Note: If you look closely, you can see where I left off from the last time I wrote it. It's not all that hard to catch.

Me: Hello, everybody! How ya'll doin'?

Misaki: Miserable. What the fuck have you've been doing these past few months?

Me: Oh please I haven't be-

Misaki shoves a calender in my face.

Me: Ohhhh. Whoops.

Misaki: Yeah. Big-fucking-whoops.

Me: Hey! Haven't you heard of writer's block?!

Misaki: Haven't you heard of TRYING?!

Me: Oh fuck you!

Usagi: Gladly.


Usagi: Too late.

Usagi drags Misaki to the basement.


Hiro-san: Aren't you going to stop them?

Me: I've stopped giving a shit a looooooong time ago.

Everyone else: HUH?!

Me: Yeah. I'm done. This will be the last chapter for this shitty fanfic so yeah.

Everyone sighs in relief.

I join in as well.

Nowaki: What made you decide to end it?

Me: I'm not as motivated to do it and the major fact is that I'm a better writer than this.

Hiro-san: Can't you just re-write it?

Me: I can barely stomach re-reading this crap much less try to rewrite it.

Me: I know I promised a shitton of things but I'm sorry. Especially those I promised I'd co-host with.

Miyagi: Well, its understandable. This shit was garbage from the beginning.

Me (puts hand on his shoulder): Thank you.

Miyagi (nods): Now, let go of me

Lets go of his shoulder.

Usagi and Misaki come back from basement.

Me: Wow that was quick.

Usagi: New record that's for sure.

Misaki glares at him.

Me: And so is this chapter.

Everyone stares wide-eyed.

Everyone: That was fast.

Usagi: Just as fast as Misaki.

Me: I know but I really can't continue this at all. I'm sorry I don't sound like my 15/16 yr old self but *war flashbacks* *shivers*.

Me: God that was a terrifying time.

Me: Whelp. That's it! Goodbye!

Everyone: Goodbye!

Me: Yes, this really IS the end of Random Junjou Romantica Conversations! I apologize to those I've promised to co-host with but I'm seriously lacking the motivation to continue this so instead of forcing myself to do it, I'm just ending it. Than you to all those who have favorited/followed/reviewed this story. You have made my younger self very proud.