"I don't care the Man is practically family!" Erin yelled

"Marian can you take Danica elsewhere, Danica, promise me you'll behave for Lady Marian." Guy stared down into the girl's light green eyes. Danica hugged his legs and then went to hold Marian's hand. Marian glanced back to see Guy looking determined almost unwavering as he went to Erin's side then exited.

"Now Erin break my hand if you have to-holds out his ungloved hand for her to hold onto-…Erin you are going to need to push." She grabbed his hand and tried very hard not to scream in his ear as she pushed, and pushed and pushed. Suddenly Guy and Erin heard a simple cry that sounded simply disoriented. Lara cleaned the baby off,

"Congratulations Erin, you have another son." Guy said looking back at her from staring at the child. "Erin?"

Her eyes were closed, the rise and fall to her chest was the only thing that told him she was still alive. She whispered something. Guy couldn't hear her, he placed his ear closer her.

"His name is River." She said softly. Guy couldn't help but smile almost amused and sincere. Erin's eyes opened finally as Guy propped her up carefully against the soft pillowed head board and Lara placed the baby into his mother's arms. Suddenly Guy heard the shouts of his name that made the blood freeze within his veins.

"Gisborne!" Vaisey had come at last. Guy ran out the door as Danica rushed into the room. The vile contempt rose in his heart, as Vaisey screamed again,


Guy forced a bracing seething breath as he readied himself for the onslaught of ridicule. Marian noted this and held him back from going to face Vaisey.

"Guy don't go just yet." Marian said.

"I Must, Marian go back into your chamber I will come back in when I am done with Vaisey." He sighed slowly. She huffed in anger and did as she was told.

"Milord?" He said running alongside his Master.

"Have you any idea how important the council of nobles is to me? Well with your absences as of late I have been forced to do something I really wish didn't have to do."

"And what would that be milord?" Guy asked almost fearful of the answer.

"Prince John's liaison; Jasper has informed me that I am to give you leave without pay."

"Are you saying I am sacked?" Guy implored in pain.

"Yes; the Prince cannot tolerate your incompetence Gisborne and nor can I for that matter so I am taking Locksley away."

"Where will I go Milord, You know I have no lands, no…home." Guy's heart had a rhythm of condemned hangman's drum roll.

"Oh Gisborne do grow up! Do I look like a man who cares a clue-shaking his head-No, so I suggest you find someone who will put you up or find a cheap inn because you are no longer in my service." Vaisey tried to walk away falsely sneering at this moment.

"Milord please… I beg you I will do anything. Please I swear to you, I will do anything, whatever it takes to prove my worth again." Guy followed pleading for his life.

Vaisey turned to face him,

"Anything Gisborne?" the sneer hadn't left the Sheriff's lips. Guy uneasily nodded.

"Then Go Kill the King and Hood and then maybe it will prove you loyal to the Prince." He barked out in laughter. "Oh wait you already failed in those endeavors… So no there is nothing you can do, and Ooh your leper friend is being tossed out as well."

"You can't do this!" They both whipped around to see Marian, "He has done nothing but serve you loyally and you throw him out like a common stray."

"No One asked your opinion Lady Marian," Vaisey snapped. He then took hold of his former master of arms' hair and yanked it back so Guy was forced to look him in the eye.

"If you do not leave this castle by midday, I will end your pitiful existence with your own blade. You are and always have been useless, pathetic and replaceable, Gisborne, understood?"

"Yes Milord." Guy let out a silent cry as he was released and Vaisey went off to find his new master of arms or rather his new Gisborne.

Guy was minutes done from packing nearly everything from his room in Nottingham when three sharp knocks came from the door.

"Come In…" He said slowly.

"Are you alright?" Marian said as strode.

No I am not bloody alright he longed to say, but he nodded and replied, "I'm fine."

"Guy…You could always stay with my father and me in our summer home."

"You are an unmarried maiden, and your father is in ill health. I am sorry I have to decline Marian."

"Why do you think that, that has any precedence on me?"

"It is not the way of a knight." He retorted.

"You have done things that are not knightly before." Marian lightly raised an eyebrow. Guy simply glowered.

"Do you enjoy this? Of course you do what am I saying, you have always taken such pleasure in my discomfort." He threw the canvas bag off the table.

"You don't know what it is like to have nothing! To have no one!" he raked an uneasy hand through his hair.

"Guy You Have Me."

"If I did, you would tell me…-he stopped before he'd say something regrettable- would you allow me to get to know you, and tell me the truth? Before you say you love me again." His eyes were bearing down on her almost making her cringe.

"Yes." She said it like she had just signed her own death.

"The only reason I want this is because I do not know who you are, where your loyalties lie."

"My Name is Marian, I am the daughter of Edward and Kate of Knighton and what do I owe this pleasure?" she smiled playfully.