The cold wind whips my hair around my face and I don't even bother to fix it. It was ruined anyways, just like the beautiful dress I was wearing. I had messed up again. I look down at the water. It looked angry the way the waves crashed against the rocks. I knew there was a huge storm brewing out there and I knew that if I jumped it would kill me, but that's what I wanted. I had messed things up just like I always do. I could never keep anything good in my life, I would always ruin it.

In all honesty I didn't think it would lead up to this. I was never sure on my decision to kill myself, because I would always find a reason not to. But this time I was sure that I couldn't live anymore. My life was nothing.

I was nothing.

The wind had picked up and it was a lot stronger now, almost shoving me over the edge. It whispered for me to just do it and get it over with. To feel the relief as the blackness took me under. I was suddenly determined now. I wasn't going to ruin anyone's life anymore. that wasn't an option. Each person I come in contact with and start to care, I end up hurting them. I bring bad things to their lives.

His voice suddenly comes back to me, hitting me like a tone of bricks, "You ruin people, Bella. You smother them until they've got nothing left! Just like me, I cared for you to the point where you consumed me. I-I can't do it anymore, Bella. I'm sorry."

I had hurt him, caused him so much pain and pushed him away like he meant nothing. But the thing was, he meant absolutely everything. I just didn't know what to do with those feelings, so just like everything else, I fucked it up. I shake my head and decide that it didn't matter now. It was over. I wasn't going to hurt anyone ever again. My toes were hanging on the edge of the cliff and all I had to do was jump. It was decided. The wind was even louder now and the waves were even angrier. It was so loud that at first I didn't hear the shouting.

"Stop!" I shivered as his angry voice flitted towards me. There was something else laced in his voice…desperation? I didn't know. I turned my head and saw him there; he was only a couple feet away.

"I'm so sorry…"I mouthed the words, but I knew he got it because his face flashed with fear. I turned away from his beautiful face, because I was afraid I would chicken out and go to him, but I couldn't, no, I wouldn't. I balled my hands into fists and did the thing that I had planned. I jumped.

The last thing I heard before hitting the freezing cold water was a scream.

"Bella, no!"


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