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Title: Breathing Underwater
Winter Ashby (rosweldrmr)
Harry Potter © J.K. Rowling
Rating: K
She loved him, because he was a boy named Harry and she was a girl named Luna. (Harry/Luna) AU 7th year - Hogwarts before the last battle.
Authors Notes:
Done for fallenmelody's Harry Potter Drabble-A-Thon at LJ

Harry was never quite sure how to act around Luna. It was something about the way her eyes followed him, even when he wore his invisibility cloak.

She never said anything to him, on those nights when he found her sitting at the far shore of the lake. She looked ethereal in the moonlight, like a magical creature. Like something Hagrid might capture and weep about.

He liked to watch her at night, when there were no pretenses of Loony Lovegood, or prophecies of The Chosen One. Perhaps that's what brought him back, night after night. Knowing at no matter how he disguised or hid himself, she was always able to see right through him.

When he was with her, he was just a boy. And she, a girl. Her dreamy eyes weren't vague or distant, they were captivating. He liked the way he felt when he was with her, like she made him forget that he was scared, or famous, or infamous.

She loved him simply for the boy he was. Not the notoriety, not the name, or the legacy and legend. She loved him, because he was a boy named Harry and she was a girl named Luna. And because she understood him, even when it seemed the rest of the world forgot how to relate to the Boy Who Lived, she always managed to make him feel normal.

He craved normal in those last few months before the final battle.

And when she kissed him, it wasn't that sweeping kind of feeling – like a monster clawing at his chest or destiny carrying him away. For the first time in his life, when he kissed her, it felt exactly like breathing underwater. Like, if only he could do it all the time, he might survive.