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Some people may say my life is crazy, dangerous, maybe insane, and I would agree with all of those statements but this is my life and I like it that way. Being a woman in a male dominated world is hard but when you are the daughter of the most bad ass mafia boss around, well it has its advantages.

I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself; my name is Isabella Marie Swan, daughter of Charlie and Renee Swan, my father is head of the Swan crime family here in Italy. I have an older brother named Emmett, and a younger sister named Alice, our family is known around the world for the many companies my father owns legitimately, people only speculate about what we do under the table.

To understand the crime world I have to first tell you about the families and what they specialize in. First there is the Blacks they are from North America, if you want to know about drugs you go talk to them, they are the heavy hitters in that field. Then there are the Cullen's they are from Ireland, they are not that bad compared to some, they stick to being high class thieves, only stealing sports cars and valuable items. Us, the Swan family, we are from Italy, we dabble in almost everything, but there is one thing that my father refuses to touch, we leave it to the real bad guys of the world, human trafficking.

The Volturi family, they are known for being ruthless and evil, they get very little respect because of what they do. They don't follow the one unwritten rule of our society:

The women and children are not to be touched

In my world the men are who run the show, the women are meant to be seen not heard, (not that I let that stop me), my father is not very strict with that rule unlike some other families we know. Once a female turns 18 they are then allowed to start "dating", which is really when the father picks a man for you to be with, some fathers make their daughters be with someone they don't want, others give a choice.

Chapter 1

I was sitting in my room looking around, contemplating the day ahead. My room was large it was on the 3rd floor of our home; I had my own bathroom and walk-in closet that is almost as big as my room. My room and closet were all done in dark woods and dark wood flooring, my king sized bed was to die for with royal blue silk sheets and bedding.

"Isabella, scendere le scale" I heard my mother call. (Isabella, come downstairs)

With a large sigh, I get up and walk down the stairs, past my brother's workout room, past my sisters dance studio, down another flight of stairs, and walk straight into the kitchen where my mother will probably be. When I walk in I see my mother and father sitting at the table looking a little tense.

"Hey baby, can we talk to you for a second" my mother asked in English, mom was actually from America. My father went there for a business trip when he was 25 and met her at the hotel he was planning on building. My mom at first just wanted to do her job and keep things professional; she was designing everything for the hotel. Eventually my father fell in love with her and convinced her to pack up her life and move to Italy with him, the rest you can say was history.

"Sure…" I looked at them suspiciously.

"Bella, you know we love you and only want what's best for you" my father started " with your 18th birthday coming up next week I wanted to talk to you about some people that I have invited to spend this momentous occasion with us" ok now I was starting to get stressed.

"I thought only family and some of my friends were coming, babbo, you know I only want something small" (daddy)I begged, I had never liked to make a big deal out of myself, yes my family was rich and had power and were totally awesome but parties that were celebrating just me, ya… not ok.

"bambolotto, it's just a couple of the other families, The Blacks and the Cullen's, nessun problema" (doll, no problem) I looked at him with an eye roll. I knew that when families got together it was never low key, everyone was always trying to show that they had more money than everyone else, it was a shit show.

"I want you to meet their son's" and that right there ladies and gentlemen is why my parents had been tense.

"Padre…" (Father)

"Just give me a second to explain! I am not making you marry someone next week I just want you to meet these men and see what you think" as he said this he slid 2 folders my way.

"The first boy is Jacob Black and the second is Edward Cullen, everything you would want to know about them is right in there, just give it a chance before you say no" my father looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Just because I love you some much babbo"

"Love you to Bella" with that I walked out and back to my room.

When I got back to my room I flopped on my bed and opened the folder for Jacob Black:

Name: Jacob Samuel Black

Age: 18

Height: 6'2

Weight: 220 pounds

Hair color: black

Eye colour: brown

Education: currently finishing his final year in high school, has been accepted at Brown and Yale for a history Major.

Home town: La Push, Washington

Under that was a picture of a good looking boy, I say boy because he still has the face of a child, standing on the beach with a surfboard. This picture looked more like a posed ad then it did just a picture. I tossed the folder to the side and opened the next one.

Name: Edward Anthony Cullen

Age: 21

Height: 6'4

Weight: 210 pounds

Hair colour: bronze

Eye colour: green

Education: Graduated high school with honors, and is currently in his 3rd year studying to be a doctor at Oxford.

Home Town: Dublin, Ireland

The picture under this took my breath away. This guy was someone out of my dreams; he was just sitting there reading like he didn't know the picture was being taken. I knew right away that if I had to choose between the 2, I would be going for this Edward guy.

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