Waking Darkness

Chapter 1: Disturbances

Dorak could hardly sleep. The young zabrak starred at the ceiling of his small apartment in contemplation.

What was that echo in the Force? It felt so familiar and yet….alien.

He could feel the dark side surrounding it, sending waves off the disturbance echoing yet at the very core there was the purest light he had ever felt. Earlier that day, he had asked around Tython's Jedi temple if anyone else had felt the strange occurrence. He questioned his fellow Jedi Knights and even some Masters, but the continued to give him the same answer.

Master Ewan Ken told him "The Force works in mysterious ways. Maybe you were meant to be the only one who feels it".

The disturbance was small and far off, and yet he could reach out in the Force and touch it. It was as if the Force had bound him and the disturbances together, making it to where they were inseparable. After all, it was the Force that brought Dorak to this very galaxy two years ago. Before he became a Jedi, he was a human named Drake. He lived on the planet Earth in a galaxy far, far away. The Force was merely fiction created by the human mind, and yet here he was in "Star Wars", using it to aid the Jedi and the Republic. He knew they were both corrupt, he had seen it and read it in the many games he had played with his two younger brothers. He had gotten over the fact that he would never see his home or family again, but it always hurt to think about them. The Jedi taught him the past could not be changed buit the future can. He knew the Republic and Sith were in the Cold War, and that he would have a special part to play in it and soon but now, he needed rest.

Dovak closed his eyes and allowed the Force to flow into his body, calming his mind and slowing his breathing to a steady pace. As his mind drifted into the realm of sleep, he felt another echo. Two to be exact, one right after the other. The strange thing was that when he reached out across the vast expanse of space, the image of two faces flashed in his head: his younger brother and his best friend. He smiled and closed his eyes, glad he was no longer alone. Tomorrow, he would start searching for them. Once again he drifted into sleep and before entering completely, a still small voice spoke to him.

"And find them you shall my servant, Drake". The young zabrak slept, dreaming of old memories. Of Earth.