Time Tampering

Pairing: Vlad x Danny

Warnings: Homosexual relationships. Danny is in his senior year of high school, making him 18 years of age. Cross dressing. Nudity. Time travel. Violence. Foul language. Implied sexual relations.

Disclaimer: Danny Phantom is a product of Nickelodeon. All characters in this story are imaginary.

Summary: When he gets trapped in the past, Danny never thought of how his meddling would affect the present.

Written: February 2006 - January 2007

Chapter 01

When he returned home from school earlier that day, Danny made a beeline for the kitchen to grab a snack before diving into his homework.

"All right," said Maddie in disappointment as she spoke to someone on the phone. "Well, maybe another time." After exchanging goodbyes, she hung up the phone.

"Who was that?" Danny asked as he pulled open the door of the refrigerator.

"Vlad." Maddie didn't notice when Danny slammed the door shut and gaped at her. "I was calling to invite him to come stay with us."

"Why would you do that?" spluttered Danny.

"Why wouldn't I?" Maddie frowned, puzzled by her son's question. "Vlad's a friend of the family. I thought it would be nice to invite him for a visit. We haven't seen him for some time now."

"But, Mom, he-" Danny started to say, but he stopped short when he couldn't think of an argument other than Vlad was evil. He used that argument often, and his parents started giving him angry looks whenever he mentioned it.

"I don't see why you continue to be so unfriendly toward Vlad." Maddie placed her hands on her hips as she frowned at her son.

"Have you forgotten that time he told you to leave Dad for him?" Danny grew frustrated with this usual debate. Why did his parents always seem to overlook everything that Vlad did to them?

"Yes, and I was not happy with that either," Maddie agreed. "But you should put that behind you already. Vlad did save your life during that ghost attack four years ago. You should be grateful to him. In any case, Vlad refused the offer since he's very busy at the moment."

Very busy? Danny wondered. That's suspicious. Why would Vlad give up this opportunity? He has an invitation to come in here and attempt to kill my dad and sweep my mom off her feet. Danny rubbed his chin in thought. When an idea hit him, Danny's brow shot up. Vlad was up to something. Danny could feel the truth of this fact deep within his bones.

Danny planned to stop Vlad before he could do anything. That night, he snuck down to the laboratory after he was sure his parents were asleep. When he pressed the button, the doors of the Ghost Portal opened with the gears squealing as metal ground against metal. At the loud noise, Danny cringed and feared it would wake his parents. Heart beating fast with worry, he wasted no time. The familiar rings passed over him, changing him into Danny Phantom. After he entered the Ghost Zone, the Portal doors slammed shut behind him. Danny sped off in the direction where he remembered Vlad's Portal was. Not many ghosts were wandering outside of their own realms, thankfully because Danny wanted to avoid all unnecessary fights against pointless ghosts.

Time passed slowly as door after door went by Danny. The scenery rarely changed from the dull swirl of green. Only the doors themselves varied every now and then with the occasional floating land mass. To the left he spotted Pariah's castle, to the right was the door to Technus's laboratory, and straight ahead was Skulker's island.

When he saw Skulker returning to his home, Danny halted and quickly glanced around for a spot to hide and avoid confronting the hunter. However, all around him was open space, and no hope of concealing himself presented itself. Inevitably, Skulker noticed Danny's presence. Their gazes met for all of five seconds before Skulker raised his arm, taking aim at the hybrid with one of his many ectoplasm firing weapons that suddenly popped out from its hidden compartment. Danny sped forward, zigzagging through the barrage of blasts that rained down upon him. As he flew, he charged a blast of his own between his hands and upon reaching Skulker released it, hitting the hunter and sending him soaring backward and blackening his chest plate.

"What are you doing here, Ghost Child?" demanded Skulker. He had detached his left hand, preparing to use a different weapon.

"I don't have time to deal with you," Danny muttered. He continued flying toward Vlad's Portal. An ectoplasm rope wrapped around his feet, jerking him back toward Skulker. He turned and shot at the ghost. His blast missed, but it was enough to distract Skulker. He snapped the rope binding his feet and flew off with Skulker following some distance behind him.

Danny's progress went slower with Skulker delaying him with small scuffles. A wave of relief came over Danny when he spotted the Portal into Vlad's laboratory. Before he could reach it, Skulker grabbed him around the waist, and they both tumbled through the Portal. They wrestled on the floor. Danny blasted Skulker, who slammed into the ceiling. He scrambled to his feet and got out of the way as Skulker fell to the ground where Danny lay a second before. While Skulker recovered, Danny glanced around the laboratory. His gaze landed on a strangle device sitting on a table along the left wall a few feet away from him.

Paying no attention to Skulker struggling to his feet, Danny walked over to look the device over more closely. The device was in a box shape. It had wires running from one place to another and looked like a tangled mess. On the top he found three sets of random numbers. If they had any meaning to them, Danny couldn't decipher them. He picked up the device and turned it in his hands like it would reveal its purpose to him by doing so.

The door of the laboratory flew open. Danny turned upon hearing the noise. Skulker, who was trying to sneak up on the young hybrid, did the same.

"Don't touch that!" shouted Vlad at the same moment that Skulker leapt at Danny.

Hugging the device to his chest, Danny dodged the attack. Skulker caught his foot, and Danny landed hard the ground as the device was freed from his hold and clattered against the floor. A flash of light clouded Danny's vision, and pain followed. Danny felt like he was being stretched in all directions. He tried to scream as his limbs were nearly pulled right out of their sockets. Then he felt a shrinking sensation, like he was being squashed between two large hands. The weird stretching and shrinking ended after mere minutes. Danny remained lying on his stomach; in too much pain to think of moving. He didn't even dare to open his eyes; instead, allowing oblivion to take hold of him.

"That wasn't finished," Vlad growled at Skulker, who guiltily tried to inch closer toward the Portal. The machine sat on the ground with smoke rising from it. Where Danny previously lay was now empty space. "Do know how long it took me to make that time machine?"

"It was only a prototype," Skulker offered, trying to calm Vlad's rage. He knew the man labored for many months on the time machine. After all, Skulker helped him with it from the very beginning.

"A prototype that was almost ready for testing!" Vlad shouted. "And now all that work is ruined. Daniel certainly has inherited his father's bumbling ways."

Skulker couldn't argue with that since Danny tended to be a klutz, though years of training made far more competent in a fight. "At least you now know that your time machine is capable of transporting a human being through time." He glanced around the laboratory. "And by the looks of things, the Ghost Child hasn't lost any limbs."

"Not in the present, you mean," corrected Vlad. He was slightly pleased with that fact, but it didn't excuse the anger he felt about his plans being ruined. "It's still possible that he lost body parts during the trip through time. This is the worst thing that could have happened."

"I don't see the problem," Skulker said in puzzlement.

"Do you have any idea where Daniel landed in time?" Vlad glared at Skulker, who felt all the more like getting out of the half ghost's laboratory. "He may not have arrived at the destined time. He may not have arrived all in one piece. He has no way back because the time machine stayed here. I can't follow him because the machine destroyed itself just sending him through time. Even if I rebuilt the machine, which as you know would take months, I have no way to guarantee that I would find whenever in time Daniel has gone."

"But the Ghost Child isn't in this time period, so you don't have to worry about him getting in your way," Skulker pointed out like that solved everything.

How can Skulker not see how Daniel being trapped somewhere in time can be completely disastrous to the flow of time? Vlad wondered. Daniel is as much a bumbling idiot as his father! He masked his emotions by glowering at Skulker for his idiotic statement. "Nothing good can come from this," he muttered.