Day 2- Trapped with Hook

Before she was fully awake she could feel something behind her head. It kept a steady beat of a thump every second or two against a sore spot of her skull. Not a thump that hurt her head but soothed it, gave it softness and relief from the sting of the pain. As she slowly gained consciousness she listened to the beat and made her feel safe and calm like a lullaby to an upset child would do. This new lullaby to her was mesmerizing and it played along with one coming from her chest like two pieces to a puzzle, in perfect harmony. It was then that she regained enough consciousness to recognize these two beats belonged to hearts, one belonging to her and another to- HOOK!

She bolted up and immediately came crashing back down from the pain spreading through her head like a lightning shock.

"easy ,Love, that was quite a nasty fall on your head you had." She opened her eyes again and they met bright blue ones. Emma had never been this close to really look at them. His eyes reminded her of the sea and she could almost see waves crashing back and forth in his eyes the longer she looked. "See anything you like love?" he asked with a smirk bringing her out of his trance.

Her eyes snapped back from his to look around where they were. They were still in the front room where the front door was, but instead of laying on the ground where she passed out; she was laying on a couch in the corner of the room with Hook and her injured head laying on his chest. The only light in the room came from the blazing fireplace and a couple of candles scattered around.

"um…Hook…why in the hell are we on a couch together?" she asked looking at him while slowly sitting up so her head wouldn't hurt her as bad this time.

"Well after your failed attempt at escape and your injury I decided to help a damsel in distress and I brought you over here to the couch. I looked at your head, which by the way has got one nasty bruise on it if I ever saw one. So I got some ice from that magic, metal box in the kitchen and was icing your head and fell asleep to a wonderful dream which you proceeded to wake me from by slamming your already injured head on my chest at this ungodly hour in the morning . Savvy?"

"Well aren't you the gentleman." Emma rolled her eyes at him.

"oh I completely am Love." He smiled back.

She scowled at him. "Emma"

"What love?" he asked giving a weird look. "Emma, my name is Emma not lass and especially not love!"

"Whatever you say, Love" he replied smirking and getting up from the couch. "and anyways why should I call you by your name when you never call me by mine?"

"What do you mean?"

He turned around and gave her a cold stare. "My name is Killian, Emma, and I would like to be called that just like you would like to be called Emma. So do we have to keep playing this game or do we have a deal to be civil?" He walked over and extended his hand to her.

Emma lifted herself off the couch and glared at him as she walked around him making sure to avoid his hand like the plague. "Now why would I want to do that when Hook fits you so much better." She said with a smirk.

He turned around slowly to stare at her, matching her smirk. "Well if that's how it's going to be, Love."

Yet again she found herself in a stare down with Hook and of course yet again the pirate made sure to stand in whatever kind of personal bubble Emma had. When he had turned around it had put him face to face with her. Seriously? This guy needs to understand personal space pretty fucking soon. Well I guess on the bright side he doesn't smell bad at all. I can literally smell the ocean on this man and it's not a bad one at all. Actually nothing's really bad with him with his bright blue eyes, sun kissed skin, and his feathery hair that she just wanted to run her fingers thro- and oh god get ahold of yourself Emma! He's Fucking Captain Hook! Everything about him his bad! Stop acting like a stupid teenager!

Emma's thoughts must have played out on her face because when she refocused, Hook's smile couldn't be bigger on his face. Emma could almost hear the 'I told you so' that his face was clearly showing. Her face twisted into anger and began glaring at him which just made him laugh. She was about to start her rant at him, but her stomach gave a loud grumble.

"ah right should probably feed you." He said leading her over to the kitchen area with his hand on the small of her back. "Don't want you dying of starvation before Cora needs you."

"Gee you really are quite the Gentleman aren't you?" She said rolling her eyes at him and letting herself be lead along. Any other time she would have completely denied the action her was doing with his hand on her back, but she was basically on the verge of starving. It hadn't even occurred to her that she hadn't eaten in almost two days.

The old kitchen was dirty and just all together disgusting which made Emma almost lose her appetite, well almost. "uh Hook….where exactly are we getting food from in here? It doesn't really look like there has been any electricity in here in ages as well as cleaning for that matter…."

"Electricity? What the bloody hell is that?" he asked raising an eyebrow at her.

"It's well- you know what it's something that is best scene not explained. Now how about the whole food problem?"

He walked forward and stopped in front of the old ,rustic fridge. He stared at it for a couple of seconds in hard concentration and just as Emma was going to say something he opened the fridge. Instead of what she had been a horrific scene of year's old food inside was something else entirely which made Emma gasp. The inside was wood and looked like a hallow tree with a bottle of rum in the center and a biscuit beside it.

Hook grabbed both and shut the fridge door and turned around to smirk at Emma whose mouth was literally hanging open. "I didn't know we had a food problem, love."

"What just happened?" she breathed still looking at the fridge in wonder.

Hook came behind her and gently pushed her towards the fridge. "That would be the only good thing about this god forsaken place we're trapped in. Cora enchanted it so whenever you go to open a cabinet, closet, or fridge; it will be empty unless you imagine in your head what you want to be there and when you open the door it will be." He stopped her just in front of the fridge and whispered in her ear, "Now what do you desire Miss Swan?"

She could feel his breath glide along her skin, sending shivers down her spine. She reached forward with shaking hands and grabbed the handle of the fridge and opened it once to see if the inside was truly empty. Since it was, Emma closed the door again and envisioned what she wanted and reopened the fridge door.

"You can envision anything you want and yet you go for a measly sandwich?" he said sighing and giving her a funny look.

"Well the stomach wants what the stomach wants." She said walking over to a small, square table by the wall and sat down. Hook continued to stare at her a minute longer and then grabbed him rum and bread to sit across from her at the table.

They ate in silence for a while not really knowing what to say to each other until Emma brought up a thought that had been bothering her since her escape attempt. "So why are you here with me?"

"We've been over this before Lass, I'm suppose-"

"Supposed to keep me here until Cora comes for me. Yeah I get that." She said interrupting him and rolling her eyes. "What I don't get in why you're trapped in here with me."

Hook looked away and pretended to be looking out the window as dawn slowly approached. "Ah well yes…um that…well she um- she." He gave up the act of looking out the window to stare back at the confused face Emma wore. "She trapped me in here with you shortly after we arrived and you were still unconscious. She said that she wanted to be sure I carried out my task and the only way of doing so would be trapping us in here until she comes at the end of the seventh day and breaks the spell."

Emma eyed his suspiciously "Why would she think that you couldn't do it?"

"You may not notice it love, but you have quite the effect on a man, especially one like me. You're strong, unique, respectable; the ultimate challenge." He said giving her a serious stare which turned into a smirk in a matter of seconds.

Emma wished she could, but could not detect a single lie in what he had just confessed to her , making her blush, "Well since you're not lying, I guess I should be flattered then." She said cleaning up her food and walking up to one of the closets.

He got up and walked up behind her to whisper in her ear knowing the effect he had on her. "Indeed you should love, though if you wanted I could do so much, much more."

Emma felt the chill go through her body again and got a perfect idea to get back at him with, "Really Captain so much more?" she asked innocently raising one of her hands behind her head to run her fingers through his hair. God his hair is soft She thought.

He was surprised by the change in her, but responded quickly. He wrapped his arms around her waist and ghosted his lips along her neck. "Anything Miss Swan."

She used her free hand to open the closet to find just what she wanted. She grabbed a broom and spun around quickly to force it into his hands. "Well that's good cause I'm gonna need you to help me clean the place up if you expect me to stay here until the end of this week." She said smirking at him as she grabbed the rest of the cleaning stuff from the closet and walked to the opposite side of the room.

Hook just stood there gaping at what she had just done. Only the second day and his swan had managed to best him again. Well two can play at this game Love he thought as began to sweep thinking of all the ways to get back at her these next few days.

As Regina made her way home she couldn't help but think over the long day she had just endured. Emma hadn't returned home the other night from the station and had been missing since; throwing the Charmings into a world of panic. Of course being their annoying selves, they had come to her bright and early that morning with Henry demanding what she had done with their daughter. The look of surprise on her face when she heard about the sheriff's disappearance must have convinced them they had the wrong person. Henry still looped her into the mix though despite the looks his 'beloved' grandparents gave him. She had helped them all day at the sheriff's office trying to get a search party in order for the following day. Charming was going to be taking over the role of sheriff until Emma decided to make her return and sent everybody home for the night.

On the walk home though she couldn't help but feel bad for Henry. She may not like Miss Swan for stealing her son, but her deal with her of letting Henry come back home twice a week, had been a relief to her. So as much as she hated admitting it she was thankful to her and hoped for her return soon for Henry's sake.

As Regina rounded the corner to see the front of her house, her breathe hitched and her mind went blank. The shock of the sight on her front steps caused her to drop her keys as her hands began to shake in fear.

"Hello Regina. It's been a long time dear."

"Hello mother."