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Confessions of a Warrior's Heart

By the gods, she gets beautiful more and more every passing day. I love it when she looks back at me to make sure. I'm actually listening to her, but I'll never let her know that. Her eyes are lively and her gestures are animated as she tells me this tale about a king and a princess...wait no its about some knights. Hmm, um, well its some story about some people okay. Maybe I wasn't really listening. Her voice is like no other, strong but soothing, calm yet authoritative. It sends chills down my spine every time she says my name. My little bard, (chuckle), my bard, she's come along way. She has no idea how much power she has over me. If she asked me to get the head of Ares on a platter. I'd gladly do it with a fool's smile on my face. How did I get so lucky to have her by my side, even after everything I've put her through. She's still here. I can't name one person that would stand by me after all that's happened to us. Not a single soul, well maybe mother, maybe. Her body has changed so much since we've first started to travel. She was so soft and kinda girly with that awful peasant dress on. Honestly she still looked damn good in that thing. Now...now she's the most beautiful being in these known lands. Her body has toughened but still has all the curves in all the right places. Even her chest has matured nicely. Shit, I hope she didn't catch me staring at them...again. Whew! That was close, she just asked if I wanted to stop and make camp. It's a bit after midday,but it's so pretty around here, so why not enjoy ourselves. Maybe there's a lake around here. I smiled mischievously to myself. We haven't bathed in awhile. Good gods! I shouldn't have sniffed myself. When was the last time I washed? I jump off Argo and catch up with Gabrielle.

"Hey! Whatdya say we find a place for tonight and maybe relax by a lake?"She just looks at me and smiles. Sigh. Man I'd kill just to see that smile all day long.

We find a hidden path that looks like it hadn't been used in quite sometime. Perfect! It takes a little bit of time getting to our destination but it was well worth it. Nice big oak tree a little ways from the crystal clear lake, it even has a waterfall, nothing big but it still adds to the "romantic atmosphere." I unload Argo, setting her free for the night. My gorgeous Amazon queen does her duties of setting up camp and placing out our bedrolls, real close. That makes me super happy. I don't really let her know how I actually feel about her. Too afraid of what her reaction would be. I mean come on, who would love me? Maybe she does, I have to confess to her, soon. Soon. Come on Xena, snap out of it. I collect myself and tell her I'm going hunting for our dinner. She gives me a hug and tells me to be careful. I just chuckle and kiss her on top of her head and say, "Always looking out for me huh?" All she says is, "Yup." and slaps me on my ass, pushing me off before I can retaliate. I chuckle, clever girl. I trot of looking back, seeing her walk towards camp. Her rear swaying side to side. I just shake my head, I would rather be dining on that supple body tonight.

My mind is still on the woman I love so much back at camp, when suddenly I hear movement around me. There's quite a bit of selections out tonight. A rabbit, nah. We always seem to have rabbit. Oo a wild pig, nope don't feel like fighting for dinner. A deer, perfect. Easy and tasty. We'll have meat for days. I set up my bow, hold my breath, and release the simple weapon. As always, it hits on point. It drops soon after it takes its last breath. Nice size stag, hide is in great condition and the antlers, a nice decorative piece for mom. I haul it back to our camp, I spot my friend, scribbling on scrap on parchment, inventing some new story. She looks up and smiles, then her eyes get huge and she scrabbles up to greet me, actually to greet the deer is more like it. I put down my cargo and stand proudly.

"Well, did I deliver or what?" I produce a smug look on my face and cross my arms.

She looks up, "Not bad." she says. My pride beamed strongly until she said, "I think I stuck a bigger one when I had to learn the way of the shamnness. But you did good." She has a playful smirk on her face. Gosh, she does know how to deflate an ego. "I'll get this gutted and cleaned while you build a nice fire, hmm?" She nods her head, still with that grin on her face. I like her when she's playful, tonight could get interesting. The deer is all clean and separated into nice portions for later use. Tonight we're having the rump, roasted, with wild potatoes and carrots. Mhmm, I unconscionably lick my lips and as if on cue my stomach growls. I wonder how long it'll be.


A/N: Just a little teaser of whats to come. ;}