Ch. 8: The Date

~ It's seven o'clock on the dot and I'm about to drop top here in the street ~

Seven o' clock came quickly and the doorbell rang. Lita went to open the door to check who it was at the door. It was Heero. He was wearing a black suit with black shiny shoes.

" Um is Rei ready?" he asked.

" She'll be down in a minute. Come in."

~ I got a pretty little lady that's out there waiting for me ~

Heero came in. Rei came downstairs. When Heero saw what she was wearing, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. She was wearing a silky, long red, sleeveless dress with two long slits on the sides of her legs that reached to half of her thigh. It also had a slit over the breast crease with a crisscross lace over it with red lipstick and opened toes shoes (high heels and red).

"Hi Heero," Rei said in a low voice.

" You...look gorgeous," Heero said with astonishment.

" Thank you. You know you don't look that bad yourself."

" Thanks. Shall we?" Heero said with his and out to take Rei out the door.

Rei took his hand and they left. But this time Heero had his own car. It was a shiny black Lexus 2002. (I still don't know where or how he got the money to buy it so don't ask) Thirty minutes later, they arrived at an Italian restaurant. They sat down at the table that was reserved for them by Heero. The waiter arrived at their table to give them the menu. They both ordered pasta with sauce and Italian bread on the side. Then it was time order dessert. Rei ordered an ice cream Sundae and Heero ordered a bowl of vanilla pudding. They were exchanging laughs at each other. Rei took a scoop out of Heero's pudding, of course without his permission. But Heero didn't mind at all. He noticed that Rei had a little pudding on her lip.

"Um... Rei? You have a little pudding on your top lip."

" Oh really. Where?"

" Hold on, let me get that for you."

Heero took a napkin and leant over to clean the pudding off. But after he cleaned it of, his eyes met with Rei's, and they locked in a kiss. Just then Relena passed by and saw them kissing through the restaurant window. She ran home quickly, disappointed from the sight she saw.

" Why does Heero have to pick that bitch? Why couldn't he pick me? That bitch is going to pay and I'll make sure of that," screamed Relena with anger.

" Relena, what do you mean by ' that bitch is going to pay and you'll make sure of it'? Relena, don't do anything stupid", said Dorothy, worriedly.

" I'm not. I am just going to make a few people disappear."

" Relena, don't kill Rei. No matter how much you hate her, you can't do that."

" And why not?"

" Because first of all, she is not worth you getting locked up in jail, and second of all you didn't bring her into this world so you have no right to take her out of it."

" That is very reasonable but I don't care. Matter of fact, I'll think about it. And besides, I have to make a plan when to do it."

" Relena, I'm not going to stop you, but what you are doing is wrong."

Rei and Heero kissed for about two minutes and then a bell broke the kiss off. When the kiss was broken, they both giggled as if it was funny.

" Are you ready to go, Rei?"

" Yes."

" Okay."

Heero pulled the seat out for Rei so she can get out of the chair. They went for a walk around the block. They were getting to know each other better and they were holding hands. Afterwards, Heero drove Rei home.

" I had a good time, thanks, " said Rei with a smile.

" So did I," said Heero also with a smile.

" So I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

" Okay."

Rei was turning around to go inside her house when Heero grabbed her arm and turned her around.

" What are you...?" asked Rei.

Before she was able to finish, Heero kissed her goodnight and left to his car. Rei stood outside in shock for a minute and walked in the house. She had a daydream face on.

" Looks like someone had a goodnight, " said Serena.

Rei said nothing.

" Rei?"

" Oh, huh?" said Rei as if just waking up for a great dream.

" So what happened with you and 'prince charming'?" asked Lita.

" He kissed me... he actually kissed," was all she could say.

" He kissed you?" asked Mina. " Oh my goodness. I can't believe he kissed you."

" Well you better believe it, " said Rei.

" Oh so Rei, are you in love with Heero now?" asked Ami.

" No! Are you alright? Do you honestly think that I love him? I mean I like him a little but I don't love him. That's just insane."

Everyone else knew that she was lying but Rei didn't know for herself. Rei ran upstairs to change her cloths. When she went to her room, she sat down in her chair and looked at herself in the mirror. Who are kidding Rei? You don't like him a little bit, you like him a lot. You might even start to love him? No, I can't. It's too soon. Was he the one that I dreamt of when they first came? No, Rei, you can't, even though you are. No. No. Rei thought to herself.

~ * ~ * ~ *

Relena's place

Relena was home by herself, thinking of a plan. She drew out a blue print of her plan. She had everything worked out. She decided that she was going to do it the next day after the talent show. She was so happy that she finally got a plan. Relena heard the doorknob turn so she put the blue print away. When everyone came in the house, they saw her with a big smile on her face.

" Why are you so happy, Relena?" asked Catherine.

" Oh no special reason."

" Relena, tell me the truth."

" I am telling the truth."

" I don't believe you but whatever."

Relena went upstairs and laid on her bed. She had a vision of how her perfect plan would go. Afterwards, she gave a devious giggle about what was going to happen to Rei.

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this chap. I will update as soon as I can. It might take a long time since school is starting for me in two days. ^_^ I'll try my best to update quickly. But you're in for a surprise. Next chap: the talent show.