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Allen was completely overjoyed.

It was the time of year when he got to stay at his Uncle Mana's house in Japan, but it didn't just stop there. He was actually staying there for ALL of high school there, at a place he's considered perfect since he was just a little kid.

He strained his eyes to try and find the familiar face in the airport lobby.

"Mana!" he called out waving with a wide grin on his face. He walked luggage in hand to his uncle who was wearing his trademark top hat.

"Hey Allen," said Mana with fondness in his eyes. He guided the boy to their ride, Mana's favorite Rolls Royce. Together they loaded the white haired boy's two bags and got in themselves. Mana started driving.

"I heard that Neah is having a concert not far from your house. Are we going?" Allen asked with anticipation. His other uncle's concerts always amazed him.

"Of course we are," Mana responded. "There's no way I'm missing my brother's performance. I also heard that there's a spot available for you as well." He gave a sideways glance to his Nephew who was doing his best impression of a fish at the moment.

"W-what?! I'm not ready though! I'm not nearly as good as Neah! How would I be able to do that? What would I play?" Excuses tumbled out of the fifteen year old like no tomorrow.

"I'm sure you'll do fine. Neah wouldn't have given you this opportunity if he thought you weren't ready. Have a little faith," he admonished the now calming boy who only nodded in response. "So, what about your friends back home? Last time I heard, you were getting awfully close to that one boy, Kanda was it?" He said the name with amusement.

Allen immediately flushed crimson but answered anyway. "Y-yes, it was. Everyone took me leaving pretty well, actually. We promised to call often and stay in contact," Allen said still not quite recovered from thoughts of the black haired samurai. He remembered the innocent kisses in the hallway, shared lunches (Allen eating most of it of course), and the more than slightly heartbreaking moment of telling Yuu how he would be gone for so long. They both knew that it would unrealistic for them to not date other people at all during the whole three years that Allen would be gone, so while not all ties of the relationship were cut emotionally, they both knew that it was basically over.

"Don't be so down," said Mana, sensing the boy's sudden mood change. "You'll be able to see each other during breaks," he offered. "You know what I always say. You have to keep moving forward, keep on walking. Things will change from time to time and it may seem strange, but that's life."

Before Allen could respond he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. He was in shock at the mere sight of the huge truck barreling towards that he couldn't find his own voice. The car swerved suddenly followed by the sound of glass crunching, metal smashing, then – nothing.

Allen woke with a start, hot tears streaming down his face. He noticed it was still dark out, the middle of the night. He got up slowly from his bed to the bathroom connected to it. He turned on the faucet splashing cold water on his face and looked at himself in the mirror, the moon outside the window providing a dim light.

He looked at himself in the mirror noticing the scar reminding him of the accident that was still fresh in his mind. It was red and ran over his left eye from a bit above his eyebrow to right above his cheek. The surgeons were able to remove some of the damage, though a visible scar still remained. He learned quickly how to cover it seamlessly with a bit of makeup, just as he had with his left arm when he was much smaller.

He couldn't see out of that eye anymore, but was strangely glad that he did suffer at least some damage. Compared to Mana this was absolutely nothing. Mana was the one who protected him by as a last ditch effort swerving the car so the most damage was on his own side. It just wasn't fair that Mana died in that god damned accident, but he didn't.

He just had to remember though, to keep on walking until he takes his last breath. To keep moving forward no matter what life threw at him.

If his own parents showed as much care about Mana's death as they did towards anything else in Allen's life, being absolutely none, stuff happens.

If he has to take it all on his own alone in Mana's house, even if it feels as if he's going to burst because no matter how much Neah wants to stay at home to be there for his nephew he has a job and responsibilities, so be it.

If he still has to keep appearances up for his family at his new school and go there smiling as usual, it's just life.

Yeah, right.

The last thought ran through his head before he slowly slid down the bathroom wall with fresh tears running down his face. He curled into himself as he let it all out as quiet sobs wracked his body and resounded through the silent, otherwise empty house. It was just too much.

He awoke to a soft beeping sound coming from his bedroom. Even after "his" death he still did have to go to school, and today was his first day. He took a quick shower, applied the makeup to cover his scar, and took the freshly pressed uniform. It was on the odd side, definitely, though he supposed his uniform at the Black Order academy wasn't much better.

This one included a white button up dress shirt, a pair of black slacks, a black tie with a purple ribbon running down the middle, black dress shoes, and lastly a blue-purple blazer with an odd gold colored emblem on the left breast. The uniform was just as colorful and extravagant as the school it belonged to.

He was shocked to say the least when he visited the school a week ago by the extravagance of the building and all of the pink that was included. It was a huge change from his last school in that sense. Maybe Ouran Academy would be just a bit too much for him.

"I guess I'll find out," he thought before heading out of the door of the large house. He had no idea what he was in for.

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