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Chapter 3

When the party returned to ThunderClan, Leafflame went straight to Ceaderstars den. When he came out Ceaderstar jumped on top of the Highrock and summoned the Clan. The cats begun to arrive under the Highrock slowly. Once everyone was there Ceaderstar began.

"Leafflame has just informed me that ShadowClan has been stealing ThunderClan prey," Yowls of outrage rang throughout the whole ThunderClan camp. Ceaderstar began again "We can't stand for this! We have to show ShadowClan that they cannot do this. They know just as well as we do that that is against the Warrior Code to do that!"

Whitepaw felt the same outrage as all the other cats did. Ceaderstar had seemed to have substaintionally calmed down. He meowed "We will adress this to Graystar at the next Gathering. Other than that, Clan dissmissed."

Whitepaw walked to the fresh-kill pile and grabbed a mouse. Mouse was his favorite kind of fresh-kill. He crouched and ate it. Then he went to the apprentice den and laid down. He began to think about the murders. Huge bite wounds in the neck. Who could have done it! Whitepaw thought a second. Wait, remember at the last Gathering, a WindClan cat said he saw a dog lurking around in the forest. Could that have anything to do with it? Well I don't know but I'm going to get to the bottom of it, no matter what it takes. I have to use Dustpelts advice though, there has to be some reason he chose me to do this. Maybe it was the dog. Well, I highly doubt a dog would do this, thier just so stupid! I think I'll talk to Ceaderstar tomorrow. As Whitepaw was thinking he noticed his eyelids getting heavier and then he let sleep consume him.

When Whitepaw woke up he went straight to Ceaderstars den. Whitepaw wanted to get straight to the point. When he approached the entrance he mewed "Ceaderstar may I talk to you for a minute?"

Ceaderstar meowed back "Yes, come in."

Whitepaw walked in and sat down in front of Ceaderstar. Whitepaw curled is tail over his paws and meowed "I have found numerous dead cats in the forest. They all had a fatal bite wound on their necks. I think it may have been a dog, but their to stupid to do something like that."

Ceaderstar meowed back in reply "I don't understand. You have found dead cats in the forest? That doesn't sound to good."

Whitepaw shuffled his paws a little and mewed "What should we do?"

Ceaderstar growled "We find out who or what did it. Once we have caught the murderer we punish them!"

Whitepaw looked up at Ceaderstar and meowed "Okay, I guess that'll work."

Ceaderstar smiled and meowed "We will get to the bottom of this I promise, but for now, you need to be fufilling your apprentice duties."

Whitepaw said "Okay, thanks for understanding Ceaderstar."

Ceaderstar meowed "You're welcome Whitepaw."

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