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Kyōya was sitting in the middle of the hospital's waiting room alone. There was a large cloth covered object under his chair. His eyes stared at his tablet screen with the utmost focus. Any passerby would have thought that he was in the middle of a difficult research paper. His friends would probably think he was checking the stock market as usual.

The teen's eyes only became more engrossed in his current activity as the numbers increased to fifty, then fifty-one, and fifty-two! It was then at the sound of a harsh smack and the comical falling of something that he gripped the phone in frustration. Stupid bird!

When he heard someone walk in he quickly changed the screen to his stock market application. He looked up to see that it was Tamaki. The blonde plopped down in the chair next to him.

"You sure are here early," Tamaki said. "Visiting hours don't start for another thirty minutes."

"I could say the same for you," Kyōya remarked with his eyes still on the screen.

Tamaki then smiled. "Touché. You know, Hikaru and Kaoru mentioned something about Allen's birthday at one point. It's coming up really soon. You really should-" Kyōya then cut him off.

"I will do nothing outside of celebrate it with the group. Just drop it, Tamaki." The blonde shook his head.

"You really shouldn't do this to yourself, mon ami."

"You wouldn't understand." The vice president then turned off the tablet to look at the blonde. Tamaki's gaze didn't waver.

"I may not entirely, but I know that you've gone against your dad before. Without you the Host Club wouldn't even exist and I know that he never liked it at all."

"Your point being?" Kyōya asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Do something for yourself. Even if you're rejected you'd be acting off of your own feelings."

"That's ironic. Aren't you telling me what to do?"

"I'm only telling you what you already know."

The black haired teen then opened his mouth to reply, but nothing ever came out. The others then entered the room. Allen's friends from England as well as his boyfriend and Uncle came in only a few minutes later.

He never did think of a proper reply.

Tamaki had been the one to volunteer Kyōya to go visit Allen first for the day. None of the other Host's argued, and Kanda would have if it weren't for Lavi being dead set on annoying the long haired pseudo-samurai.

Kyōya walked into the nice hospital room with the earlier mentioned cloth covered object in hand only to be greeted with the site of the smiling Brit who was sitting up all by himself already.

"Hello, Kyōya-senpai. I didn't expect you to visit me first."

"Tamaki did volunteer me, after all." Allen winced out of sympathy.

"Sorry, you know how he is." Kyōya hadn't seen many things as pure as Allen apologizing for something as if the whitette could control it himself.

"It's fine. It's not like it was your fault. Now, how are you liking your new room?" Kyōya asked with his cool smile.

"It's really nice. Just being away from the ICU and all of those machines is a relief in itself. I'm guessing that you arranged this?" Kyōya nodded. "I have to thank you for everything that you've done."

Kyōya held his hands up in a "stop" sort of gesture with a still very cool smile on his face. "It was absolutely no trouble. In fact," he grabbed the object in front of him, "I have one more thing for you." He uncovered it to reveal Timcanpy in a spacious but manageable cage. He set it on Allen's lap. When the younger teen looked to him with his hands hovering over the door latch Kyōya nodded in approval. The small golden bird then began to stretch its wings all while flying in a cute display across the room and then onto Allen's head where it decided to make itself comfortable.

The black haired boy got up to offer Allen a glass of water when the smaller teen leaned over and hugged him. He could feel the warmth of Allen's breath against his ear. He could almost here his healing heart beat. The warmth of the smaller body beneath the hospital garment. It was nice.

"I don't think I could ever thank any of you guys enough." Allen then let go. Kyōya was glad. The black haired teen could feel his heart pounding. He struggled to find words once again. Allen just laughed lightly.

Allen continued. "I mean, Lavi and Lenalee went halfway across the world just to see me. Hikaru and Kaoru went through the trouble of getting all of those clothes and even cut my hair for me. Neah planned it all too." He kept on listing all of the things that his friends had done for him.

Kyōya was reminded of what had been causing his heart to ache recently. He was just another person in Allen's group of friends.

Nothing more.

Allen's visitors came and went over the next two hours. Lavi and Lenalee were keeping him company as the others enjoyed lunch in the cafeteria. Kyōya sat down only slightly isolated from the rest of the group. You could imagine his surprise when he saw the person that he believed to hate him sit right in front of him with a plate of soba noodles.

"Oi, Megane." Kyōya nodded. That was the name Kanda had given him. "You're good at finding people, right?" Now he was interested.

"What do you need?"

"Find a boy for me. Around my age. His name is Alma Karma. He lived in Japan, but he might have moved." Kyōya nodded. He was pretty sure that there weren't too many people that were under that name. It shouldn't take much time.

"Any other pieces of information you can give?"

"He was an orphan. He's been adopted since." Kyōya nodded. This would take five minutes tops. He got out his tablet and began to search. As he typed he decided to make some small talk with the generally angry teen before him.

"Is there a reason that you want to find him?"

"Is it any of your business?" Kanda glared. When Kyōya didn't answer he sighed and relented without any prompting. "We grew up together. I lost contact with him about two years ago but I didn't have the time or people to be able to find him for me. Now get to work!"

"I am. What kind of relationship do you two have anyway?" Kanda glared. He obviously didn't want Kyōya to go there.

"Nothing that your thinking. Stop asking questions." His voice held a type of venom that Kyōya had never heard him use. He kept on typing and shut up. He had gotten it down to one result within three minutes. A personal record.

"Is this who you're looking for?" He turned the tablet to reveal the passport picture of a boy with thick eyebrows, brown hair, and a scar across his nose. He was rather pretty especially for a guy, Kyōya admitted to himself.

"Yeah." Kanda scanned the information. It was all correct. When his eyes reached "date of death" his breath hitched. "So that's what happened," he whispered to himself. The date went back to two years ago. "How did he die?" Kanda handed the tablet back to Kyōya.

He scrolled down a bit. "It says here, 'Cause of Death: Suicide." Kanda seemed more than a little shocked at that. He nodded, had a few bites of his soba, and left the cafeteria in a rush while muttering out half of a thank you. Kyōya pretended not to notice the beginnings of tears in the corners of Kanda's eyes.

Kanda on the other hand was struggling to keep in those few bites of food that he had managed to scarf down. The word rang heavy in his mind. Suicide. He didn't know what would have-. He never thought that Alma would be capable-. No. Those were all lies. He had a damn good idea of why one of his only friends would have committed suicide. He didn't understand why Alma never told him.

Kanda had worked hard at keeping Alma out of the eyes of the Order. It was a happy coincidence that the only ones who could blab were too guilt ridden to want to say anything and the ones who would blab anyway didn't remember. If Kanda had told the Old Man as soon as he adopted him everything about Alma, would it have ended differently? That was the question weighing heavily in Kanda's mind. If maybe Alma just had one more friend that he could relate to. His friend had probably felt like he was completely nuts. That he was just some schizophrenic. The chances of it all becoming too much were high.

The more logical part of his mind tried to say that it could have happened anyway, that Alma might have been too disturbed from the beginning, and that being with Allen probably wouldn't have been an option with Alma at the Order.

A larger part of his mind held the mantra of It's all my fault. He just couldn't ignore that. He noticed then that he was in the bathroom and he suddenly felt sick. His vision began to turn white as he made his way into a stall to empty his stomach. The stress weighing down on him lightened as he vomited. He sat on the cool tile then thinking. "What if Allen knew?"

Kanda wouldn't say that he was cheating on the boy. He loved Allen. That wasn't even a question. He hadn't even seen Alma in person since he was adopted by Tiedoll. Alma held a place in his heart. He was the first person Kanda ever cared about. He kept on sending letters to him because he knew that Alma needed someone. That was what Kanda told himself. Then why did he still feel dirty?

He was sure Allen would understand. The word grudge was just not in that boy's dictionary. There was no way he could just say all of that out right, though. It would be awkward. Besides, in the other place Alma was dead for years. There was no way it would even come up again. He could just ask (order) that know it all Megane to never speak of his request. Allen would never have to know that he kept on talking to Alma. He would never have to know that he kept Alma "safe" for so many years. He would never have to know that Alma even ever existed.

He would never have to know that somewhere deep in his heart there was Alma.

Kanda felt sick again.

"You know how we did the ball for last Christmas?" Tamaki asked rhetorically. He had an idea.

"Yeah," Hikaru and Kaoru said at the same time.

"Well I think we should try a different pitch this year."

Kyōya said this time, "Many of Allen's customer's were looking forward to celebrating his Birthday. Would you like to explain to them why they won't be able to?"

"I promise I have something good planned," Tamaki pleaded.

"Then let's hear it already!" The twins were impatient.

"We can send them roses!" He did a little jazz hands as if it was the best idea of the year.

"So I should get started on the ball preparations?" Kyōya asked.

"Of course not! This idea is perfect. We send them each a single rose, it being the signature rose color of the host they visit the most and we send them a personal note. All the while, we'll encourage them to spend time with their loved ones."

"It sounds expensive," Kyōya said flatly.

"That's where this comes in." Tamaki then flashed them his phone.

The twins paused. Kaoru then asked, "What does an iPhone have to do with any of this?"

"Wait, no!" Tamaki then opened his device and scrolled to the right photo. He then showed it to them again this time with a very beautiful realistic looking rose that seemed to be lined in gold.

"I think I've seen those at Jewelry stores," Hikaru said.

"Yeah, they're real roses that they dip and preserve. How would that cover our expenses?"

Tamaki then appeared to be imitating Kyōya's usual all-knowing-coolness face. It didn't have the same effect. "Well, I was able to speak with this one Jewelry store that my dad's company is really close to. They said that they'd be able to get some of these roses engraved with a message and one of our signatures."

Kyōya put the pieces together, "And you'd be able to auction these off to a few fangirls to both cover expenses and make them very happy. I'm impressed."

"Exactly, mon ami! In the mean time we can bond as a family."

"Boss, we never decided on what Allen's rose is."

"Don't you worry about it, Kaoru. It is obviously a delicate Cream Rose. It's a rose of charm and thoughtfulness. It says 'thank you' above all else, and," he became a bit more serious, "its not white." He paused. "You can confuse it for white if your not looking hard enough, but its not completely white."

"I don't think his customers will really understand that reference very well," Kyōya mentioned.

"I know, but it makes sense, doesn't it?" he said with a slight smile.

"Come on Moyashi."


This could be heard in English across the hall within that hospital.

The song Shissou by Last Alliance had interrupted the banter going on in between the two friends. It was Allen's ringtone. He grabbed the phone from his bedside, took a look at the caller ID, and clicked answer.

"Hello Father." Lavi quieted for his friend's call. Allen's parents only ever called for business. "Yes…Okay…I will be there…I'm fine…Would it be okay if-…Thank you Father…Goodbye." Allen put his phone down at the end of the call.

"What was it?" Lenalee asked.

"Father wanted me to be back in England for a deal in Buckingham by December twentieth. The Order would also like you guys back soon. He did however say that he wanted the Host Club with me in order to approve of them. I guess we're spending our Christmas in England."

"Yeah, I guess," Lavi said sullenly. Lenalee didn't seem too happy about having to go back so soon. This was the first time either of them had been away from there in a long while.

"Hey, it might not be so bad. It could be fun, even. We can go around the sights in Europe again. The Noahs might even be there. I've really wanted to get you all to know each other a bit better."

This cheered them up considerably. Going back might actually be kind of fun. It might be different at least.

That night several dreams consisted of strange men with skulls instead of faces, an invading Noah, the first Level Four Akuma, Allen's horrific injuries, and all of those dead bodies. Lenalee and Miranda woke up crying. Lavi, Marie, and Kanda woke up in cold sweats. Allen woke up having to remind himself that his ribcage wasn't damn near crushed completely. Lulu Bell and a few other Noah woke up feeling remorse.

Last night there was a fire at the Black Order.


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