Discovering the Cousins


It was breakfast time at the Pelekai household, and Lilo, Stitch, Nani, Pleakley and Jumba were finishing their meals.

Stitch ate his food slowly like Lilo, though this was not by choice. In fact, he was annoyed that Nani wouldn't allow him to scarf his meals all at once.

Jumba, meanwhile, was reading the book "Chemistry for Geniuses" while he munched his waffles. "This book is so simplistic," he grumbled.

"Do you have to read at the table?" Pleakley asked irritably, his cycloptic eye gazing intensely at Jumba.

Jumba simply glared right at him. "You do it too," he countered, jabbing a thumb in the direction of a small pile of "Self-Help" books some distance away on a small serving table. Pleakley sheepishly blushed

"Right…" he conceded."Sorry…"

"OK, everyone!" Nani said as she got to her feet. "You all know your assignments, right?" she told everyone.

"Understood!" Pleakley stated. "You want the house clean, right?"

"Pooh!" Jumba grunted. "What good is a clean house if it only gets dirty again?"

Nani glared at the four-eyed alien. "What was THAT, mister?" she challenged.

"Uh, nothing," Jumba quickly answered, smiling innocently.

"Don't forget this!" Nani continued. "You and Pleakley live with us and we help each other."

Jumba looked down. "Yes, sir, uh, I mean ma'ama," he added quickly.

Lilo and Stitch glanced at each other and smirked.

"Well I got to go. Aloha!" Lilo said, getting to her feet.

Nani eyed her sister. "Lilo, how are you planning on getting to hula class?" she asked suspiciously.

"With this!" Lilo said, lifting up her shirt to reveal some kind of dark bodysuit underneath. "Ta-daaaaa!"

"What… is…THAT?" Nani asked uneasily.

"It's an enhancer suit!" Lilo explained happily. "Jumba made it for me. It makes me stronger and faster and it matches my eyes!"

Nani stared at Jumba. "It's not bad, really!" he insisted. "It could be very useful."

Nani sighed. "I SUPPOSE that it's alright," she told Lilo. "But stay out of trouble."

"Hey, don't I always?" Lilo asked defensively.

Nani just eyed Lilo, her face answering the question.

Lilo smiled innocently. "Well, got to go!" she said, getting up and running for the door.

Nani followed after her and saw Lilo run off the porch and down the driveway, faster than a normal child could. Faster than most adults could.

"Sometimes she worries me…" she said slowly, nervously rubbing her hands together.

Inside the house, Jumba and Pleakley had finished their meals. "OK, time to get started," Pleakley exclaimed.

"I can hardly wait," Jumba grumbled.

"Hey, where's Stitch?" Pleakley asked, looking around.

Jumba smirked. "Looks like he got out of work," he chuckled.

Pleakley slapped his head. "Not again," he murmured. "...Well… let's get started without him, then."

Jumba stopped smiling. "Wishing JUMBA could get out of work too," he murmured unhappily.


Lilo ran down the street abnormally fast, her hair flying behind her head. It wasn't long before she reached her school, and she wasn't even sweating. She quickly walked up the stairs, opened the door, and ran inside.

Her teacher Moses was present, and he greeted her pleasantly. "Aloha, Lilo!" he said. "You're here early today!"

"Yes," Lilo replied happily. "I didn't have anything important on my schedule today and wanted to get here soon."

Lilo ran past her teacher who smiled kindly at her. She went into the changing room to get ready for Hula Class.

The front door opened suddenly ,and four other girls walked in. They were all about the same height, age, and shape, with a few dissimilarities.

One girl was named Myrtle. She had frizzy red hair, and wore glasses.

The second one was named Elena. She had blond hair, tied into two ponytails.

The third one was named Yuki. She had short, brown hair and was of Japanese origin.

The last one was called Theresa. She was an African American girl with long, frizzy brown hair.

"Looks like we beat the 'Weirdlo' again!" Myrtle commented rudely, a smirk on her face.

"Myrtle!" The Hula teacher called out sternly, his hands on his hips. "That isn't polite."

"Well we got here before she did," Myrtle remarked with a scowl, her arms crossed over her chest.

Suddenly, Lilo came back, dressed in her Hula outfit. "Hey girls, what's up?" she called out, hoping to get a friendly response from her class… though it had never happened before.

Myrtle and the others stared at Lilo in stunned disbelief, their mouths open and their eyes wide and glassy.

"Well you may have gotten here first but you're still weird!" Myrtle finally shouted, just to cover up her wounded pride.

"Myrtle!" her teacher shouted, getting her attention. "I said that isn't polite and I meant it!" As he glowered at her, Myrtle grew tense under his gaze. "You owe Lilo an apology," he told her.

Myrtle's eyes widened in shock and disgust. Lilo glowered at Myrtle, her fists clutched, her body stiff, but full of rage. Myrtle frowned and threw a glance at her teacher who had his arms crossed, waiting for her to apologize. Knowing she didn't have any other option, she scowled.

"Sorry," she said insincerely.

"Lilo?" the teacher asked, looking at her.

Lilo crossed her arms, averting her eyes away from her teacher. Then she sighed and looked at Myrtle. "Apology accepted," she replied in a low voice.

"Goodm," their teacher said approvingly. "The rest of you, go change and we'll get started."

As the girls walked past Lilo, Myrtle gave her a look of pure venom.

…. aaa

Meanwhile, Stitch was playing in the woods, jumping from tree branch to tree branch. "Ha, ha, ha-ha!" he laughed happily as he jumped to the ground, landing on his feet. "Thank you, thank you!" he told an imaginary audience, bowing his head, his left paw to his chest. Then he stopped and sighed and looked around. "Lilo is still at Hula Class," he thought to himself. "Doing anything without her isn't very fun."

Tired of playing in the woods, Stitch sat down and thought of other things he could do until Lilo came home. Then he remembered that Jumba and Pleakley's ship had access to the Galactic Net.

"Oooooo h," he murmured, a grin spreading across his koala-like face. "Reev ta seb, reev ta seb!" Translation: "Surf the web, surf the web!"

Stitch walked up the ramp of the ship and headed into Jumba's laboratory. Entering the lab, he went over to a seat in front of the gigantic screen of a Federation supercomputer. Seating himself in front of the huge supercomputer, Stitch reached forward and pressed a button. The computer activated and his claws clicked a few keys on the keyboard. Selection icons appeared.

"Huh?" Stitch murmured; then he noticed a new file in the corner. "What this?" he murmured as he examined it. It was a blank icon with the words "Jumba's files" on it.

Stitch frowned. "I wonder what Jumba has?" he muttered curiously. "I know I shouldn't look at this... buuuuuut..." Stitch paused thoughtfully. "Jumba has pulled various stunts before," he thought to himself. "What if Jumba is up to something again?"

Stitch considered that a sufficient reason to satisfy his morbid curiosity. He accessed the icon. "Password required," a female computer voice said.

"Gabba?" Stitch murmured, surprised by this twist. "Hmmm," he murmured. "'Jumba's a genius," he said as he typed his guess.

"Password accepted!" the computer voice said.

"Of COURSE," Stitch snorted with laughter. Jumba has a big mind but an even bigger ego.

"Accessing index of secret genetic experiments of Jumba Jookiba."

Stitch froze in shock. "Experiments?" he asked, as a chill overtook him.

The screen displayed rows of numbers, 1 through… 626. Stitch eyed the index in wonder. Curiously he randomly clicked one of the sets of numbers.

The screen then displayed the image of a creature with gray skin, thick legs, a tail, short forearms, and a hammer-like face.

"Experiment 1-2-4," the Computer said automatically. "Primary function: Smashes everything in its way."

On the right side of the screen were the numbers 124 and a "more info" icon. Stitch surveyed the data in wonder. Was it possible that Jumba made other experiments before him?

Stitch then exited 124's file and clicked another random file.

The next was a four-legged creature with brown fur, a large head, and extraordinarily big, blue eyes. "Experiment 4-5-1," the Computer said. "Primary function: Ray vision. Can fire an array of energy beams from its eyes."

Stitch grew anxious. This was so unreal. Exiting 4-5-1's file, he clicked on another file. The image of a manta ray-like creature with dark blue skin, black eyes, and three black tipped spikes on its back appeared with more info in the icon on the side.

"Experiment 5-3- 4," the computer said. "Primary function: Rain maker. Controls and generates watery vapors."

Stitch rubbed his head, disturbed by all this. But he needed to check something. Exiting 534's file, he clicked on the file of 626. An image of himself appeared with a "more info" icon on the side.

"Experiment 6-2-6. Primary function: Destruction," the computer said. "Destroys everything he touches."

Stitch stared at his image very disturbed, feelings of shock and betrayal surging through him.

"Stitch, what are you doing?" a familiar voice asked from behind him.

Stitch turned around. It was Jumba. Feelings of betrayal rippled through him.

"Stitch, what is wrong?" Jumba asked when he saw the look on Stitch's face. Suddenly Jumba noticed the "626" file was now open. "Uh oh," he murmured. "I see you have discovered my secret experiment files…" he said looking uneasily at Stitch and back at the screen.

"Why you no tell me that you made more like me?" Stitch asked in an upset voice, gesturing to the computer screen.

"Well…" Jumba began to say. "It didn't seem important," he answered sheepishly.

"Not important!" Stitch snapped, pointing a clawed finger at Jumba's towering form. "You maka others like me and naga think important?!"

Jumba sighed and sat down in a separate chair. "I take it I should now explain to you about the other 625 experiments," he said slowly.

Stitch nodded his head, looking intensely at his creator's face.

"Well I guess my story starts after I graduated from college and gotten my master degree," Jumba began, rubbing the side of his head thoughtfully with his left hand. "I had become known as one of the most brilliant minds in the galaxy…" He frowned before continuing. "...But my fame didn't get me everything I wanted. Many of my colleagues didn't respect me." He clutched his fists in anger, his four yellow eyes narrowed. "Those jealous fools were always mocking my shortcomings: my weight, my accent, my few scientific miscalculations…"

His expression changed from anger to dreamy. "I also had a fascination with biology and wanted to unlock the mysteries of all life," he continued, as the faint mist of old memory brought a small smile to his face. "But… the Federation refused to authorize my experiments,declaring them unethical!" A mad gleam appeared in Jumba's eyes. "But I was determined. Nothing would stop me!" Jumba paused for a few moments, his face grim. "It changed my life. Before I realized it, I had an obsession with making my experiments the most powerful, most destructive life forms in all of creation. HA-HA-HAAAA!" he laughed maniacally, raising his hands high as his mood shifted from gloom to maniacal glee.

Then he cleared his throat. "Sorry," he apologized before continuing. "Then everything changed. I was arrested, you escaped, and then by a turn of events we both became part of a… family!"

Stitch blinked at the thought of that fateful day. Forgetting his distress, he smiled. "What became of the other experiments?" he asked curiously, twitching his head left.

Jumba grew tense for a moment. "Well since you know about my experiments, you might as well know where they are," he conceded. "They are right here," he replied as he went over to the keyboard. His fingers pressed several buttons on a console.

A hidden compartment in the lab's floor opened, revealing a large computerized containment unit that rose out and perched on a platform.

Stitch approached the container in wonder. "Whata this meana, Jumba?" he asked, his throat tight.

"Click the screen," Jumba directed, gesturing to the container.

Stitch touched it with his claw hand, and the screen glowed green with strange symbols on it.

"Container ready," the device said electronically. "Select Experiment."

Stitch frowned and clicked one of the symbols. The top of the unit suddenly opened up, revealing a bright energy field and countless orbs swirling inside. Stitch stared at them in wonder.

"OOOH!" Stitch mumbled dazedly. Then he frowned. "Gaba, vu mee this astro?" he asked.

"Well to answer your question, they have been dehydrated for transport," Jumba explained, gesturing to the pods. "It's easier to carry them around. You were never dehydrated and stored with them due to my arrest," he added.

Stitch scowled. "How dida you get them here, Jumba?" he asked suspiciously.

Jumba froze. "Uh... eBay?" he offered weakly.

Stitch scowled at the four-eyed scientist, growling a bit.

"OK, you got me," Jumba relented. "I transported them here a few days ago."


It was late in the afternoon. All was quiet and unassuming. In a forest region, there was an alien space ship. Inside a lab sector of the ship, sitting before a supercomputer, was Dr. Jumba Jookiba, former scientist of Galaxy Defense Industries but now an exiled criminal.

Jumba frowned as he clicked some keys on the console; his eyes narrowed at the screen.

"Establishing connection," he said softly as he initiated a sequence.

A Faraway Moon

On a large purple planet were three small moons. Under the crest of one of the moons was an underground bunker. It was largely empty except for a supercomputer and a roundish robot that resembled Jumba.

The supercomputer came online, followed by the lights in the installation. The robot's four red eyes flickered and it went up to the computer and pressed a button.

"Dr. Jumba?" it asked in a mechanical voice.

"Greetings, Caretaker," Jumba said delightfully. "How are you?"

"My circuits are still functioning," it replied simply.

"Good, because I have a task for you," Jumba said, eagerly rubbing his hands together.

"What is it?"

Back on Earth

"I need you..." Jumba started to say, but was interrupted by back doors suddenly opening behind him.

"Aah!" he screamed as he quickly deactivated the supercomputer. He turned to see who had intruded on his secret project.

The intruder was a skinny one-eyed alien with three legs.

"Uh, Jumba?" Pleakley began. "Just what, pray tell, are you doing?" he wanted to know, hands on his hips, brow furrowed.

"I was surfing the Galactic Net," Jumba answered quickly. "Is much better than so-called Internet."

"Yeah," Pleakley conceded. "You're not doing anything... evil, right?"

"I'm a reformed evil scientist," Jumba retorted. "Why would I do evil?"

"I know you're reformed," Pleakley stated. "But you still have tendencies that concern me," he added, wagging a long, thin finger in the air.

"Don't worry your puny head," Jumba said with a smile. "But if you are worried, you can search the ship and see if I've done anything evil."

Pleakley groaned. "No, I'll take your word for it," he said wearily. "Buh-Bye." He turned to leave.

"Bye," Jumba said with a friendly wave. As soon as Pleakley was gone and the door was closed, he sighed in relief.

Jumba activated the computer again; this time he accessed a website called "Ferny's". Jumba clicked a section, and the recording of a song in an alien language played. Meanwhile, Pleakley was observing Jumba's actions through the small crack in the partially closed door.

"I guess I was wrong about Jumba," he murmured to himself. "Oh well." He shrugged. "At least he isn't doing anything evil."

As Pleakley left for good this time, Jumba smirked. "At last he is gone," he said to himself. "Now I can bring my plan to fruition without interference."

He then reconnected with his original communication. The image of the robot caretaker was still waiting.

"Are you alright, Jumba?" the Caretaker asked respectfully. "The connection was cut suddenly."

"No worries," Jumba said dismissively. "Remember that experiment container you were supposed to safe-guard?"

"It is still in storage," the Caretaker said. "It was to remain here for safe keeping until you said otherwise."

"Good, because now I'm saying otherwise," Jumba said. "Jumba is wishing to have it delivered where I am. A small planet called Earth."

"All well and good, sir, but I need teleportation coordinates to transport it to you," the Caretaker answered.

"Right here," Jumba answered, sending the coordinates to his robotic slave.

The Caretaker examined the coordinates and tried to dial something on the keyboard. An Error icon flashed on the screen.

"Insufficient," it said. "The teleportal pod in your location is too low-tech for such a distance."

"Yes," Jumba agreed. "Pitiable planet is extremely lacking in technological development, which is why you'll need to refine the teleportal pod on your end to send experiment container to my low-tech teleportal."

The robot hesitated for only a moment. "It will be done, Jumba," it said obediently. "I'll contact you again after modifications are in order."

"Good," Jumba said. "How long shall I be waiting?"

"It should be less than a day," the caretaker said.

The communication ended. Jumba grew excited. "At long last," he said, flexing his fingers. "They will be mine again." He chuckled wickedly to himself.

Flashback Ends

"And that's how I got them back," Jumba finished.

Stitch frowned. "What were you planning on doing witha them?" he asked in a low voice.

Jumba looked sheepish. "I…" he stuttered. "I haven't figured out that part."

Stitch frowned suspiciously at his pudgy four-eyed creator.

"I'm serious," Jumba insisted. "Originally I planned to use them for evil when I got out of jail." He looked thoughtfully at his illegal creations that floated before him. "But Jumba didn't foresee getting stranded on this planet and being part of… a family," he finished. "Family really puts a crimp in evil planning."

Stitch stared intensely at Jumba. Then he looked at the floating experiment pods in the container. "So you naga know what to do with them now?" he asked softly.

"No," Jumba confirmed.

Stitch stared intensely at the experiment pods floating in the energy field, thinking of those… creatures like him. Suddenly he was beaming with excitement when he got a brilliant idea.

"Let's activate them?" he suggested loudly, pointing enthusiastically at the pods.

"WHAT?" Jumba exclaimed in a shocked voice. "That wouldn't be a good idea. Many of these experiments are extremely dangerous, and could destroy this entire planet." He grew thoughtful. "But I have to say that would be fun."

Stitch frowned at his creator. "We could teacha them to be good like Lilo taughta me," he proposed, imagining others like him roaming around. It made him feel like he wasn't alone.

Jumba scratched his chin as he pondered this. "Well… theoretically if you could be trained not to be so destructive then they can be trained too..." he conceded thoughtfully, throwing a glance at the pods." But I must set up safe guards first." He threw a glance at Stitch. "It wouldn't do to have them loose wreaking havoc on this planet!" he chuckled amusedly.

"Let's do it," Stitch replied excitedly.

To Be Continued

Author's Note

The scene with Jumba and Stitch was based off a short called "Origin of Stitch".

I originally going to have Jumba be reformed, but it wasn't realistic. So I'm going to have his change be slow and gradual and his family helping him.

Also I know that Stitch's dialog has errors in it. Stitch's voice isn't very human, so I thought he have difficulty with human speech.