Flashback, September 14 1989.

"Look at her, she is so beautiful. She's the light of my life, now that Frank is gone", Carla Lambert sobbed to her friend. September 10, her baby girl had been born. Anastasia Rose Lambert. Her friend, Grace Trevelyan-Grey, looked at her with a small smile on her face. She understood her friend's feeling, and the difficulty to stay positive even though she gave birth to her daughter only a few days ago. Because the day after Anastasia's birth, September 11, Franklin Lambert died due to a car accident on his way to the hospital.

It was a hard time, not only for the grieving women, but also for the country. Franklin A. Lambert was the owner of Seattle Times together with his wife and one of the most successful men in the country. He was also a generous and humbled man, who didn't take anything in life for granted. Carla and Frank met while studying and fell in love after a few months of friendship. They married in 1983, while they both were 24. Two years later, Frank took over the Seattle Times and met the Grey family during an interview. Carrick Grey and Grace Trevelyan-Grey soon became close friends with the couple, and they were often seen together the following years. Carrick and Grace already had a son from adoption, Elliot Grey, and they were in the process of adopting another son. This made Carla and Ray wish for a child of their own, and they started trying in 1987, the same year as the Greys adopted four-year-old Christian Grey.

Two years later, their wish for a child came true, Carla was pregnant. It was a relatively easy pregnancy, and when Carla was five months pregnant, they found out that they were having a girl. Both the Franklins and the Greys were ecstatic about the news, especially because the Greys were just about to adopt the third and final child in their family, Mia Grey. So in the following months, the women went baby-shopping and prepared themselves for their girls along with their husbands. Mia arrived August 4, and she made Carla long for her unborn daughter even more. And September 10 1989, Anastasia Rose Lambert came in to the world. Her father held her once before his death, and you could see all the love for his little girl in his eyes. But faith had other plans for the little family and the next day, he was taken away from his wife and daughter.

"I know you miss him Carla, we all do. But at least you have Anastasia, and she will always be with you", Grace said, while trying to support her friend. She was also missing Frank, who was like her brother, but she knew she had to stay strong for Carla.

"But what if something happens to Ana? What if she's involved in an accident in a few years, then I'll lose her too! Grace, I wouldn't survive without her. She's my everything, and if something happens to her, I'll die!", Carla broke down in tears and Grace hurried to her friend's side to support her. She took Anastasia in her arms and let her friend cry her heart out on her shoulder. A few minutes late, a knock was heard and Christian stepped in to the room. He was now six years old, and had just started to communicate with his adoptive parents.

"Mom, dad was asking if everything is alright. We heard Aunt Carla cry in here", Christian said while slowly walking towards his new mother and her friend.

"Actually, I could use a few minutes to speak with your father, could you be a good boy and stay here with Aunt Carla? It'll only be a few minutes, but I'll let you hold Anastasia and when we come home, you'll get a big chocolate bar", Grace said and smiled slightly. She saw Christian hesitating, but eventually he nodded and Grace put Ana in his awaiting embrace. She looked at her son holding the baby in his arms, and smiled at the sight before leaving to find her husband.

Christian looked at the baby in his arms, she was asleep but started to stir. She opened her eyes and Christian saw a pair of breathtaking blue eyes looking at him. They reminded him of his biological mother and her destiny, but this little girl was so innocent. He didn't want her to be harmed in life, and even though she was a baby and he was only six, he wanted to protect her from everything bad in the world. Suddenly, she started to cry. Christian panicked, he didn't know what to do to calm her down, and then Carla spoke to him.

"Christian, could you give me Anastasia?", she asked. "She's probably hungry, so she'll stop crying if I feed her". Christian walked up to Carla and gave Anastasia to her, at the same time, his mother came in to the room again.

"Christian, it's time to go home now", Grace told him, but he didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay with Ana, to make sure that she was safe and couldn't be harmed.

"Mom, will Anastasia be safe if I leave her here?", Christian asked in a small voice. Both Carla and Grace were confused, this was the first time he'd met her and yet, Christian was extremely protective of her.

"Of course she will be safe here, why are you asking sweetheart?", Grace asked. Christian had just recently started to open up to his family, and this behavior wasn't something either Grace or Carrick had seen from him in two years.

"But what if she starts crying? Or if anything happens to her while I'm away?", Christian asked with worry in his eyes. He wanted his mom and aunt to understand his need to protect this little girl, no matter what happens.

Carla looked at Christian closely, and she saw the fear and worry in his eyes. For the first time since Frank died, she felt hope. Someone did care for her daughter just as much as she did, and it was Christian Grey. Suddenly, an idea popped in to her head. She couldn't wait to tell Grace of her idea, but she couldn't talk about it with Christian in the room. She, Grace and Carrick needed to talk alone.

"Christian, I assure you that Ana will be just fine. In fact, I could bring her over to your house tomorrow if you want to play with her", Carla said with a smile upon her face.

"That would be awesome! Can they come, mom? Please", Christian begged his mother, while she watched him with an amused smile.

"Of course! But you have to be very gentle and careful with Anastasia, okay?", Grace said to a beaming Christian. His face soon turned serious, while nodding his head to the last part of the question. Grace watched him as he started to look at the girl in Carla's arms again. Then he walked up to her and gave Anastasia a kiss on her forehead.

"Good night Anastasia. I'll see you tomorrow", he said with a small smile before walking out the door with his mother.

The next day.

An eager Christian started to play a happy melody on the piano. In a few minutes, Aunt Carla and Anastasia would pull up in to the driveway and he was going to play with her the entire afternoon! A honk was heard, and he immediately stopped playing, and went to the door to greet them.

"Good Afternoon Christian, how are you today?", Carla asked but she never received an answer, Christian turned all his attention to Ana right away. Carla watched him with a smile on her face, and slowly put her daughter in his embrace. Christian smiled, and went in to the living room with Carla following him. Carrick and Grace saw them entering the room, and as Christian played with Anastasia in a corner in the big room, the grown-ups talked about their children.

"I've never seen Christian so protecting about anyone, not even Mia", Grace stated, and her husband agreed with a nod.

"I feel like I can trust him with my daughter, I mean, look at him!", Carla said, while pointing to Christian. "The look on his face shows that he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, which is all I could ever ask for her. He makes her happy as well, when you left the room, she started to cry". A small giggle filled the room, and they turned their attention to their children. Christian made funny faces to Ana, who giggled at the boy. The sight not only warmed the heart of Carla, but also Grace and Carrick. They'd worried about him ever since he arrived to them, and now he showed a different side of himself for the first time.

"I think they would be good for each other in the future, don't you?", Carla asked in a small voice. She expected them to react with shock and a bit of anger for suggesting an arranged marriage between their children, but instead, she saw them looking at each other with smiles on their faces.

"Maybe we should discuss the matter in my office, don't you think ladies?", Carrick said, while standing up with his wife. Carla stood up with a huge smile on her face, and followed the Greys to discuss the future for their children.

An hour later, they came out with a contract signed and smiles on their faces. But Grace suddenly stopped, and Carrick looked at her with a worried expression on his face.

"What is it, dear?", he asked. "What if we made the wrong decision? What if he'll hate us in the future?", Grace asked with worry in her eyes. Carrick looked at her with love in his eyes, and slowly smiled at her. "Grace, everything will be fine in the future. And Christian and Anastasia will be…". "Come quick, you have to hear this!", Carla whispered to them and went back to the living room. They followed her confused, but when they came in to the living room, their heart skipped a beat. Grace and Carrick saw their son sitting with Ana by the piano and talking to her.

"I know that the world is big and scary, but I will protect you against all the danger, I promise. You might not understand me, but I'll always protect you", Christian promised. "You are so pretty and young, and nothing will ever happen to you as long as I'm there. I will make you happy forever, I know it". Carrick, Grace and Carla watched the scene in front of them with huge smiles across their faces, and all the worries and doubts went away. They knew that they'd made the right decision.

7 years later, 3 December 1996.

Two years after Ana was born, Carla married Raymond Steele, and he became Anastasia's step-father. Carla still owned the Seattle Times, and Ray became the co-owner. The Greys and the Steeles were still close, even though they didn't get together as much as they used to. Ana was seven, and she was a wonderful little girl. She was much like her late father; she had his vibrant blue eyes and she loved to read. Her brown, wavy hair bounced on her shoulders and she was extremely beautiful and smart for her age.

Christian had changed quite drastically. He was a tempered child with a lot of problems, and he went to therapy every week. He'd been expelled from two schools, and started a fight almost every day. The only time he behaved was when the Steeles visited, there was something about Anastasia that made him calm. He was still protective around her, especially when his brother Elliot teased them. Christian would yell at his brother and make him leave if Ana was upset.

It had been a while since the Steeles visited, but today they were coming. Christian was excited, it had been almost three months since he'd seen Ana, but she was on her way now. Suddenly, the phone disturbed his thoughts and he heard his mother answer.

"Hi Ray, are you on your way?", Grace asked with a smile. But Christian saw his mothers smile turn in to a frown. "What do you say? Please tell me this is a joke!", she said while starting to cry. Christian wondered what'd happen, were they late or something? But when he saw the look on his mother face, he quickly called after his father.

"Christian, what's wrong?", Carrick asked worried, but Christian just pointed at Grace. Carrick saw his wife crying, and ran to be by her side. She didn't stop crying for an hour, and Carrick and their children tried to comfort her. Eight-year-old Mia walked up to her mother and gave her a hug.

"Mommy, why are you crying? I don't want you to be sad", she said and that made Grace smile slightly. But she knew that she had to break the awful news she'd recently heard to her husband and children.

"Mommy's sorry that she worried you all, but I have bad news from Uncle Ray", Grace said, and the family listened carefully. "When Aunt Carla went to the bank today, a couple of men tried to rob the bank. All the costumers were held hostage, and the men had guns. To show the police that they were serious, they started to shoot. A bullet hit Carla, and they couldn't save her…", Grace's voice broke and she started crying again. Everyone were shocked, they couldn't believe what'd happened. "Mom, what did Ray say? Is Anastasia okay, and when do they come today?", Christian asked anxiously. "Oh honey, I know you miss Ana, but they won't come. Ray said another thing, they're moving from Seattle", she said and broke down. Carrick rushed to her side and let he cry against his shoulder. He was heartbroken as well, but he knew he had to be strong for his family's sake.

Christian couldn't believe it, his Anastasia was gone. He ran up to his room in a rage, ignoring his family's pleas for him to calm down. The only person that made him feel happy and needed was gone .He went to his room, and walked up to his walk-in closet. In there, he opened a hidden box and started to drink some of his father's brandy. He wanted to forget and feel nothing, and just kept drinking until he passed out.

He didn't know that at the same time, a sad girl sat in the passenger seat of her father's car, crying her heart out. This was supposed to be a happy day; instead her whole world had fallen apart. This wasn't right, she wanted it to be a nightmare. Soon she would wake up to her mother's laugh, and then they were going to visit the Grey family. She was suppose to meet Christian, the boy who always made her feel safe and secure. But now, she just wanted to forget everything that was connected with Seattle and the life she once connected with her now deceased mother. She just left the memories behind, wanting to start a new life.

Present day, September 10 2012

"I am WHAT?!"


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