First fic, there will be more back story and explanation in the next chapter. Yeah Katherine's a bitch and a bratty child but think who's she's gonna be up against.

The light faded and the golden room came into view. That was a journey she was not keen to take again. She noticed Thor was still holding her arm. She wrenched it away in disgust.

"For future reference, kidnapping is not the way to a woman's heart." she spoke with venom in her voice, her features contorted in revulsion. He took a step back in shock. She straightened her shoulders to face the crowd in front of her.

"I did not kidnap you, you agreed to the proposal." Thor said indignantly, standing his ground as she whipped her head to face him.

"You did not give me much of a choice. I'm not about to see him tortured for eternity, knowing I could have spared him it." she snapped, sighing heavily as a sorry. There was silence for a moment as she turned back to the welcome committee.

"Welcome Lady Katherine." Odin greeted her with all the status of a king. She nodded to him politely. She briefly looked at the faces in front of her, all male, all extravagantly dressed, before opening her bag.

"Well, where is he? Being tortured somewhere?" she asked, rummaging around in her bag. There was sound of someone moving as she pulled out her phone. "Don't know why I bothered." she muttered, throwing the device back in her bag after seeing there was no signal here. She looked up and smiled at the dark haired man before her, her gaze landing on his handcuffs. He was surrounded by guards in gold helmets, each looking at her as though she going to at any given moment spontaneously combust.

"Chained up like an animal. Of course." she said dismissively walking towards him, she stopped and examined the cuffs intently. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the trickle of blood that ran slowly down onto his thumb.

"You're bleeding!" she exclaimed, looking up to the indifferent face that greeted her, the green eyes burning with hatred.

"Well observed." Loki spoke, though she wasn't sure his mouth moved. She turned in anger to Odin, who stood proud, watching her.

"Get them off. Now." she commanded, he sighed.

"He's a war criminal, I'm afraid I-" she held up a hand to stop him.

"Of course. The man you claim to love as a son, treated like vermin." she said, frowning at the chains. "I wonder, Odin, if this was Thor whether you'd treat him the same? Course you wouldn't. Slap on the wrist and a friendly warning, let's go train you to be a king." she answered for him, turning to stare him down, his one eye steely.

"You obviously don't understand the crimes he has committed. He's-" she snorted.

"I'm human, not stupid." she cut him off again, looking back at the chains helplessly.

"Take care how you speak to me, child." he warned her, she laughed and turned, taking a couple of steps towards him.

"Or what? Are you going to torture me to? Handcuff me?" she presented her wrists to him "Go on, I can see you're dying to." she stared him down, challenging him. She watched him, never wavering, her wrists still held out in front of her, waiting. She could see he so desperately wanted to make an example out of her. No one speaks this way to a king.

"Stand down. I fear you do not know what you have agreed to." he spoke calmly, the voice of a man with thousands of years of patience. She laughed inside, only letting a smirk show.

"I guess I'll find out." she said, grinning, letting her arms drop to her side. Odin looked her up and down, and turned to leave the Bifrost. Thor walked up beside her.

"Can you ride?" he asked her, not unkindly, motioning to the horses waiting on the bridge. She shook her head and looked out to the city sprawling out before them. "Then you will take the carriage." he said and strode towards his horse, leaving her feeling lost. She watched the others mount their horses and take off along the bridge. A couple of guards escorted Loki past her, followed by two more.

"Lady Katherine, you'll be riding with us." a guard who'd stopped behind her told her, motioning for her to follow the others. A grand carriage stood a couple of feet away, pulled by two large white horses. She looked it over suspiciously as she approached. She was much more comfortable in cars. The guard who spoke to her helped her in and climbed in the other side. She almost smiled, Loki was sandwiched uncomfortably in the middle of four guards, staring at nothing. She sighed quietly and looked out the window as they set off.

"I must say, it is a pleasure to meet you, I have never met a, uh…" the guard next to her trailed off as he gestured to her.

"A human. Well, I'm glad to have given you this life experience." she replied, a hint of sarcasm in her voice as she turned back to the window. He laughed nervously, clearly unsure if she was being genuine or not.

They came across a lush green expanse of land, where a few bizarre creatures were grazing. They passed one that was close enough for her to scrutinise. It had dark green scaly skin, yet was similar in build to a deer, it even had antlers, though it was much, much larger.

"What is that?" she asked in amazement, shifting herself to look out the back window at the creature.

"Bilgesnipe. Vile creatures, don't get too close to one." the guard on Loki's left replied. She stared after the creature till it was out of sight.

"It's strangely beautiful." she commented, moving herself back. The guards looked shocked, even Loki turned to stare at her for a moment, deadpanned, before he turned away, disinterested.

"Do you not have them on Midgard?" the same guard that answered her asked.

"No." Loki replied for her, still staring into the distance. Katherine was taken aback, and slightly angry, that he spoke for her. She could speak for herself. Silence ensued, and moments later they were in the city.

"Gods this place is gorgeous." she breathed as she took in the city properly. The guard smiled.

"The Allfather will be pleased that you are impressed." he said. She snorted.

"Will he? Fantastic." she muttered, her statement dripping in sarcasm.

The remainder of the journey was spent in silence.

They reached the castle, and came to an abrupt stop, the guards pushed Loki out and helped her down. She gazed up at the huge building before her. Like everything here, it was made of gold and glistened in the sunlight. She tried to look like she was surrounded by places like this everyday, yet she could not control the wideness of her eyes as she looked around. Odin, Thor and the others were gathered outside.

"Angrel, escort Loki and Lady Katherine to their chambers. You may remove the shackles then, and only then." Odin commanded one of the many guards, who nodded, dragging Loki by the arm to get him to move, and nodding his head to Katherine.

They were led into the castle, the dark and the coolness a relief from the heat. She was expecting Asgard to be cold, a fur coat had been a bad idea. The moved through the maze of golden corridors quickly, passing many doors bigger than Katherine could have imagined, each with it's own pair of guards. She idly wondered why they would need such large doors. As they traveled further and higher through the castle she passed more normal sized doors, which were still too large in her opinion, without guards. They carried on for a few minutes, the only sound being her heels, the swish of the guards cloak and the jingle of Loki's chains. They stopped outside a door with two guards waiting for them, they opened the door, with some kind of magic she assumed as their was a faint blue glow. They stepped inside and the guard starting undoing Loki's chains.

She looked around the massive room, mouth slightly agape. It was again all gold, with a large four poster bed on a platform to her right, bordered by the tallest bookshelves she'd ever seen and more books than she cared to count. There was a door bordered by heavy green curtains that led to a balcony, with a desk sat to the right of it. There was another platform on the left with large golden wardrobes on it, set into the wall. In front of a door to her left, which she assumed led to a bathroom, was a couple of armchairs and a coffee table, with another smaller bookcase.

"You are to both stay here until the Allfather comes." the guard told them, Loki didn't say anything, his back to her and she nodded. The door shut behind him and left them alone.

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