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"Jason~!" A voice calls out to him teasingly.

He blinks, suddenly finding himself at the beginning of what seems to be a maze. As he looks to the left, he just barely manages to catch a glimpse of a brunette braid rounding the corner.

"Hey!" Jason begins running after the person, hoping for answers. "Wait up!"

When he turns the corner, he finds three options available to him: left, right, and forward. Which way did the girl go?

A fast blur of purple suddenly whizzes past him from his left, heading towards the right.

"Try to keep up, Airhead!" she laughs.

Jason pursues, willing himself to go faster as his feet pound loudly against the gravel of the maze.

She continues this game with him, evading him and only giving him glimpses of her back or her flying braid that flutters after her as she runs from him. He comes across many crossroads, stopping to deliberate on which way she went before a giggling blur would flash past him. Every time, she'd switch from being a purple blur going past him to an orange one.

"Seriously," Jason pants, putting his hands on his knees as he finds himself at another crossroad, "How is this fair?"

Orange whizzes past him, "Who said anything about fair, Jase?"

This time, Jason is ready, and, with quickly pumping legs, he manages to slowly gain on her. He reaches his fingers out, trying to grasp the brunette hair fluttering in front of him.

She stops suddenly, and Jason has to skid his feet against the gravel to avoid sliding into her.

He actually goes right through her.

"Where'd you go?" He looks around in confusion.

"You're off your game, Grace," the voice says teasingly, sounding more like it's coming from overhead.

In a more feminine tone, the voice laughs, "I always knew your head was in the clouds."

"Dude," Jason feels a person shaking him, trying to wake him up. "Wake up."

Slightly startled and disoriented by the change in scenery, Jason jolts awake, reaching underneath his pillow for his-

Jason stops short of the action, wondering why in the world he'd reach under his pillow instinctively after being woken up abruptly.

Rubbing his eyes, Jason looks at the person who had woken him up. Nathaniel.

"What time is it?" Jason asks, stretching his arms.

The fourth-year tells him, "It's six forty-five am. Classes don't start until seven thirty, but Alice is down in the common room waiting for you."

Jason immediately gets out of bed, looking down at the rumpled uniform he had slept in before running a hand through his mussed blond hair. "How long has she been waiting?"

"Not long," Nathaniel shrugs, "she's been talking to some students for the past twenty-five minutes or so."

"Twenty-five minutes?!" Jason winces, feeling rather…rude. He quickly straightens his uniform and runs his fingers through his hair.

"Alice is a patient person," Nathaniel calls out reassuringly to the blond before Jason completely leaves the room.

Nathaniel accompanies Jason to the common room, though Jason realizes with slight pride that he already knows how to get there himself.

When Jason finally reaches the common room, he sees Alice surrounded by several eager-looking unclaimed students. They all tug at her arms gently and attempt to get her attention, to which Alice would softly smile and nod as if to promise she'd listen.

"Sorry I made you wait," Jason apologizes as soon as he sees an opening to speak. All of the students turn to look at him; one or two even shoot him a dirty look for suddenly cutting in.

"No worries," Alice shakes her head with a bright smile, "These guys have been keeping me company."

Her grey eyes land on his uniform, and Alice says in disbelief, "Did you…sleep in that?"

"I did," Jason admits sheepishly. Yesterday had been a long day. He still has no clue who he is; just that he is somehow connected to Half-Blood Academy. All the events of yesterday seem sort of like a dream now.

Alice makes a small sound of disapproval as she steps forward and reaches for his white tie.

"Your tie's messed up," she tells him as she leans in close to fix it herself, ducking her head down slightly.

The small early morning conversations in the Unclaimed dorm seem to drop to a small hush, causing the breath of disbelief from one female student to be heard above all else.

"No way!" A wide-eyed girl with red hair looks between Alice and Jason, the former of which is still tying Jason's tie. "Are you two together?"

Jason can't help but feel awkward at the moment, wondering how he should respond. Clearly the answer is no, but how should he say it? He didn't want to say it with such indignation that would offend Alice. But he also didn't want to leave the wrong impression.

"No," Alice answers shortly, her fingers pausing for a moment against the white silk around his neck. Her fingers then continue, but Jason observes a light pink dusting her cheeks.

The other Unclaimed students- all of which look pretty young- look at Jason for confirmation. Some of them even tense up, as if they are over-protective of Alice.

Jason shakes his head. "I barely know her," he says truthfully.

As an amnesiac, Jason finds it hard to trust others. Maybe it should be the other way, but Jason can't help but be cautious. He supposes, though, that out of all the people he's met so far, he'd probably trust Alice the most. She's certainly been the most pleasant so far.

The red-haired student opens her mouth to say something, but Alice, picking up on this, cuts her off before she can speak.

"Well, it was nice seeing you all," Alice backs away from him and addresses the crowd of students around them. She then waves at them with a friendly smile on her face, "If you ever see me in the hallways after class, feel free to talk to me!"

With that, the black-haired daughter of Athena takes Jason's hand and pulls him out the Unclaimed door. The students grumble afterward, and many call out to Alice to come visit again.

"Where are we going?" Jason asks as Alice briskly pulls him alongside her.

Alice looks at him sideways, 'You'll see. For now, let's just communicate telepathically.'

As Jason waits outside an engraved stone door with Alice, a feeling of unease comes over him. Alice's current body language and her gait as she had led him here had hinted at urgency.

Alice knocks on huge door carefully, eyeing some of the engravings warily. Almost as if they would explode if she touched them.

The oddly engraved door creeks open eerily, and, to Jason's surprise, there is not one person inside.

Alice, seeming to take this for an invitation, steps inside confidently. Jason follows, with an odd feeling in his gut that something is going to happen.

"Asteria," Alice calls out in the darkness of the dorm, her voice echoing. "I…I need your help."

Nothing but silence answers the girl. Jason casts a glance around the common room of the dorm, noticing the darker color scheme and miscellaneous knick-knacks.

One of them on a nearby table manages to catch Jason's eye and he curiously reaches out to touch it.

"I would not touch that if I were you," a sudden voice says from behind him, "the ones who escape that curse are few."

Slightly startled at how the person practically appeared out of thin air, Jason whirls around, finding himself face to face with a rather pretty looking girl. Well, a girl who is pretty in a sort of eerie way. Hauntingly beautiful would probably describe her.

The girl looks to be about his age, perhaps younger. Her skin is a pale milky white in the darkness of the dorm, and her whole face looks at him indifferently. Her dark hair spills over her shoulders and tumbles down to her waist in elegant curls. But the most noticeable physical trait is her eerie eyes. They are mostly green in color; the irises are dark green with a small ring of bright green more towards the center, followed by dark pupils.

Jason feels as if the whole room's temperature has dropped a hundred degrees.

"Asteria," Alice says, looking relieved at the appearance of the eerie girl. "I need your help."

Asteria arches a dark eyebrow, but her face still remains blank, "You appear to be serious. Now you have gotten me curious."

"This is Jason," Alice gestures to him, "I think that the Mist is covering him."

"And just what do you expect me to do?" Asteria's tone turns icy, "Anything I can do, you can do too."

"That's not true," Alice says softly, "besides, you're still far better than me and more experienced."

Asteria remains silent.

Alice continues, "I felt something right away around Jason. I couldn't see through it immediately, so I figured that the Mist was cast by a strong user."

Asteria regards Jason quietly before speaking, "There is something about him that's unique…something that is not really quite Greek."

As Alice nods grimly, Jason looks between the two of them confusedly. If he isn't Greek, then what is he? The way the two look, it seems to be anything other than Greek is bad.

"Come along with me," the girl beckons them with her head, "and we shall see."

Asteria walks ahead of them, with Alice and Jason following along.

Now that they have put some distance between them and the other girl, Jason feels more comfortable to speak. There is something too piercing about Asteria that creeps Jason out.

'Why does she speak in rhyme?' Jason asks quietly as he walks alongside Alice in the twisting hallways.

Even though he is contacting Alice through telepathy, he can't help but be cautious around the daughter of Hecate. Her eyes had this piercing effect almost like Alice's where you had the feeling they could almost read into your very thoughts. Hopefully Asteria doesn't have the ability to read minds too.

'A year or two back,' Alice says softly, at a volume that Jason strains to hear in his head, 'Asteria got cursed to speak in rhyming couplets by a son of Apollo.'

'And it lasts this long?' Jason is incredulous. "'Can't she undo it?'

'She can't,' Alice explains, 'it has to either wear off or the user has to remove it themselves. Tampering with the curse can extend it. I'm guessing that's why it's still in place.'

Jason nods, accepting the answer.

Why couldn't the son of Apollo remove the curse then? It seems a little cruel to leave the curse running for the period of over a year. Especially because the way she spoke probably didn't help Asteria seem approachable.

After a series of turns down and around the hallways, Asteria finally stops in front of a closed dark mahogany door. She swings the door open and beckons for the two to come inside.

The sight that greets Jason through the door is even less cheerful and bright than the dark common room and hallways. Shelves fill the whole room, with a twin-size bed shoved into the corner as if sleep comes secondary to whatever hobby the daughter of Hecate had. The only light source is the candles, as the windows are covered by deep purple curtains. The most noticeable thing about Asteria's room, however, is the startling amount of creepy looking dolls. Those things are everywhere, and they weird Jason out. They look startlingly realistic…

Then Jason's eyes land on the various containers labeled by names on the other shelves. He recognizes that one of her top ones is labeled 'Austin Lirick'. In that container is a small clump of blond hair.

Jason suppresses a shudder as he realizes what the creepy looking dolls are… voodoo.

'Alice?' Jason thinks, hoping she'll expand on why she decided to ask for help from such an odd girl.

The daughter of Athena doesn't respond.

Asteria seems to forget that Alice and Jason are with her, as she immediately sidles up to a nearby writing desk with what looks to be a voodoo doll in mid-torture on top. Though there is a miniature doll bed for it, the black-haired, brown-eyed doll appears to be strapped down to it by the waist. Its face is scrunched up, probably from pain.

"One would have thought," Asteria muses as she picks the gleaming silver needle and pokes it through the arm of the voodoo doll that looks like she's already mangled, "that with all the injuries you have got, my magic's been for naught."

Jason winces, imagining the pain probably shooting through the arm of the voodoo victim.

"Asteria, you need to let him go,' Alice says softly, her grey eyes watching the needle rapidly weave in and out.

"I would sooner cut off my toe," Asteria snaps, though her face mostly remains in its usual impassive state, "I will never let Michael go."

"Do not tell me what to do," she continues coldly, "when the one who needs help is you."

"I'm sorry," Alice apologizes diplomatically, "I didn't mean to tell you what to do. It's merely a suggestion."

"Your apology is accepted," the girl responds, "Though you will need more than some words to be respected."

"No," Alice shakes her head, "no tests. Not for me. Not for Jason."

Jason had a feeling that the "tests" probably involved some form of torture. Or a way for Asteria to get her hands on Jason's DNA.

"What a pity," Asteria's face remains blank, "and I had something witty."

"Asteria," Alice says firmly.

"Well, if you are in such a rush," the girl responds icily, "It is his arm I need to touch."

His arm? Why did she need to-?

Jason rubs his arm in slight apprehension.

"I am going to have to insist," Asteria persists in monotone, though her haunting greenish-black eyes appear to be urgent, "if you wish to remove the Mist."

Jason looks to Alice for her opinion.

Nodding, Alice gives her assent, "Remove the Mist, please."

Asteria acts immediately, grasping his right wrist lightly with two fingers from one hand and putting her other hand on the forceps of his right arm.

Nothing happens. There is a slight tingle that races up his arm when their skin makes contact, but other than that, there is nothing.

A small gasp escapes from Asteria, "It is as I had expected. Mist hid what should have been detected."

Alice peers over curiously at his arm, "The Mist around him was really strong to hide that."

Curious himself, Jason looks at his right arm.

There, boldly etched into his flesh with black ink, is a tattooed eagle and seven vertical lines next to it. 'SPQR' furls out from underneath the black bars.

"Cover it back up," Alice commands, her voice catching a little. "No one else should know about this."

"I am afraid I cannot," Asteria shakes her head. "The power of the original was a lot."

"So the caster is even stronger than you?" Alice questions, her face paling a little.

"A god or a goddess to be precise," Asteria adds, "though why so is fair dice."

Alice looks slightly troubled before shaking her head lightly, as if to clear her bad thoughts from her head. "Okay, well, thanks, Asteria."

"Don't say goodbye." Asteria moves forward after deliberating. "I'll give his arm a try."

She comes closer to Jason at this point, leaning over his new-found tattoo so that her hair splays over it and tickles his arm. Asteria stares so intensely at his tattoo that he almost expects his arm to spontaneously combust.

"Uh," Jason swallows, slightly nervous as he tugs his arm further away from her, "I guess it's not working. Thanks for try-"

But Asteria's cold fingers wrap themselves around his arm and pull him back.

"Hold your arm still," Asteria demands, eyebrows furrowed slightly as she interrupts Jason, "or freeze it I will."

Jason stands as still as he physically can, but he mentally flinches when Asteria's head moves closer to his arm to breathe out on his tattoo. To Jason's surprise, actual mist comes out of the daughter of Hecate's mouth, visible like a person's breath on a cold day. Asteria's eerie green eyes seem to glow brighter as she watches her mist wrap around his arm like her fingers had.

"I am done," the daughter of Hecate announces once the mist dissipates. She steps back from him with a passive face, "those who will see through are none."

"I can still see it," Alice frowns, coming closer to examine Jason's tattoo.

He can still see it too. If Asteria didn't cover it, then what did she do? Did she perform a spell that allowed her to extract some of his DNA?

Asteria rolls her eyes, "None but him and those who can see through the Mist. I am sure you can get the gist."

Jason feels slight relief. He doesn't know why, but children of Hecate send him on edge. A part of him thinks that the teddy bears are much better than the voodoo dolls.

Wait, where did that thought even come from?

Alice looks concerned, "But that includes Rachel."

Rachel Elizabeth Dare? The redhead from lunch yesterday? If she could see through the Mist and so could Alice, wouldn't that mean that Annabeth could as well?

"Hide it from the Oracle of Delphi," Asteria advises, "His arm she should not see."

The red head Jason had met yesterday …is the Oracle of Delphi?!

Alice, despite sensing Jason's curiosity, merely nods her head in response to the daughter of Hecate, "Right. Thanks, Asteria."

"I would not thank me yet," Asteria returns to the voodoo doll at her desk, "seeing as you are now in my debt."

"I'll work harder to pay it off then," Alice merely turns her back to Asteria and begins to see herself out.

Jason follows, though he sees Asteria humming rather eerily to herself before he closes the dark oak door behind him. Oddly enough, she seems…happy as she continues to run her needle through the arm of the voodoo doll.

Shortly after they arrive outside the Hecate Dorm, a tall, athletic-looking blond runs up to them.

"Ally," he says with a white smile, shaking his wavy hair slightly in the process. "I've been looking for you. The Council meeting's starting in a few."

"I know," Alice answers. "Did you try waking up Clovis yet?"

He nods, laughing in response, "Keyword 'tried'. No success. You up to the task?"

"Sure," the daughter of Athena nods, "but could you go back in and get Asteria out? Last I checked, she was in the middle of an operation."

Jason shifts uneasily, remembering the unfortunate doll on the table.

He instinctively reaches for his oxford sleeve and tugs it downwards to ensure it's covering his tattoo. It mostly does the trick, though the 'SPQR' is still slightly visible.

Who is this guy and who is 'Clovis'? He'll also have to ask Alice about that later.

The friendly smile disappears from the blond's face, "You know that she and the Apollo Dorm don't get along, Als."

"You could try," Alice offers, but she drops the subject. "Anyway, I'll go wake Clovis, but I have to finish some things up first."

"I'll mark Asteria as late if she doesn't show up on time," the blond smiles again, but it is a little uneasy. "Make sure you show up with Clovis on time, Ally, if you don't want to get put on patrol duty again."

"And this time," he adds, the smile becoming genuine, "the meeting's about more important matters."

"Ribbon Games?" Alice says, with a grin of her own. "You bet."

The blond leaves quickly, with a glance to the watch on his wrist and a respectful nod to Jason as he goes.

"I feel bad about bringing that up," Alice winces once he's out of earshot, "but if I didn't, he would've been able to notice your tattoo. Children of Apollo are typically good at seeing through the Mist, especially as they get older."

Alice reaches for his right sleeve, the paler skin of her fingers against his more tanned arm. Gently, she unfolds the bottom part of the sleeve to cover the letters.

"You really need to cover that better," she says softly, looking up at him through her dark and thick lashes.

They then fall into companionable silence.

"So you're going to a Council meeting," Jason starts, wondering what he's supposed to do in the meanwhile.

"Yup," Alice reaches over to his left arm to do the same, as to not make it suspicious. "As the Advisor to the Athena Dorm, it's my responsibility."

"It's kinda like a Senate meeting," Jason says without quite thinking.

A smile flickers across her face, though her face turns a little wary, "Yeah, it kinda is. You think you took US Government before?"

"But isn't that a mortal high school course?" Jason questions, wondering if that really is where he got the idea of a Senate meeting.

"It's also an elective for some students that intend on going back out to the mortal world after Half-Blood Academy," Alice shrugs. "I mean, it wouldn't hurt for them to know a little about the government they'll be living under."

"Anyway," she taps Jason lightly on the shoulder, as if to say goodbye, "I'll see you later in our classes. We basically have the same schedule. I'll be a little late to a few since I'll be in the Council meeting."

"Okay," Jason responds, taking out the schedule from his pocket. "I guess I'll need to go back to the dorm room to get my books."

"Don't fall down the stairs again," Alice teases, "You won't have a unicorn to save you."

Jason flushes, "You still remember?"

Alice points to her head, "Photographic memory. And this did happen yesterday."

As Jason walks through the hallways back to the Unclaimed Dorm, quite pleased with how well he is able to navigate Half-Blood Academy so far, he comes across Drew and Drew…well Andrew and Drew.

The two Asians seem to be having a tense conversation in hushed tones, though Drew seems more relaxed than her boyfriend.

Slightly curious as to what they are doing, Jason presses himself against the wall, blocking him from the two Asians' vision.

"Well, is he clear?" Andrew says impatiently, "Does he have any romantic intentions?"

"I don't know," Drew shrugs, "I'll test his resolve later."

"Why not as soon as possible?!" Andrew demands with his back to Jason.

"Because," Drew says, putting her hands on her hips, "Somebody already tried to. The little bird told me all about your possessiveness."

"I couldn't help it," Andrew grits out, sounding frustrated, "he was hanging around the girl I love…"

"How sweet," Drew says wryly, the corners of her pouty pink lips turning upwards, "but just remember that while I let you beat up those hopeless Romeos under the accusation of trying to steal me, you are not allowed to touch a single Apollo dorm member."

"I won't," Andrew sighs, "I gave you my word and I intend to keep it. Just keep those blond Abercrombie models away."

"Will do," Drew purrs, obviously pleased.

Jason shrinks away before either of the two spot him, nearly ramming into a petite girl who also appears to be eavesdropping.

"Watch it!" She yelps, jumping away from him as he turns the corner. Her hair, though a curly dirty blonde, contains streaks of green, pink, and purple.

Before Jason could so much as open his mouth to either apologize or retort, the girl snaps a picture of him with the old-fashioned camera hanging around her neck momentarily blinding him in the process.

"Jason Currently-unknown-middle-name Grace," she grins, "I've been meaning to seek you out. Ready for your interview? All of the Academy wants to know about the mysterious new guy."

Jason, once more, attempts to speak, but the girl cuts him off.

"Oh, wait, hold on," she reaches for the recorder also hanging from her neck, pressing the rewind button. "I'll just record over the last part where you almost bowled me over."

She looks over at him, "By the way, you should really watch where you're going when you turn those corners. And quit eavesdropping on people. Those aren't good habits."

Jason doesn't even bother trying to get a word in edgewise.

"Now," the girl flips her pink and green colored bangs from her blue eyes, looking eager as she practically thrusts the recorder into his face, "first thing's first: Who do you think your godly parent is?"

"I don't know," Jason answers shortly, mostly relishing in the fact that he finally gets to speak.

She purses her lips, seeming slightly annoyed with his response, but she goes on anyway, "Oookay, so you're playing the mysterious card then."

The girl brings the recorder closer to her mouth as she states cheerily, "Do you hear that ladies? There's more to this new guy, who may or may not be on the market. Speaking of which, are you single?"

The recorder is in his face again, and Jason can't help but wonder if this is his karma for eavesdropping.

"I don't know," Jason says once more.

"He's single and ready to mingle, gals!" the girl interprets, chirping into the recorder. "And guys," she adds as an afterthought.

She continues, "What do you think of Half-Blood Academy so far?"

Jason wonders what would happen if he answered the same thing over and over. It is the truth anyway.

"I don't know," Jason manages to successfully suppress a smirk from forming on his face.

But then her smile quickly fades from her face and she hits the pause button.

"This isn't going to work if you keep answering the same thing!" she hisses to him, face turning a little pink as she leans forward, "You're going to cooperate one way or another, mister! Zeus Almighty, help you for what I will do to you if you keep wasting my time."

Jason doesn't get the chance to even think of a response to her threat before she plows through with more words.

"Now," the girl leans back, "We'll try this again sometime, because I've got a Council meeting to take notes on. You better think this through and prepare some answers, or you'll wind up looking really stupid to the whole Academy with your 'I don't know'."

She reaches into her skirt pocket, fishing out what seems to be a rectangular business card and slapping it onto his forehead. It sticks for a few moments before fluttering down into his hands.

Lallie Logos: Daughter of Pheme and the Editor-In-Chief of The Herald.

Room άλφα

If you have any tips or scoops, please contact immediately.

"Contact me when you're ready," the girl begins to walk away from him, holding her head up high, "Or I'll contact you."

As he's watching Lallie strut away, Jason feels a hand on his shoulder.

"Fancy seeing you here, Jason of the Argonauts," Drew purrs, changing her hand to two standing fingers.

Her fingers then tiptoe from his shoulders and slide down his arm. Her hand rests on his right sleeve easily, though Jason begins to feel slight worry that she would lift it up and be able to see. It'd be just his luck if she could. He doesn't know about his luck, but he's just going to guess that it's been terrible since he has amnesia.

"You wouldn't be able to tell me if Lallie's been eavesdropping on poor-little-ole me, now would you?" Drew leans in, her breath tickling against his ear.

"Why would I tell you?" Jason returns, a little stiffly. He may have amnesia, but he still remembers the cold shoulder she'd given him yesterday.

"Because I know," Drew leans in even closer, so her mouth is a mere half inch from the corner of his, "for a fact that you just were."

"So?" Jason attempts to subtly pull his shoulder away from Drew's hand. He's been caught red-handed, thanks to Lallie and her chattiness.

"Naughty, naughty Jase," Drew murmurs, her fingers ghosting around the band of his sleeve, "It sounds like I'll have to punish you."

"Your act doesn't fool me," Jason tells her. The conversation he had heard just a few minutes ago also cinched his suspicion. "It may fool people like Annabeth who don't want to see past it, but people like me and Alice can see right through it."

"You've grown boring," Drew's fingers retreat from him as if he suddenly scalded her or flipped off a switch in her.

Or maybe it's because her boyfriend is not so far behind her. The Asian son of Ares sizes him up for a moment before narrowing his almond-shaped eyes.

"We've got to go to the Council meeting, Dee." Andrew casually puts his arms around her shoulder as if it naturally belongs there. Maybe it does.

"Oh, hey, Mason," the Asian male adds after a moment, his tone curt and snide. He obviously knows his name but refuses to use it. "Wondering the halls for your nonexistent friends?"

Drew giggles as if her boyfriend just said the most hilarious thing, "Oh, Andy."

If Andrew is against this nickname, he doesn't show it.

"I better not catch you coming near her again," Andrew threatens him, appearing to be restraining himself from throttling Jason.

"Andy has a tendency to be violent at times," Drew giggles once more, "but he can be such a sweetie once you get to know him."

"Yes," Jason deadpans, "'Andy' just oozes sweetness."

"Anyway," Andrew possessively steers Drew's body in the opposite direction of where Jason is going, "babe, we've got to get going."

"Of course, hon," Drew nestles her head against his shoulder as they begin walking off. She briefly turns her head back towards Jason and waggles her fingers at him, "Toodles!"

Andrew glances back as well, but, rolling his eyes, turns back forward.

This way he misses the words that his girlfriend mouths to Jason.

'I know.'

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