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RATED MATURE for rape, violence, and language. Please review~

It hurt. Everything did. I felt like I was gonna vomit, but I had already emptied my stomach multiple times. Tears streamed down my face as I let out a silent scream. I was on my knees as my arms were held tight and pulled back to keep my upper body hovering off the floor. As I felt another thrust ramming forcefully into me I opened my mouth to scream when I found myself choking on the others massive cock. I hear them laughing as I cry my eyes out and try my best not to choke.

He's taking me from behind and the other is forcing his way down my throat. I feel hands on my stomach, making their way up my nipples. As those tiny hands work my chest I feel myself shudder. Large furry hands find their way to my hair and pull it tight as the owner begins to fuck my mouth relentlessly. The large man behind me tightens his grip on my hips as he picks of speed to match his companions speed at my mouth.

I feel a warm, yet chilly wetness making its way down my thighs and pooling about my knees. Suddenly the hands on my chest are at the sides of my stomach, stroking me soothingly while a hot mouth finds itself on my cock. I moan despite the pain and disgust I feel about everything happening to my body. Suddenly my face is pressed against a fur covered crotch and my ass is pressed against warm damp thighs.

My eyes widen as realization dawns on me and the next thing I know I can feel cum splashing down my throat and against my inner walls. I nearly choke as I feel myself releasing into the wanting mouth below me before I slowly begin to slip into the darkness. Before I'm out I look at the faces of my violators.

Bunny is laughing with a smirk on his face, North has a jolly pleased look, while Sandy has a face that looks slightly shameful, but satisfied. I slip into a peaceful dream.

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