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Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage, was staring with a deadpan gaze at the three shinobi in front of him from behind his desk in the Hokage's Office. Shisui, who looked a little sheepish, had his right arm in a sling, and Minato had no doubt that his shoulder and chest were heavily bandaged under his shirt. Aside from that, he had a small bandage on his face, and looked a little paler than usual.

Itachi, who stared at him expressionlessly, was in better shape than Shisui. He had a small bandage under one of his eyes, and – like Shisui – he was bandaged in several places under his clothes. He was also the most noticeably exhausted of the three.

Naruto, who stared off to the side nonchalantly, was the most bandaged of the three, his right arm bandaged from his fingertips to his halfway up his bicep. His entire torso was also wrapped in bandages along with many other bandages covering small cuts and other non-serious wounds. Unlike the other two, however, he didn't look all that tired.

"A spar, you say?" Minato said, raising an eyebrow. Not even an hour ago, Minato, accompanied by over forty ANBU and Jōnin, had arrived at one of the training fields, only for them all to become surprised when they discovered it was just three Konoha ninja fighting each other. After Minato had demanded to know what was going on, Shisui had replied that they were having a friendly sparring match. After being assured that they weren't, in fact, being invaded, and seeing the state the three were in, he had ordered them to go to the hospital to get treated, and then report to his office.

Shisui nodded, grinning slightly, "We might have gotten a little carried away, but, yeah, it was a sparring match."

Minato's eyebrow twitched, "A 'little carried away'? That last fire technique could be seen from across the village!" he shouted.

"I apologize." Naruto said halfheartedly.

"That was you?" the blond Hokage asked. He wasn't too surprised that it was Naruto. He would have known if Shisui or Itachi were able to perform such a technique. "How?" he added at Naruto's nod.

"I placed twenty heavily modified storage seals filled with fire chakra on the ground while Shisui and Itachi were distracted. At my command, they all released the fire chakra within them in a pillar of fire, which were then condensed into a sort of cloud of fire, and then I used my Fire Release: Falling Stars Technique to attack Shisui and Itachi." the redhead explained, seeing no harm in telling them since anyone wanting to re-create the technique would need to be an expert in fūinjutsu to even set up the technique, and they would also need to know the inner workings of the technique itself, along with a fire affinity to use it.

"I see." was all Minato said to that, impressed with the technique's power.

"What I want to know is how you got those 'stars' to home in on us." Shisui said, turning to point at Naruto.

"Pointing is rude, Shisui." Itachi interjected, causing Shisui to drop his finger, and blush slightly in embarrassment. The Uchiha genius then turned to Naruto, "However, I would like to know that as well."

Naruto shrugged, "I could still control the chakra in the cloud due to the nature of the seals the fire was released from. As long as you're in my line of sight, I can have the 'stars' follow you."

"Aha! Now that I know how your technique works, I can avoid or counter it in the future!" Shisui said triumphantly.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, not concerned in the least, "Well, I had never planned on using that technique on you ever again, so it doesn't matter to me. The technique takes a bit too long to set up, and I have to stand in the same spot to use it properly." he said. Then he shook his head, "Despite its power and versatility, it's not really an ideal technique to use in a real battle situation unless I have a few others watching my back. Really, it'd work better in the hands of a sensor-type ninja." he admitted.

"I see. Still, I didn't really expect such a large scale battle between you three, considering both Itachi and Shisui are primarily genjutsu types. Although, I suppose since Naruto is also a genjutsu master and he has the Sharingan as well would counter any genjutsu you attempted." the Hokage said.

Naruto nodded, "Yes, we found that genjutsu was practically useless on any of us pretty early on. Quite frankly, I had a major advantage in that spar, especially with my Kamui." he admitted. "Though I wasn't expecting Shisui's Body Flicker Technique to be so... incredible. Honestly, if I hadn't had my Kamui, I would have gone down."

Shisui's chest puffed out proudly, "Yeah, most enemies don't even know I'm there before I kill them. And even if they do somehow avoid my attack and realize I'm there, my genjutsu usually gets them before they can even thing of a counter. I only remember one guy who could counter me thoroughly. Somehow, he was able to see through even my most powerful genjutsu, and was able to avoid my Body Flicker Technique even with his one good eye closed! I swear, it was like fighting a Hyūga." he said, grumbling a bit at the end.

At this, Minato decided to add his two scents on the topic of conversation, "Yes, Shisui's Body Flicker is quite dangerous. It's even faster than my own, though it's not quite as fast as the Hiraishin no Jutsu. But then again, nothing is." the blond said.

Shisui shrugged unconcernedly at that. It was true, at least. Nothing was as fast as the Hiraishin, and despite what some people might think, he was not stupid enough to think he could get as fast as that with only his Shunshin no Jutsu. With that thought behind him, another one popped up.

"Hey, wait!" he half-shouted, turning to Naruto. "Why is it that while me and Itachi were running low on chakra, you didn't even look half empty?" he demanded.

Naruto cocked his head and shrugged, "Well, I've always had a lot of chakra, even when I was younger. Control was a pain, let me tell you. But I always thought that it was because of my Uchiha DNA." he said.

Before either Shisui or Itachi could interrupt – though knowing Itachi, he wouldn't have, even if he were interested – Minato spoke up, "While it is true that Uchiha Clan members have higher than average chakra reserves, the reason you have so much is because of your Uzumaki DNA."

Naruto's eyebrows furrowed, "What do you mean?"

Minato raised an eyebrow, "You don't know?"

"Know what?"

"You don't know about the Uzumaki Clan?" Minato pressed.

The redhead blinked, "There's an Uzumaki Clan?"

"Was. There was an Uzumaki Clan. They were famous for their fūinjutsu mastery, strong life force, accelerated healing abilities, and massive chakra reserves. Unfortunately, their prowess in fūinjutsu caused other nations to become fearful of them, and their village was destroyed in the Second Shinobi World War." he explained.

Naruto's eyes were wide, "I... didn't know any of that." he said, dumbfounded.

"Kushina probably didn't want to mention it because it was such a painful memory, but I thought you said you studied the many clans of the Shinobi Nations." the blond Hokage said.

"I studied the current clans of the Shinobi Nations, not previous ones because I didn't really think it was relevant. I didn't even study the Senju Clan because there is only one member left." Naruto replied. When he was studying the clans currently in the world, it was only so he could identify clan members if he ever had to fight them, so he didn't bother with extinct clans. Learning about history that wasn't relevant to him wasn't really something he wanted to do. Now, though... "Do you have anything on the Uzumaki Clan? I'd really like to learn about them."

"Hmm, I do have a few books. They're classified, but I suppose they technically belong to you, really." Minato said, getting up from behind his desk. He walked up to the wall, and pressed his hand up against it. A sealing array glowed briefly throughout the room before the wall opened up and the blond Hokage walked through.

While the Hokage was busy getting the Uzumaki Clan's books, Naruto turned to Itachi and Shisui, "Listen, no one here except Minato knows that my surname is Uzumaki, and I'd like to keep it that way. So, if you wouldn't mind keeping that a secret, I'd appreciate it." he said.


"Very well."

"Also, I'd like to know more about the history of the Uchiha Clan. I mean, there's a lot of general information regarding the clan out there, but I'm sure the Uchiha library has a lot more, so would either of you mind taking me to the clan's library?" he asked.

"I'll do it! But it's getting really late, and I'm tired, so can it wait until tomorrow?" Shisui asked

Naruto nodded, "Of course."

After a few more moments of waiting, Minato returned, holding three books and two scrolls. "Here. As I said, these technically belong to you, so you don't have to return them." the blond said as he handed the items in his hands to Naruto.

"Thank you." Naruto said gratefully before activating his Kamui and sucking them into his pocket dimension.

"Well, I guess we know why you're so good at fūinjutsu now, considering it was apparently their specialty." Shisui said lightly.

"Yeah." Naruto replied before groaning lightly.

"What is it?" Minato asked.

"It's going to take me weeks to re-stock all my seals." Naruto said, rubbing his face tiredly. He was kind of regretting using them in that spar now.

Minato and Shisui laughed, and even Itachi smirked slightly at his despairing tone of voice. "Well, I think that it's time you three got home. The doctor said you three should be healed within the week, so no missions until then. You're dismissed." Minato said, returning to his desk.

"Thank you, Hokage-sama." all three Uchiha replied.

Naruto turned to the other two, and before they could react, he sucked them both into his pocket dimension. Nodding one last time to Minato, he then sucked himself into his pocket dimension.

~Uchiha Compound~

Naruto appeared in a swirl in front of the same house Shisui had come running out of earlier that day. Another swirl appeared from his left eye and he deposited both Itachi and Shisui on the ground in front of him.

Shisui immediately rounded on him, "Geez, give us a little warning next time!" he yelled.

"Sorry, I just thought you'd like to get home quicker." the redhead replied, not sounding apologetic in the least. He then turned to Itachi, "I don't know where you live, so I thought it would be alright if I just left you with him."

Itachi nodded, "Thank you. I live close by anyway. I'll see both of you later." he said before turning to walk away.

"Bye, Itachi!" Shisui called, prompting a wave from the shorter boy.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Shisui." Naruto said, nodding to the slightly older boy before he sucked himself back into his pocket dimension and teleported himself to the Hokage's mansion.

Over the next week, Naruto read about the history and abilities of the Uzumaki Clan, such as when they founded Uzushiogakure, and what their fighting style usually was. The two scrolls he received contained some general techniques they used, and some control exercises, among other things. Nothing special, really. Naruto would probably have to go to the ruins of the village itself to even have a hope of finding any ancient secrets, but he had a feeling it had already been picked clean. Their accelerated healing abilities also proved true when he found himself injury free after just a single day.

He also spent time reading on a more detailed history of the Uchiha Clan, including one of the previous Clan Heads, the legendary Madara. Reading about the power the man apparently had was a little hard to believe, but even so, Naruto had a feeling it was true. He also read about the many laws the Uchiha Clan had, some created recently – like being prohibited from living outside the clan compound (he had a feeling that he was an exception to this law because of his origins) – to very archaic laws from several hundred years ago. For example, one law stated that any close blood relative of the current Clan Head could challenge the current Clan Head for the position. Apparently, it was used in case some thought the current Clan Head was too weak – whether it was mentally or physically – to lead the clan, or if someone simply thought they could do better. The last time it was used was during the Warring States Era by Uchiha Madara to usurp the position of Clan Head from his father, Tajima.

He didn't spend the entire week reading, however. Whenever he... well, felt like it, really, he continued training Tsukuyomi. Despite his first attempt not turning out too well, he found it becoming increasingly easier over time. He figured it was because whenever he activated his Mangekyō, his Kamui wanted to activate automatically, so trying to suppress it while also attempting to train his eye to perform a different technique was understandably difficult, but the more progress he made, the easier it became. After nearly a week of trying, he was able to perform the technique correctly on one of his clones. The redhead was awed at the power of the genjutsu, which allowed him to create a sort of genjutsu world where he controlled everything, even the victim's senses and their sense of time. For example, he could torture someone by multiplying their sense of pain manifold and then give his victim a shallow cut on their chest. However, instead of his victim feeling like they received a simple, shallow cut, it instead made them feel like their entire body was slowly being cut to pieces. He could also make this torture last upwards of ten hours (For now, at least. Every time he practiced Tsukuyomi, the length of the genjutsu increased little by little.) when in reality, only a few moments had passed. However, despite the very little chakra Tsukuyomi took when he was training it with Shisui, when he finally performed the technique correctly, his chakra took a much larger hit. Considering his massive reserves, it wasn't too bad for him, but for someone like Shisui, who had much smaller reserves, it would be quite a bit more debilitating, and strain his eyes more than it did Naruto's, considering the former did not have the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. However, he could also simply cause an enemy to see their worst nightmare over and over again, which was much less chakra draining.

Seeing as how he basically had Tsukuyomi down, he thought it was about time he sought out Shisui to ask him about the other technique, Amaterasu. He supposed he could just look around the Uchiha library until he found the Mangekyō section (all two scrolls of it) but he rather liked the older boy's company, and training with someone else was always more fun. Thus, he found himself in front of Shisui's home, knocking on the front door.

As he expected, Shisui answered the door with a grin on his face, "Naruto! What's up?"

"Well, I've finally gotten Tsukuyomi down, so I thoug-

"What!" Shisui interrupted loudly.

Naruto blinked, startled, "Uh, sorry?"

Shisui poked him in his chest, "You mean to tell me that you've been practicing the Tsukuyomi without me? I thought we were friends!" the raven-haired boy cried over-dramatically.

Naruto sighed, "I'm sorry, okay? I haven't seen you since you showed me the library, and I didn't want to bother you in case you were busy, so I thought I'd continue training on my own."

"Well, alright, then!" the other boy replied, showing he wasn't really upset at all. "Since you've got Tsukuyomi, I'm guessing you want my help with Amaterasu, am I right?" he asked.

Naruto nodded, "Right."

"Okay then! But before we go..." he trailed off, disappearing back inside his house. He came back a few moments later with a familiar scroll in his hands. He held it out to Naruto, "Here, I've been practicing it whenever I got the chance for the past month, and I have to say, it's pretty good."

"Ah, don't worry about it Shisui. When I said I'd pick up my scrolls in a month, I didn't mean I'd do it physically." Naruto replied, pushing the scroll away from him.

Shisui's eyebrows furrowed, "What do you mean?"

Naruto chuckled and looked up at the sun's position in the sky, "Well, in about two minutes, it will have been exactly one month since I lent you all my techniques, so you'll see what I mean then."

"...Okay, then." Shisui replied slowly before he smirked. "Well, before we start training Amaterasu, I want to test the Dragon's Claw kenjutsu style out on you."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Uh, you might want to test that out on someone else. I've read that scroll over before, so I know all the stances and moves, including its weaknesses. You wouldn't get any proper feedback if you tried it on me." he explained.

Shisui pondered this for a moment, "I guess you're right. I mean, if you know exactly how to counter it, I wouldn't really know how useful it is in a real battle situation." he said. Before he could say anything else, the scroll in his hands lit up, and what looked like a small wormhole appeared and sucked the kenjutsu scroll into it, the wormhole disappearing as soon as the scroll was gone. Shisui's gobsmacked expression was enough to cause Naruto to laugh.

"You see what I meant when I said that I wasn't going to physically pick up my scrolls?" Naruto asked, amused.

Shisui nodded dumbly, "How did you do that?"

Naruto grinned smugly, "Secret." he said, paying Shisui back for not telling him what his Mangekyō technique was.

By the look on Shisui's face, the older boy knew that was exactly what Naruto was doing, "Well, whatever. Let's just get to the training grounds." he grumbled, putting on his sandals and locking his door, not that locking his door would stop a ninja determined to get in. As they both walked towards the Uchiha training grounds, Shisui asked something that had been bothering him for awhile. "Say, how did you come across so many powerful techniques, anyway?"

"I stole them." Naruto answered nonchalantly.

Shisui nearly stumbled, "W-What?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "What's wrong?"

"You stole them? How?" Shisui demanded. He didn't think Naruto was the type to steal things voluntarily, even if he was a ninja.

Naruto shrugged, not seeing what the big deal was, "Well, you know, sometimes I'd run into shinobi from different villages, copy any techniques I would see them use, and then I'd write them down. That's why most of them are ninjutsu." he said.

Shisui shook his head, "I find it a little hard to believe you copied all of those techniques, especially those Three Legendary Lightning Dragon Techniques."

"Those three techniques came from a... different source. Anyway, I didn't copy all of those techniques. I stole some of them." Naruto said. At Shisui's prompting look, he decided to elaborate, "Alright, listen. A couple times before in the past, I've found myself lacking in elemental techniques, like wind and lightning, so I went to where I knew there would be a lot of wind and lightning techniques. Suna and Kumo, respectively. I'd Kamui myself into the village undetected, and sneak around, trying to find wherever it was that they kept their elemental techniques. It wasn't difficult, both villages kept their vaults near their respective Kage offices. So, when I knew for sure where they were, I'd sneak in using Kamui and take a few scrolls. I didn't want to take too many, thought. Wars have been started for less, after all. I have to say, Suna's security was a lot easier to bypass than Kumo's. I mean, I was in their vault for almost fifteen minutes before anyone noticed that something was amiss. When I was in Kumo's vault, I was detected after only about four minutes." he said, slightly laughing at the last bit. "Kumo was actually where I got that kenjutsu scroll I lent to you."

Shisui's jaw was on the ground as he listened to Naruto explain where he got his many techniques, "Wow... I didn't think you had that kind of thing in you." the raven-haired boy admitted.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "What? Stealing? Hey, I needed some more elemental techniques, so I went to where I knew they would be. Anyone in my situation with my skill set would have done the same." he replied.

Shisui pondered this for a moment before realizing that Naruto had a point, "I guess you're right. And while we should probably let the Hokage know, you should also keep this to yourself in case there's a spy or something around." he stated, actually somewhat seriously.

Naruto nodded in agreement as they came upon the training grounds, "Alright, so how's this Amaterasu work?"

"Okay well, first of all..."

~Time Skip: A Half Hour Later~

As Naruto expected, learning Amaterasu was nearly as difficult as learning Tsukuyomi. While he basically knew what he had to do in order to use the technique, that didn't make it any easier. It always felt a little unnatural when he tried to repress his Kamui, but since he had previous experience with Tsukuyomi, it was a bit less difficult. Shisui was nearby, still attempting the Tsukuyomi – after getting a couple tips from Naruto – when Itachi appeared in a Body Flicker Technique.

"Shisui, Naruto, Hokage-sama wishes to speak to us. He said it is urgent." Itachi said quickly. Naruto and Shisui glanced at each, their faces becoming serious.

"Do you want me to use my Kamui?" Naruto asked.

Shisui quickly nodded, "It will be quicker."

Naruto nodded and quickly sucked both of them into his pocket dimension, quickly sucking himself in after them. As soon as he finished, a familiar swirl appeared in the Hokage's office, and just like the night before, Naruto quickly deposited both Shisui and Itachi on the floor, all three of them snapping attention at the serious look on the Hokage's face.

"Shisui, Itachi, Naruto, I have an urgent mission for the three of you. Recently, we have lost contact with a patrol of shinobi based near a town on the border of Yu no Kuni (Land of Hot Water). What I need you three to do is check it out. If it's a simple loss of communication, then order them to report in immediately. If it's something worse..." the blond Hokage trailed off.

"Like an invasion by Kumo, maybe?" Shisui prompted, an uncharacteristically grave look on his face.

Minato heaved a sigh, "I sincerely hope it is not that, but if it is an invasion... well, don't engage. Come back here immediately and inform me. That's why I'm sending Naruto. He can get back here the quickest, and he can easily escape with both of you if you get spotted." he explained.

"What if it's neither, Hokage-sama?" Itachi asked, who was really, really hoping it was just a loss of communication.

"Well, if it's just, say, a rogue shinobi, then I'm sure you can handle it. Itachi, for this mission, you'll just be a Chūnin, and Shisui is in charge." Minato explained, before telling them the coordinates of the town.

"I've been there before. I can get us there quick." Naruto said.

"Do it." Minato said, dismissing them.

Naruto nodded before turning to the other two, and as was becoming a usual thing for them, sucked them into his pocket dimension. With one more nod to the Hokage, Naruto pulled himself in as well, thoughts swirling throughout his head, wondering whether this was just a simple loss of communication or something much worse.

He really, really hoped it wasn't something much worse.


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