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The Spy's Daughter.

Catherine smiled as she walked down Oxford Street, glad that her leg was finally out of plaster and things were getting back to normal. She had been back in her own flat with Charlie for almost two weeks and knew it wouldn't be long before they started looking for a place to share with Calum and Spike, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel he had inherited from his mother. Smiling she dug in her pocket for her mobile phone.

"Hi Ruth. How's my baby sister?" She paused to look in a shop window as she listened to Ruth ask her what she was planning for her evening. "Pick Charlie up from nursery and pop over to see you, if that's ok?"

"Of course it is." Ruth smiled. She had never really expected to get on so well with her step children but was relieved and pleased that they had accepted he so easily. Even the arrival of little Gracie, who Harry insisted on referring to as Squeak hadn't caused any problems. "We should be home at a fairly reasonable hour if Armageddon doesn't get under way. I was only calling to wish you luck with the new documentary."

"Thanks Ruth." She ended the call as she looked in the reflective surface of the shop window. To anyone else it looked as if she was merely window shopping, admiring the over priced dress in the shop window but the red dress was the last thing that had caught her attention. The man watching her from across the street was far more interesting. No, not now. How have you found me now? This can't be happening. She took a deep breath and turned around to see the man she had spent the last three years trying to forget disappearing into the crowd.


"Ruth?" Adam jogged down the steps towards her desk. "You finished with the Anderson file?"

"Yes." Ruth held out the "Eyes Only" file for the field officer.


"And it looks like he has become a serious threat. Harry and Ros are in Whitehall but it seems to me that he is more than a low life drug dealer. Anderson has some pretty powerful connections."

"If someone mentions Nightingale." Lucas rolled his eyes.

"No, not them. At least not in the UK." Ruth turned to face both men. "Look I may be wrong."

"As if." Zaf smiled at his friend.

"I may be." Ruth ran a hand through her wavy brown hair. "But it seems like some of his friends are working in Parliament. I can't find a link to any MPs officially but some of their support staff are mentioned in the chatter from GCHQ."

"Can't you ring your contact?" Zoe asked. Ruth shook her head.

"No, she left. Went on maternity leave and quit." Ruth sighed as she thought of the bubbly scotswoman. Zoe shrugged her shoulders before turning back to her work station.

"You really think he's a threat?" Adam asked.


"What has the chatter been saying?" Zaf asked.

"That something is planned but they don't know what."

"Oh that narrows it down then." Zoe huffed. "Can't they be most specific?"

"No." Ruth tried not to snap. "The chatter is very general. East London is mentioned and his group is mentioned more than once. Anderson is known to have links to the Gavriks and other former KGB officers."

"Ah." Adam looked away. "I think we better get Ros and Harry back here."


Catherine shook herself mentally, she had to be wrong. There was no way he was back. Adam had promised her that he wouldn't be bothering her again. She hadn't asked how he had been so sure. Sighing heavily she tried to focus on finding a filming location for her documentary on teenage runaways. She glanced back over her shoulder, unable to shake the feeling she was being watched.


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