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It's reaping day and, though I know everyone is awake, the entire house is silent. This morning my mom opened my door quietly and turned on the light without a word. Our family is still serious on reaping day although we don't have as much to worry about as some others in our district. My dad is the mayor of District 6 meaning our family is much better off than in the poorer areas. That's an especially good thing because there are five people to take care of. Besides myself and my parents, I have two younger sisters. I have never had to take out tessarae, and neither will my sisters once they become of reaping age. For all we know this could save all of our lives year after year.

"Avery!" my mom breaks the silence, calling to me from downstairs, "We're going to be late!"

Wouldn't that be a shame. But I obey and crawl out from beneath my thick blankets to get dressed.

I pull on a navy blue dress with ruffles around the collar then put on some flat sandals. I head downstairs, running a brush through my thick hair. My mother is bustling around getting my sisters ready. Even though their names aren't even entered in that shiny glass ball that dictates the entire District's fate. I'm the one in our family with that privilege.

"Are you ready to go?" my mom asks, slightly out of breath.

"Yeah, I guess." I say, a little bit monotone.

She picks up on my bored tone immediately, "I'm sorry, I'm just really stressed out."

"It's fine." I say quietly. My mom has always struggled trying to make time to get everything done. My dad is always in his office fulfilling his duties as mayor so my mom is responsible for everything else. I used to get angry with her and fight with her a lot for not having enough time for all three of us but as I grew older, I realized that I was being stupid, and the fighting stopped.

I choke down my breakfast as my mother orders but with every bite, I increasingly feel as if I'm going to be sick. Eventually I push my plate back, stand up and just start pacing. It helps calm my mind down I guess.

"Avery, sit." my mom says firmly but I shake my head. She sighs and sits down to breakfast with my sisters, Zoe and Riley. When they finish, my mom takes my hand and we head down to the square, my sisters following close on our heels. My father is already at the Justice Building, filling the glass balls with thousands of slips of paper. Only four of them have my name on them as I am only fifteen.

"Avery!" I hear someone call, then see my friends Ana and Max running towards me. I don't have many friends because some people at school don't like that my dad is the mayor. They think it guarantees safety, immunity, when in reality, all is does is whittle down my chances a little bit. My name is still entered, and could still be picked.

"How are you?" Ana asks, gripping my arm.

I shrug, "Fine, I guess." I say, "You?"

"I'm so nervous Avery." she says quietly, in a voice that breaks my heart. Ana has a little brother and she does have to take out tessarae. Her name is entered twenty times. Compared to my four, I can almost see why kids at school despise me.

"Yeah how are your four entries doing in there?" Max asks me playfully.

"Shut up." I say, punching him on the arm, "That's not my choice and you know it."

My mom taps me on the shoulder, silently telling me we need to take out places. I give Ana's hand a reassuring squeeze, "Don't worry. You'll be fine."

I give my mom and sisters a hug before heading into the fifteen year old section. My dad takes the stage to read the Treaty of Treason, a long and boring history of our country and its power hungry Capitol. Then our escort, Flora takes the stage. She is wearing a puffy dress that is a neon yellow so bright I feel like I am being blinded every time I look at her.

"Welcome everyone!" her bubbly voice echoes out across the silence of the district, "Welcome to another fabulous year, the 74th Hunger Games! It is time to choose the two tributes who will represent our own District 6 in the arena this year!" she stumbles over to the girl's reaping bowl in her six inch heels and draws out a slip of paper. She totters carefully back to her podium, opens the paper slowly, and reads out, "Avery Callaway!"

My heart drops into my stomach. I can't will myself to walk forward, feet rooted to the ground in shock. The crowd parts a little to make way for me and I grit my teeth and force myself to walk forward. As I walk up the stairs to the stage I see my father's pale face but I have to ignore him. If I don't I'll start to cry and immediately marked as weak when the reapings televise tonight.

"Wonderful!" Flora says cheerfully, "Now it's time to choose our boy tribute!" she draws a slip of paper, "Max Crowell!" she calls out.

Oh no. Please not him. Max walks up to the stage, trying to look calm but I can see the fears in his eyes. I've known him since we were five, all of my horrible visions were coming true. We shake hands and he gives me a sad look. I know right now that I won't be able to face him in the arena. Two Peacekeepers escort us into the Justice Building to say our goodbyes.

The guards lead me into a small room on the second floor of the Justice Building and leaves me there to await my family. The first people to come in are my family. They all hug me tightly, tears running down my mother's face and my father trying to keep himself from doing the same.

"Easy!" I say playfully trying to lighten the mood.

"I don't want you to leave." Riley says quietly.

"Yeah it won't be the same without you here." Zoe says.

"I'll try." I say, "Who knows, I could win and come home."

"No, you can do this Avery." my dad says firmly, "I know you can, you're smart, just do whatever you have to do t come home."

"We believe in you Avery" my mom says quietly but confidently. The Peacekeepers come back in to escort them out.

"Goodbye!" I say, "I love you!"

"We love you too!" my mom says, then the door slams, leaving me alone for a couple minutes before the door opens again and Ana comes in.

I groan, "Please don't cry." I say. Whenever she cries, it makes me cry.

She laughs a little and hugs me tightly, when we break apart she says, "Sorry I can't help it. I already visited Max. I swear if neither of you don't come home I'll kill you both." I laugh and she continues, "Seriously, what am I going to do without you guys?"

"Come one." I say, "You would make new friends."

"No I don't think I would." she says seriously. We sit there in silence for a minute before she says, "Here." she puts something in my hand, "Will you use this as your district token?"

I look down at the object she placed in my hand. It is a piece of leather looped through and old metal ring we found by the train tracks, making a crude necklace. Ana and I each have one. I smile, knowing that it will definitely remind me of home.

"Of course." I say, "Thank you." I say, hugging her again. All too soon, the Peacekeepers are back telling her it's time to go. I don't have any more visitors.

When she is gone, I am escorted out of my room and down to the train station. I see that Max is walking in front of me, reminding me that he has to die for me to win. My throat chokes up and I look away quickly. We are led onto the train with Floraand as the train pulls out of the station and as it pulls out of the station, I stand at the window, watching my home slowly fade away behind us.

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