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Chapter 1: The Deal

As the fog began to lift, a small town could be seen in the distance as the Jolly Roger sailed on. Hook waited patiently and had a look of calm on his face, but the gears of revenge in his head had started to turn at a mad pace. Only once did he turn his glance away from the town when Cora appeared next to him.

"Welcome to storybrooke Captain", she said with a cold smirk as she strode past him. Her gaze never leaving the town ahead of them, "the saddest little village in this week world and yet it is the one my daughter chooses to reign over …or at least try to." A laugh escaping her lips that chilled even the dreaded Captain Hook to the bone.

"Well the Charmings here have a good hold on their outstandingly, awful traits of being do gooders, manipulators, Liars, pains in the-"

"I see someone is still not over being tricked by that silly woman", she said.

"We both know she isn't just some weak woman. She bested me twice and with her newfound magic, she's a threat that we should pay attention to." Hook glared at her.

The swan girl proved to have a lot more spirit in her then Hook expected. He respected her bravery that was a given, but there was something else there he couldn't-

"Hook!" Cora said suddenly in front of him. "Do you intend to listen to my plan or stand there like a hazed scoundrel!"

Hook gave her his famous smile "what is it you said m'lady?"

"Her magic is indeed strong which is why we're going to take it; after you kidnap her that is" she said returning to a calm smile.

"And why would I do that?"

"Because it is the only way if you're still hell bent on your revenge for Rumple"

Hook's smile faded away quickly as he took in her words. The Hell I'm going to let some witch stand in my way! 300 years had been long enough to wait to avenge him for taking my love and now I'm closer than ever. "If you think I'm just going to-"

"Oh I don't think anything Captain, I know. Until you bring me the little Savior there will be a spell cast on Rumple to make him invisible to you. You shall not see your Crocodile, Lay a finger on him, or hear him. You won't be able to know he's there even if stands before you. Now call me a simple witch, but a spell like that could ruin a very thought through plan like your centuries old one." She turned away with a cold smile.

Alright now he was channeling a fire in him that could put the depths of Hell to shame. His crew began to hurry about around them as they prepared to drop the anchor. Instead of just strutting up into town and proclaiming their presence to people as Hook had wanted, Cora had then hide the ship near a shore guarded by the thick forest .

He made to protest to her evil plan, but the look on her face told him there was no stopping her at this point. "So, do we have a deal?" She raised her arm straight out with her hand open to him already knowing his answer.

"Bloody hell you stupid bitseach!" he roared in anger.

"Now calling me a Bitch in a different language isn't going to help you here I'm afraid."

"Fine I'll go along with your bloody plan and then I get my revenge you hear?" She gave him a gentle nod and he shook hands with her securing the deal. "Well now that we have that settled out, it's time I take my leave. You have one week to bring her to me while I go visit my Regina and get back her throne." She started to turn away when Hook caught her arm.

"One Week? What am I going to do with her for a week?" He asked. The girl had already made a fool out of him twice in a matter of hours. What could she do in a whole week?

She shrugged out of his arm and started walking, only glancing at him once more, "Oh I'm sure you can find a way to entertain yourself Captain." And with that she was gone, disappeared into dark smoke.

Well this should be a fun week he thought with a slight grin.

-Since Emma had gotten home, she had been stuck at work with a pile high of paper work. She had been thankful to Davi- No Dad now, she thought. She was really going to have to get used to the whole Mom and Dad thing soon, but anyways she was thankful for him taking on the sheriff role while she was gone. She just wished he could have used his fists for writing not for punching sometimes.

She had dropped off Henry at Mary Margret and Dav- Wait god damit! Mom and Dad ,Emma! Mom and Dad! She was definitely going to have to work on that. She had dropped Henry off at her Parent's new house so that he could help them settle in and bond with them some more.

Since Regina had helped them, Emma was willing to let her be in Henry's life because she knew Regina truly did love him. She had a mother's love for him which led Emma to allow her to have Henry two nights of the week and some time in between. The queen had actually been very grateful to Emma's surprise.

Emma sighed as she entered the sheriff station, It was late and she was tired ,but the paper work was just getting worse and worse.

She looked over to the tiny clock on the corner of her desk. 2:43? Have I really been here that long?! I haven't even made a dent in the pile!...well this sucks. She groaned and put her head on the desk when she heard a crash from the hallway. She grabbed her gun and ran to see what it was.

When she got there, a glass bottle was broken on the floor. She bent down to get a closer look when the smell of rum overtook her senses. "What the-", Was all she could get out before someone grabbed her from behind and pushed cloth into her face.

The cloth was definitely laced with something because she started to sway and dark blotches clouded her vision.

"Miss me Love?" His voice rang in her ears as her blood turned to ice; one word blazing through her mind before the darkness took her.