Title: All Empires Fall
Setting: Superman/Batman #78-84, Sorcerer Kings storyline
Word Count: 543

There were always stories when they had to move base. It began as a way of breaking the ice in a new place, which was often creepy and rundown, when no one quite trusted leaving the group until everything had been warded up tight and continued until the point it simply became tradition. It was a homey feeling, just talking around a magic-fire, and made them feel safe.

Superman—please, call me Clark- told childhood stories, the real Mom 'n Pop on the farm stuff that made Lois roll her eyes (but she still smiled) and punch his arm. She'd call him 'Smallville', complain that the children didn't want to hear those boring stories, and spin some exciting, journalistic disaster instead. Clark never stopped her, just settled back and watched his favourite reporter work by the fireside, doing what she loved best.

Nina spoke longingly of her band. She recounted long concerts with screaming, adoring fans, who didn't realize, or didn't care, that they were watching the biggest teenage monster-mash in history. When she reminisced, something in her softened just a little and it was the closest the vampire came to relaxing in front of the humans.

Aquaman told one a whale of a tale after another, truly outrageous epics about life under the sea, until the day Atlantis fell. Then he grew gaunt and pale and barely said anything at all. At night, however, they could still coax a pearl from his lips, a fragile story or two of his people to keep alive by shared memory.

Klarion told tales of his own home. He spoke of the mysterious bonding-tree were the draaga were born every harvest… and how the lanterns lit up the tree gleamed off its pitch-black trunk, sending little flames dancing until the whole thing was wreathed in reds and golds, like monster of fire ready to devour the dark pit that gave it birth… It sounded terrifying until Klarion explained that it was their holiday, better than any Christmas (which to them was a solemn, dreary affair), because it was the one time when light and laughter filled Limbo Town. There were candies, and dancing, and feasting, and games… To hear the witch-boy describe it was to see it, so vividly and excitedly did he describe its twisted, Halloween glory.

When the team closed their eyes that night, visions of blue people in their Sunday best filled their heads, dancing and twirling to elf-pipes.

Stanley and Spot's stories were full of odd-ball humour, never taking themselves too seriously and doing their best to get a laugh. Stanley's recounting of the time he made Hell nice, complete with cartoony, bumbling demons almost made Jason choke, he was laughing so hard.

Jason Blood, feeling particularly nostalgic, tended to the time of knights and chivalry. Often times though, he shared his more modern mishaps

Etrigan preferred gory, gruesome stories that turned everyone's stomachs except for Klarion, who actually argued points with the Demon and refused to back down.

Traci had her adventures in the cities and her bizarre "vacations"

On rare, very rare, occasions, Batman would say a few words.

When they moved base, they traded stories.

S/V: This may be continued.