Part I

Rose Weasley was different.

With her short auburn hair that was straightened, had a electric blue streak on the left side, and was chin length, her piercing blue eyes that were coated with eyeliner, her pale skin that was freckle-less, and her bright red lips, people called her Rebel Weasley.

And she liked it.

True, she was brilliant and smarter than anyone at Hogwarts. But she wasn't the perfect rule abider that her mother was. In her first year, she had been. But once third year had come 'round, Rose had changed.

Rose was different.

Her future was planned out, she already had rented a flat that was waiting for her for when she got out of school in London and she had a job lined up in Zucker's Beauty, where they consulted for makeup, hair, and clothes.

She didn't have to study; Rose got perfect on every test and quiz. Her homework, all done quickly and easily, was always perfect. She was confident, unlike her mother who had felt the need to study to feel prepared.

She took the basics for her NEWTs to please her parents, in truth, she didn't care. And when she finished all her homework on her breaks, she had time for real fun.

Rose threw parties, she kissed boys she didn't know the names of. She always had to prove her bravery and her no-one-cares attitude.

So in her seventh year when she was dared to woo Scorpius Malfoy, she accepted the challenge.

A/N-This will be a three or four shot, I'm not sure yet. This is different from anything I've ever written so please review and let me know what you think. It isn't the Rose in my head, or the Scorpius, but these characterizations do interest me so hopefully you enjoy!