For the tenth time that night, I got on my knees and clasped my hands together, making my best puppy dog eyes. Bud and Lou were mimicking me on my sides, whimpering.

"Please Daddy! I promise I won't annoy you!" I pleaded, following him around as he walked around his room. "I may have a very high insanity level but I can adjust!"

"Redina I don't know..."

He stopped to rummage through some drawers trying his best to stay serious. He hardly ever was, considering who he is. He only ever tried when it was a matter of parenting, and even then he was very loose about rules and regularities.

"Penguin, Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy will be there! It's just a villain's meeting! I'm a villain too!" I cried, jumping to my feet as I felt that I was getting closer to my answer.

He sighed and gave me a look that said: "You better stop right now before I throw a fish at you."

"One, it's an important villain's meet. Mother is going too. And B, you're a villain in training. Sure, you might be a very good V.I.T., more specifically the best at the academy... but you're only sixteen Redina."

Putting my hands on my hips, I made a face as he fixed the flower on his suit that squirted acid. Being the famous Joker, he always had to have it on nicely.

"What if Mom says it's OK? Can I go then?" I asked raising an eyebrow, wondering if that was the loophole.

Rolling his eyes, he looked at me through the mirror.

"Fine." He answered defeated.

I squealed, jumping up and hugging his waist quickly before running to the living room. It was usual for us to discuss as if we were a normal family, but we were in no way close to being sane. More insane, which was better in our opinion. Why have dogs when you can have hyenas? Why go out for picnics in the park when you can go on a kidnapping spree? All very simple questions with very obvious answers.

Because it's funny. The motto of the Napier-Quinn family.

Skipping the last few steps of the stairway, I saw my Mom sitting upside down on the couch waiting for Dad, humming a song while kicking her get against the wall. Her usual red and black harlequin costume looked shiny and clean of any old blood, and I could tell that her hat had some new bells attached. Harley Quinn, my Mother, was relaxing on my living room sofa.

As soon as I was close enough, I flipped onto my hands to face my Mom and giggled.

"Can I go to the meeting with you's?" I asked her.

"Not in those clothes you ain't." She said, flipping right side up, her bells jingling. "You need your disguise on, Hun."

Smiling, I nodded and backflipped to my feet, heading swiftly upstairs to my room. I burst through my bedroom door and nearly tripped over all the toys on the sprawled around but managed to catch myself on a nearby table. As I flicked the light on, I saw what I was searching for and tackled my drawers. As I rummaged through the identical costumes, I kept an eye out for a clean one that I had not used yet.

Yanking it out of the drawer, I began to change into it was quickly as possible.

It was a cross between my Mother's and Daddy's

The whole outfit was designed to fit and be shaped like Mom's harlequin suit... only with Joker's touch.

It had a black ribbon bow on the front neckline, and half of it was purple, the other, green. My Dad added a few touches so it could carry weapons similar to his. It contained the infamous laughing gas, which we called Joker Gas, and his razor-sharp playing cards. On the hip was an incredibly small cylinder flask that contained my great big metal hammer. Mother and I have great gymnastic skills and because of the genes that were mixed together, I have immunity to toxins, great strength, endurance and was, obviously, born criminally insane.

Now, born as the daughter of The Joker and Harley Quinn, I have natural resemblances relating to appearances.

I have silky straight blonde hair slightly darker than my Mother's mixed with natural green highlights, clearly from my Dad. My eyes are a shade of blue that are a match with Harley Quinn. I've been told that I have the body shape of Mom, mental instability of Daddy and the spunk of both of them combined.

Hearing Dad walk down the stairs to meet up with Mom, I looked in my mirror carefully and added the final touches. I put my left green flats on the purple side of my outfit, and the right purple flats on the green side.

Finally I put on the purple top-hat with the black and green silk ribbon tied around it, placing it gently atop my head.

"Redina, are you ready?" Dad's voice called from downstairs, slightly impatient. He was never someone to be kept waiting.

Not bothering to respond, I ran to the front of the stairs and excitedly glided down the railing, hopping and landing in front of my parents and taking a slight bow. Mother giggled and her bells shook, clapping her hands once.

Daddy smiled and gave me the car keys.

"You can drive. It's at the abandoned mansion next to the river." He told me.

I grinned, snatching the keys and rushing to the car. As Dad sat next to me in the passenger seat and Mom slid in behind, I stuffed the keys in the ignition, beginning to get impatient as well. Villain meetings always ended with bang.

"Try to get us there in one piece Nina." Mom said jokingly, using her pet name she had for me.

I laughed at her joke and floored the gas, driving into the slight opening in deep woods. In only a matter of seconds, we were miles away from Joker's Factory.

The family car was a classic hearse. Meant for dead but used for the living. Funny right? I came up with that one myself. The only thing that was different from our hearse to a regular one was for the fact that it had graffiti sprayed all over it and was painted red with purple over the black that still slightly showed. But besides that, it was classic.

I roughly and lazily parked on the bumpy dirt patch that was behind the mansion hidden in the forest next to Uncle Penguin's helicopter. Dad snickered, and we all shook our heads, knowing Penguin had most likely brought too much attention riding a helicopter here, which meant that Bratman was going to show up.

I clicked off the ignition and tossed the keys back to my Dad, getting out of the car and silently walking to the front of the mansion. Dad ran to the door and snickered, knocking twice quickly before giving the door a nice loud kick.

After a few seconds, it creaked open and Two-Face stood at the other side, unamused by the unnecessary force of the kick.

"Joker." He nodded, acknowledging my presence. "I see you brought the family."

"Hi Two-Face." I chirped, waving and smiling. "I made you some more apple-pumpkin pie!"

He gave me a small smile before shaking my Mom and Dad's hand, moving aside so we could quickly pass.

Daddy began to cackle and slapped his knee, using Two-Face's shoulder for support.

"HAHAHA! Redina, my girl, I didn't even know ol' Two-Face liked two different kinds of pies!"

Mom soon after joined into his laughter and I began giggle with them, unable to control our sense of humor. Two-Face ignored our laughters and led us down the long abandoned hall. We all walked into the surprisingly lit up and clean parlor, stopping with the laughs as we saw everyone seated and set up.

There was a thin long table in front of us in the middle of the marble floor. On the opposite end of the table near the windows was a white podium with a candle and a glass of water. There were also name tags in front of the wooden cushioned chairs at the tables. On the left closest to the podium in descending order was Penguin, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow and the Riddler. On the right nearest to the podium were three empty seats, then Poison Ivy.

Everyone was already in their seats, not including Two-Face. I curiously scanned the three empty ones and saw the names 'The Joker', 'Harley Quinn' and 'Redina Harker'.

I skipped over and sat next to Poison Ivy, waving at The Riddler and Scarecrow. Scarecrow smiles back and Riddler tipped his hat, avoiding my Dad's glare. They never really got along.. But I got along just well with Trivial, his son. Looking back at Ivy, I gave her a quick hug before smiling at her as well.

"Hi pumpkin." She said happily, poking my nose. Blossoming a red rose, she twisted it around her finger and tucked it gently in my hat, making a face at the fake one.

Harley and her go way back to when Dad had barely met them, so I see her as the cool relaxed aunt that everyone wants. She doesn't really like Daddy either.

"Welcome fellow villains," Two-Face suddenly began, to Aunt Pammy's annoyance. Once the whistles from Scarecrow and Dad had diminished, he continued.

"We'll be discussing our plans to wreak and creat chaos amongst the citizens of Gotham and-"

"Can I have a say in this?" A deep familiar voice abruptly asked.

We all spun our heads at the doorway of the parlor entrance, seeing the all too recognizable black shadow.

"Batman!" Joker sneered, standing up and opening his arms in welcome. Everyone else seemed to have froze, glaring at Batsy with pure malice. "You came to the belfry... what a splendid surprise! ...Though you should have called."

Not wanting to be left out, I began to wave my hand at him. "Hi Batsy! Remember me?"

Unlocking the glare he had with my dad, he looked at me frowned deeply.

"Yes Redina, I remember you. You almost burnt down the Gotham Orphanage last week." He said, looking at me with a look of pity and anger.

Ivy, Riddler and my parents began to clap in attempts to agitate the Batman even more, and I dipped my hat down, making it cover my face.

"Oh stop it!" I gushed with pure falseness. "It was nothing, really!"

"Your reward is an all expense paid trip to Arkham Asylum." Batman said taking out a batarang.

Silently without loosing eye contact, I slid my sleeve down, causing one of my sharp cards to slip onto my palm. I stole a quick glance at Harley and The Joker. Mom was already shifting into her summersault position and Dad already had his fist curled up, his grin growing wider.

What a heck of a night we were all going to have.



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