I got on my knees and clasped my hands together.

"Pleeese Daddy!" I promise I won't annoy you! I may have the insanity mental level of a ten year old but I can be mature and evil!" I pleaded.

"Redina I don't know..."

"Penguin, Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy will be there! It's just a villain's meet! I'm a villain too!" I cried jumping to my feet.

"One, it's an important villain's meet. Your mother is going too. And B, you're a villain in training. Sure you might be a very good V.I.T., but you're just 15 Redina." Daddy protested as he fixed his prank-flower.

Being the famous Joker, he always had to have it on nicely.

"What if Mom says it's OK? Can I go then?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Fine." He answered defeated.

Even though we're insane, we sometimes act like family...sometimes.

I squealed and ran to the living room.

My mom was sitting upside down on the couch and was waiting for Dad. Her usual red and black clown costume looked shiny, and her black hat had some new bells. Harley Quinn was relaxing on my living room sofa.

"Mom can I go to the meeting?" I asked her from the doorway.

"Not in those clothes you aren't. You need your disguise on puddin'." She said flipping right side up.

I nodded and ran upstairs, burst through my bedroom door and tackled my drawers.

I rummaged through the identical costumes until I came to a clean one.

It was a cross between my mom and dad's.

The whole thing is a stretchy jumpsuit, like my mom's, but it has Joker's touch. It has a black bow on my front neckline, and half of it is purple, the other is green. My Dad added a few touches so it can carry weapons like his. I have his laughing gas and his razorsharp playing cards. Mom and I have great gymnastic skills and are athletic, so I look like a mini her.

I have blonde hair with natural green highlights. My eyes are a mix of blue and green. I always keep my hair down since its naturally straight.

I looked in my mirror and added the final touches.

I put my left green flats on the purple side of my costume, and the right purple flats on the green side.

Finally I put on the purple top-hat with the green ribbon tied around it. It had a fake yellow flower between the ribbon and the top of the hat was torn off to the point where it looked like the lid hanging off the can.

"Redina are you ready?" Dad's voice called from downstairs.

"Yeah!" I yelled back

I ran to the front of the stairs and glided down the rail.

I hopped in front of my parents and bowed.

Mom chuckled and her bells jingled.

Daddy smiled and gave me the car keys.

"You can drive. It's at the abandoned mansion next to the river." He told me.

I grinned ran to the car.

As Dad sat next to me and Mom sat behind, I put the keys in the ignition.

"Try to get us there in one piece darlin'." Mom said.

I laughed and floored the gas. In only a matter of seconds we were miles away from Joker's Factory.


The car was a classic hearse. Except for the fact it had graffiti all over it and is painted red with purple. But besides that, it's classic.

I roughly parked on the bumpy dirt patch behind the mansion in the forest next to Uncle Penguin's helicopter.

I clicked off the ignition and tossed the keys to my dad.

We silently walked to the front of the mansion and my Dad took a step closer to the door. He knocked twice quickly then kicked the door.

It creaked open and TwoFace stood at the other side.

"Joker. I see you brought the family." He said acknowledging my presence.

"Hi TwoFace." I said waving.

He smiled and shook my dad's hand.

"HAHAHAHA! Redina my girl I didn't even know ol' TwoFace could smile!" Daddy cackled slapping his knee.

Mom joined in to his laughter and I began to crack up.

TwoFace ignored our humor and led us down the hall. We all walked into the parlor and I stopped laughing as soon as I saw how everything was set up.

There was an extremely long table in front of us. On the opposite end there was a podium with a microphone. There were nametags in front of the chairs. On the left closest to the podium was Penguin, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze and the Riddler. On the right nearest to the podium were three empty seats, then Poison Ivy.

Everyone was in their seats. I scanned the three empty ones and saw the names 'The Joker', 'Harley Quinn' and 'Redina Hatter'.

I sat next to Poison Ivy and waved.

"Hi pumpkin." She said poking my nose.

"Hi." I answered smiling.

My mom and her go way back, so I see her as a sister.

As soon as my mom and dad took their seats, TwoFace cleared his throat at the podium microphone.

"Welcome fellow villains, to our Batman elimination meet!"

Once the claps diminished, he continued.

"Today we will be discussing our plans to kill Batman. Each one of us is to present their plan, and at the end, we vote for the evilest. The winner gets to use their plan on Batman the upcoming Friday the 13th!"

"Can I have a say in this?" A deep familiar voice asked.

We all spun our heads to the parlor entrance.

"Batman! You came to the belfry, what a splendid suprise...though you should have called." Joker sneered tapping his nose.

"Hi Batsy! Remember me?" I asked him waving my hand.

Batman looked at me frowned.

"Yes Redina, I remember you. You burnt down that orphanage last week." He growled.

Everyone began to clap and I dipped my hat down.

"Oh stop it! It was nothing, really! You're making me blush." I chuckled

"You're all sick cowards." Batman said taking out a baterang.

Silently, I slid my sleeve down, causing one of my cards to slip onto my palm.

I stole a quick glance at Harley and Joker. Mom was shifting into her sumersalut position and Dad already had his fist curled up.

What a heck of a night we were all going to have.