline was Nik's best friend. They always had each other's backs when the other foster children would bully one of them.

Niklaus and Caroline were the best of friends since they were very young. Caroline just turned eight a couple of weeks ago, and Klaus turned ten over a month ago.

They both thought that this would be the best summer ever but they were wrong. A couple of weeks later a couple came in and wanted to adopt a boy because they wanted to expand their family. Once Esther and Mikael spotted Klaus they knew that they wanted him to be their son. Even though Mikael and Esther had four of their own children, they wanted Klaus to be their fifth child.

"Nik, don't leave me! Please." Caroline cried as she hugged her best friend.

"I don't want to leave you Care Bear, but these people they are ready to take me in. You know that I have always wanted a mommy, daddy, and siblings." Nik explained sadly.

He didn't want to leave Caroline but he didn't want to live in a foster home either.

"I know, but how am I going to live without you? Who is going to protect me from those mean girls?"

"I will visit you Caroline, every day. I promise." Klaus promised the younger girl.

"Pinky promise?" Caroline asked hopefulness in her light voice.

"Yes, pinky promise." Klaus laughed.

"Niklaus, come on we must get going." Esther said to her new son.

Klaus looked over at Esther and nodded. It was time to go, he thought. It was time to leave his best friend behind, he thought sadly.

"I'll miss you Nik. I love you." Caroline said hanging onto her best friend as if he was the last fresh breath of air.

"I'll miss you too Caroline. You were the only family I had in this place. I love you to Caroline, always and forever." Klaus said hugging Caroline back tightly.

"Are you ready, son?" Mikael asked.

"Yes I am Mr. Mikaelson." Klaus said back.

"Please call me dad from now on."

"Okay dad." Klaus said to his new father. "Goodbye Caroline, you will always be in my heart."

"Goodbye Nik." Caroline said before she began to hiccup.

As Nik sat in the car, he thought back to all those memories he had with Caroline. He knew that one day they would reunite for good, and he looked forward to that day.

"Niklaus, are you ready to meet your new siblings?" Esther asked, as Mikael drove up to their mansion.

"Yes I am. Wow!" Klaus said and looked out of the window. His new house was huge!

"I'm guessing you like what you see?" Mikael said.

"Yes I do. This is the biggest house I have ever seen!"

"And now it is yours. Come on Klaus, let's go on in! Your brothers and sister are waiting for you impatiently."

"Okay." Klaus said before getting out of the car and walking in holding Esther's hand. Esther rang the doorbell, and a boy that looked a little older than Niklaus opened it.

"Niklaus, meet Elijah, your new brother."

"Hello." Klaus said looking at the brown haired boy with a big smile on his lips. He has always wanted to have siblings and here he was standing next to his new brother.

"Hello Niklaus. Come in, our brothers and sisters are waiting for you impatiently."

"Okay." Klaus said walking into the door.

"Finn, Kol, and Rebekah! Mother and father are here with our new brother!" Elijah yelled.

Klaus heard three pairs of footsteps coming down the stairs, and then he saw a boy who looked like a mini Mikael, a boy who looked like Elijah, and a blonde girl that looked like a little Barbie.

Rebekah stepped forward, and gave Klaus a hug, "I am so glad that I have a new brother! Maybe I will get along with you more than those three." She scoffed as she narrowed her eyes at her three older brothers.

Klaus hugged his little sister back, and he couldn't help but see the similarities that she had with Caroline. They both had blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. A wave of sadness crept over Klaus, because he already missed his best friend dearly.

"Hello there, my name is Finn, and it is an honor to have you as my new brother." Mini Mikael said.

The boy that looked like Elijah came forward and gave Klaus a pat on the back before saying, "Hey, my name's Kol."

"Hello everyone, it is wonderful to know that you are my new siblings." Klaus said beaming at his new siblings.

"Likewise." The other children said in their accented voices. Klaus learned in the car that Mikael and Esther originally came from England, and they moved to America a year ago.

"Okay children, I think that Niklaus is tired so Elijah, please take Niklaus to his new room."

"Yes, father." Elijah said and led Klaus away.

2 months later:

Caroline was sitting on the bench alone, and was waiting for Nik to come and visit. He visited her every week for the past 2 months like he promised and she couldn't wait to see him again. They talked about Nik's siblings, and his parents. Nik told her about how big his new home was and Caroline smiled at him even though she felt a twinge of jealousy seeping in.

"Caroline, darling, please come inside. I need to speak to you." Mrs. Jackson said.

"But Mrs. Jackson, Nik is going to be here any minute."

"Oh dear god, I forgot to tell you, Niklaus will not be coming today because he has a cold."

"What? Is he going to be okay?" Caroline asked beginning to panic.

"Yes, sweetheart, he will be fine. Now come inside. I want you to meet someone."

"Okay." Caroline replied sadly.

When Caroline was seated in the chair Mrs. Jackson began to speak. "Caroline, I want you to meet someone." Mrs. Jackson said pointing to a couple that was sitting behind her.

"This is Mr. and Mrs. Forbes. They want to take you home."

Caroline's eyes widened in surprise because she didn't think that anyone would ever adopt her, but here stood two people that wanted her as their daughter.

"Hello Caroline, my name is Liz and this is my husband Bill. Would you like to be our daughter?"

Caroline just nodded because she was still speechless. She was finally going to have a mother and father, just like she always dreamt.

"Perfect." Mrs. Jackson said wiping her joyous tears away.

"When will you take me to my new home?" Caroline asked in a small voice.

"Right now, if you would like." Bill said.

"Okay." Caroline said coming up to the couple in front of her. She embraced the young couple tightly.

Liz began to cry because she wanted a child so badly, but she couldn't have children of her own. She was finally going to have a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed daughter that looked so much like her.

"Do you want to go and pack your things, sweetheart?" Liz asked Caroline.

"Yes I do, but first can I please write a letter to my best friend Nik?" Caroline said to Liz.

"Of course!" Liz said smiling at her daughter.

"Mrs. Jackson, may I please get a pen and paper?"

"Yes you may Caroline."

"Thank you." Caroline replied and stepped forward to get a paper and pen. Once she sat down she wrote:

Nik, guess what! I am going to have a mommy and daddy now. Today they came and right after I am done with this letter to you I will be going with them to my new home. Can you believe it!? My dream is finally coming true. Mr. and Mrs. Forbes are so nice and they are such a pretty couple. I hope you get better soon. I was really looking forward to our meeting today, and I got sad when you couldn't make it, but now I am happy because I have new parents… that actually want to take care of me. I love you Nik, know that. I hope to see you soon.

Love, Caroline.

After Caroline was done with the letter, she folded it and gave it to Liz.

"Can we please drop this off in the mail box?" Caroline asked.

"Yes we can, now go and get your stuff and then we could get going."

"Okay mommy." Liz began to tear up because she has waited so long to have a child call her mommy.

1 week later:

After Caroline came back from her new school with Bill, Bill checked the mailbox and there was a letter addressed to Caroline.

"Caroline, sweetheart, it looks like your best friend has sent a letter to you." Bill said waving the letter at the small girl.

"Really? May I please read it daddy?"

"Of course you can, but go and wash your hands first."

"Okay." Caroline said jumping for joy, and running to the bathroom sink. "I washed my hands, now can I please get the letter?"

"Yes you can, Care Bear." Bill said calling Caroline by the nickname that Klaus gave her.

Caroline reached for the letter and Bill gave it to her. Caroline sat down in her chair with a big smile on her lips.

The letter read:

Caroline, I am so happy to know that you have a new mommy and daddy now. Now I can sleep better at night knowing that you are safe and happy and those girls aren't bothering you. Yes, I am feeling better and guess what! My mommy and daddy told me that we are going to be moving to England! Can you believe it? It feels like a dream come true. The only reason why I am sad is because, now I won't be able to see you. But remember this Care Bear, I will always love you. You are my best friend, and even though we won't see each other, just know that I will never forget you.

Love, Nik

Caroline burst into tears and Bill ran up to his daughter concerned. "Caroline, sweetheart, what is it? Is everything okay?"

"No, daddy. Nik is leaving."

"Leaving where?" Bill asked worriedly.

"E—England." Caroline hiccupped.

"Oh Caroline. I am so sorry." Bill apologized as he picked the small girl up and hugged her tightly. "It'll be okay Caroline. Everything will be okay." Bill said trying to reassure his crying daughter.

"Me too, but at least he is happy." Caroline said trying to smile.

"That's my girl." Bill said hugging Caroline tightly.

Bill loved Caroline even though it has been a week. She had his personality and it almost felt like Caroline was biologically theirs.

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