~*Game of Life*~

By: BellaMona

"Thank you"

Last time:

"Yes. I'll take you." Ash confirmed.

Misty couldn't help but give him a hug. He felt so warm and she found herself being comfortable in his arms. Not even Rudy's hugs compare to what she was feeling now.

Ash couldn't describe this feeling. Sure he has hugged girls and he felt nothing. But this was different. Very different. All he knew was he didn't want the hug to end. But it did.

"Alright let's go!" Erika said.

And off they went to Cerulean City to find Duplica.


"I don't know what to do, man.", Tracey said to A.J.

"I can't blieve it. You were even prepared to confess your love for her."

"Thanks, for making me feel better."

"You welcome", A.J. said with a grin.

Tracey was about to say something but he saw Erika, Marie, Misty, and someone else he never saw before running like they were in a hurry.

"Hey, were are you guys going?... Erika?"

After opening the door of the car, Erika shouted, "We're going to Cerulean City to find Duplica!"

Without thinking that his next class begins in just 5 minutes he said, "I'm coming to! We're going in A.J.'s car!"

"Hurry up!"

To A.J. he said while getting inside his car, "Come on!"


"Wait...Gary.. wait" Duplica tried to free herself out of Gary's embrace, but his arms held her trapped.

"I want you, Duplica. Now!"

"No! I said wait! You're moving too fast."

Somehow she broke the embrace and was headed towards the pool. "What's the rush. Let's just enjoy the pool."

'I have to make her come to bed fast.' Gary thought while he went inside the pool.


"Dad! Dad! Guess who came to stay!" Mrs. Ketchum happily asked her father.

"I have no idea. The president?"

"No. It's Ash! He came today.

Kurt stopped what he was doing and couldn't belive that his grandson is home.

"Really. You're not joking are you? Because if you are-"

"No. He's here. Come and see him."

And with that he went to see his grandson who he missed so much.

'I can't believe he is here.'


"I can't find you Gary!"

"I'm right here."

Duplica couldn't find him. They were playing hide-and- seek, and it's has been Duplica turn to find Gary.


Suddenly from behind, his arms wrapped around hers, he said in a low voice in her ear "Here"

And after that Duplica didn't know how it happened, but she was on the floor with Gray on top of her.

"Gary let me go!"

"No! I think I have waited long enough for this. You are going to be mine. Now!"

"No! Let me-"

She couldn't finish because Gary was kissed her. It wasn't a gentle kiss, it was a kiss that probably will leave her bruise. 'This hurts.'


"Here it is." Erika said as they hopped out of the car.

"Well, let's go inside." Misty became worried about Duplica.

Everyone went inside and where shocked at what they saw.

There on the floor Duplica was yelling him to stop while Gary started to uncloth her.

"Hey get off her you son of a bitch."

Tracey and Gary started to fight while Misty and Marie helped Duplica from the floor.

"Are you alright." Marie asked

"Yeah. I'm so glad you guys came in time."

"Duplica, why did you leave like that. You shouldn't have left with Gary."

"I know Misty, I'm sorry. It was a mistake I admit it."

Meanwhile, Ash and A.J. were trying to break the fight between Tracey and Gary.

"Tracey calm down." A.J. was trying to hold Tracey.

"Don't ever go near her! You here me."

"You can't tell me what to do! I'll go near her if I want."

Tracey tried to hit Gary, but A.J. was holding him.

"Guys, stop it." Ash tried to hold Gary.

"Let's go, Duplica is safe and that is what matters." Erika said. She went to where Gary was being held by Ash.

"If you hurt my friend again, I swear you will regret it."

With that they started to leave.

"Get out of my house! Duplica you will be sorry!"


"Duplica are you sure you're alright. I mean he didn't hurt you right?"

"No Misty, he didn't hurt me. Luckly you guys came in time."

She went towards Tracey and gave him a kiss in the cheek. "Thank you for defending me Tracey."

"It was nothing." Holding her hand he said, "I will let nothing happen to you. Nothing."

Marie watched with great sadness as Tracey held Duplica's hand. 'I wish he loved me'

"Let's get going. It's going to get dark soon." Ash said.

Duplica went inside her car, but it won't turn on.

A.J. said, "Don't worry Duplica, I'll take Tracey, Erika, and you."

"Yeah, and I'll take Marie and Misty." Ash said


"You really think they did it." Kay asked Jessie.

"I don't know but tomorrow, the minuit I find out I'm telling everyone"

Gisselle gave a small laugh, "Knowing the slut she is, she probably did it."


"That bitch is going to pay." Gary was so mad. "I lost that bet!"

That was when he spotted Duplica's clothes. She probably forgot it.

He saw her bra on the floor and gave a laugh, "Oh, you're going to pay, Duplica."


They have dropped Marie off and now where approching Misty's house.

"Well, this is my stop."

Ash stopped his car and helped Misty out.

"So this is where you live."

"Yeah" Misty said starring at him. There is something about his eyes. They glow here in the night.

"You're beautiful." Ash said while cupping her check with his hand .

Misty looked down and blushed, and had a stange feeling in her stomache. Strange, she never felt this warmth inside her. Not even Rudy made her feel this way.

She should feel sad about losing Rudy, but right now that seems unimportant.

Her heart was beating so fast that it made her think that Ash might hear it.

Ash too felt this strange feeling. How can you describe it. It was nothing he felt before. Nothing. This girl is different from the other girls, he doesn't know how but she's special.

Here while looking at her eyes and touching her cheek, his heart was beating fast.

Misty looked up and looked deep in his eyes, "Thank you"

"Your welcome"

Time stood still as they kept looking at one another. Their hearts beating fast, they started to come closer.

"Misty, since I met you this morning I had this strange feeling inside." Ash whispered

"Me too, I don't know what it is, but I feel it."

They came a little closer and they stood there face to face.

Only a couple of inches closer and they will...................

-To be continued-

On the next chapter:

"I heard Misty ended her relationship with Rudy."

"That's not true. I'm Misty's best friend and I know they are deeply in love. She told me she is." Cassey hoped that would convince Ash.


"I think I might have a tiny crush on Ash." Misty admitted.


Jason made up his mind. He will have Misty and Ash won't stop him.