Title: Lucky Charms
Characters: Superboy, Klarion the Witchboy, Kid Flash
Warning: Written pre-Timeskip.
Word Count: 344
Rating: G

Count to ten, Black Canary told him for situations like this. When you think you might lose it, count to ten… Superboy let out a slow, deep breath.

Klarion froze like a rabbit in the headlights, cereal falling through his fingertips. In his rumpled suit and bedhead, he looked even less like a threat than he normally did.

"You're eating my cereal," Superboy said evenly.

The Witch-Boy raised an eyebrow that clearly said 'so?', deliberately resuming his crunching when it seemed pain was not emanate.

"My cereal," Superboy repeated, tapping the steel table for emphasis. "I would hate. To run. Out."

Klarion opened his mouth, full of half chewed marshmallows, to tell Superboy is deal with it, but instinct made him look down. Where the clone had tapped the table, the metal bent into deep, finger-shaped craters. Superboy just watched him with steady blue eyes. He hadn't even noticed. Klarion swallowed, remembering survival was more important than sugary treats, and offered the half-full box.

"Thank you." Superboy said.

And that was it.

Replacing the cereal, Superboy glanced at the nervous-looking warlock from the corner of his eye. Oh, he'd known Kid Flash had been smuggling him into to the base for weeks for reasons he didn't understand- wasn't the Witch-Boy their enemy?- but the secret rendezvous had been harmless, short, and Wally seemed more… settled these days. More mature almost. It was a nice change for him, Superboy had decided. "You know Wally keeps a snack stash in his room."

"Didn't want to wake him…" Klarion admitted softly, staring at his bare toes.

Why was he…? Oh. He thought—

"I'm not going to tell Batman." Superboy could almost feel the wave of gratefulness that radiated from Klarion. "It's not my job. Just—just try and be more careful in the future." And don't eat my cereal. Superboy lingered by the doorway a moment, weighing his words. "I don't know what you and Wally are doing and I don't want to know, but keep it down. Super-hearing, remember?"

Klarion at least had the decency to blush.