OoS OoM Chapter 8- The Party

"Quick, he's coming!"

"I can see that, you twat! I'm not blind."

"Will you two be quiet? My little Canada is almost here!"

"Sorry. Quick, bro, you better hide! I'll distract him!"

"Don't give it away America! Come on, France, you hide under the table, I'll hide behind the curtain."

"England, there is no table cloth."

"Just do it!"

"Shut up! I'm leaving now, he'll here you!" The door opened and let a sliver of light into the room, but it was quickly blocked and gone as America slid out of the room and closed the door behind him. The Axis and the Allies had been planning a party for Canada for the past week, since Canada's blow up right after a conference. France chewed his lip nervously. Would it work? Would Canada be okay? Ugh, it was useless asking questions. He would just have to wait.

-*outside of the conference room*-

"Hey, dude!" America greeted as he shut the door behind him, grinning brightly. Canada stopped abruptly.

"I didn't know you were still here, America."

"Oh, yeah, I'm just here, y'know doing work…" America swung on his heels nervously. Canada raised his eyebrows.

"You're staying back to do work?"

"Of course! Why wouldn't I? Ha ha! I'm the work sort, can't you tell? Of course you can!" America babbled. He really needed a burger right now.

"Uh, okay, I guess so…"

"So, Canada, what are you doing? Are you also doing work?"

Canada blinked and shook his head as if he just remembered something. "Oh, yeah, I left my bag in there. So, if you don't mind I guess I'll see you later then." Canada moved towards the door.

"Wait!" America cried, holding Canada by his shoulders.


"I, uh… Can you explain hockey to me!?" Yes! That was perfect! Canada could go on for hours about hockey.

Canada adjusted his glasses- they were new, by the way. "Uh, okay. Well, hockey is played by a team of…"

-*inside the conference room*-

"Okay, England, I think we are ready." France whisper-shouted to England.

"Wait!" Italy whisper-cried. "Germany, I forgot to paint the words on the banner!"

"What!?" Germany whisper-shouted in outrage. "Italy, you idiot! I asked you to do those two days ago!"

"I'm sorry! But its okay, I brought paint with me."

"Why do you carry around- never mind! Just hurry up!" Germany whisper-shouted back at Italy.

"Okay! Japan, I need a light!"

-outside of the conference room-

"And so if the A-team scores double the amount of the B-team, they would win because they have more points, obviously. Anyway blah blah blah, blah bah, blah blah blah blah BLAH blah! Ha ha ha! Blah, blah blah blah blah, eh? Blah bla blah blah maple blah blah blah. A-team blah blah blah."

That was basically what America heard. Ugh, he was so bored. Like, really really bored. He never been so bored in his entire life. And that includes England's lectures. What was taking them so long!?

-inside the conference room-

"Uh oh." Italy muttered.

"What is it?" Germany hissed.

"I, uh, I spelt a word wrong."

"Are you kidding me!?"

"I'm sorry!"

"Ugh, well, is the mistake noticeable?"

"Not really, I'll just leave it. Ooh, wait! I know! ...Okay I'm done!" Italy quickly packed up the paint and acting on a quick thought, he left the paint hidden behind England. He strained and tried to hang up the banner but it wasn't working. "Germany, I'm too short! I can't reach!"

"I'll do it." Germany quickly ran over from his hiding place (behind a barricade of chairs) and lifted Italy up so he could reach. "Hurry up!"

"Okay it's done! Quick, giddy up Germany!" Italy giggled as he rode Germany back to behind the chairs.

"This is the last time you're getting a ride." Germany grumbled.

"Okay," France called. "You can give America the signal."

England nodded as cupped his hands, getting ready to blow.

-Outside the conference room-

"And then if you end up hitting another player-"

"Hey, that's great Canada." America interrupted. Seriously, how much was there to know about freaking hockey!? "Why don't I tell you about my favourite sport, baseball?"

Canada furrowed his brow slightly. "Okay, go ahead." He didn't really like baseball anymore. Not since the last time they played together… he shuddered at the memory. He swore that America had hit him on purpose!

"Well, the only people who can play baseball the best are Americans, obviously. How you play is…" Since America was too busy prattling on about baseball, he didn't know the sharp whistle from inside the conference room.

"Well, you have the pitcher, the catcher-"


"The names are really original." Canada remarked dryly.


"I know right! Anyway, there's also a…"


"And a…"


"What the pitcher does is pitch the ball to the batter. The batter has to…"

Whistle! Whistle!

"And if he misses, the person with the glove has to catch it…"


"And if they don't catch it, the pitcher has to throw it again. The other team has to have four people on every base."


America paused. "Did you hear something?"

Canada blinked and shook his head quickly. He had honestly been spacing out through all of America's explanation. "No, did you?"

America shrugged. "I'm not sure. Anyway-"

"Actually America, I'd really just like to get my bag now."

"Wait, no! You can't!"

"Well, too bad, I am." Canada said as he dodged past America and into the conference room.

"No, don't turn on the-" America began.

Canada flicked the light switch.

"-Light." America finished lamely.

"Wha-?" Canada began.

"SURPRISE!" Suddenly the room was filled by various countries jumping out from many hiding places. Somehow, China had managed to hide inside the chandelier. England swore as he knocked over and spilt several cans of paint that some idiot had put behind him. It was probably France!

"Happy Birthday!" Italy cried and ran to give Canada a hug. Germany prevented this by grabbing him by the collar and yelling in his face.

"It's not his birthday, you idiot!"

Canada blushed. "What is all this about?"

France walked up to him and held both of his hands. Canada squirmed, but didn't look away from France's clear blue eyes. "We're celebrating you. We know that this has been hard on you."

"Yeah!" Italy added. "We wanted to through you a big fiesta to cheer you up!"

"And to show that we'll never forget you." England told him.

"Or abandon you." Russia said sweetly.

America pulled Canada out of France's arms and ruffled his hair. "Yeah, bro, you're stuck with us!"

France took Canada back and held him in a kind of hug. "Or that I will never, never stop loving you. No matter what."

Canada couldn't say anything. He felt so many emotions at the same time that he wasn't sure how he felt. But most of all, he felt loved. "T-thank you. Thank you!" Canada hugged France tightly and buried his face in the other man's chest so that no one could see his tears. "I love you, France!" he said, his voice muffled by France's sextravagant* clothing. France ducked his head down and kissed Canada slowly and softly.

"Whoa, I'd rather not see you make out with Canada." America said to France and making Canada's face flush red with embarrassment. "How about we just get on with the party, okay?"

Canada nodded quickly. Off to the side, Germany spotted an imperfection. Of course, it had been made by Italy, as usual.

"That was how you fixed the banner!" Germany said incredulously.

Italy shrugged. "I'm sure he won't notice."

-a few hours later-

"And so I said," England said drunkenly as he sat next to America. "America, you're so stupid, don't you know how to wipe your own bottom?"

"Dude, I'm right here."

"Shut up America! I'm not talking to you!" England declared, raising his fists.

America sighed. This always happened when they went drinking together. "Then who are you talking to?"

"Flying Mint Bunny!"

America snickered and clicked 'record' on his phone. "Flying Mint Bunny? Okay…?"

"Yeah, so as I was saying, America ended up falling in the loo-"

"Dude, that did not happen!"

"It did so! I was there!"

"So was I!"

"Well, you were stupid then. You could even wipe your bottom! I had to wipe your bottom for you! I have plenty more stories, too!"

"Hey, I was old enough to do that myself! Where are you getting this from?"

England slumped on the table, sad and confused. "What? But… who was it then? I swear that happened… Why can't I remember my own baby!? This is all your bloody fault, America! It's not mine: I'm from bloody England! I am bloody England!"

America rolled his eyes. Every single damn time… "How is it?"

But England had already moved on. "You were such a cute kid. But then you grew HUGE!" America flinched back as England flailed his arms about to emphasise his point. He grabbed America's collar. "Why don't you like me anymore? Why are you so mean? Where did I go wrong!?" England wailed and collapsed back onto the table. America patted his back.

"It's okay; don't worry, I'll make sure to give you a lot of aspirins later. Probably."

Canada smiled and shook his head at England's drunken behaviour. He frowned at the banner. It was painted in wonky writing "We Love You Canada! But the word 'Canada' looked like it was spelt as 'Canadia' because several love hearts between the 'd' and the 'a'. Funnily enough, the hearts made up the shape of an 'i'.

"Canada? I brought you some wine." France said as he walked back over to him. Canada nodded his thanks and took the dainty glass. France smirked as he watched Italy lead a drunken Germany around on the table. They were doing and odd interpretation of the cha-cha.

"Well, Canada, I must say that you certainly do have an odd family."

Canada put his glass down and wrapped his arms around France, leaning his head on his chest. "Yes, but it's my family. And you're the best part of it."

France smiled. "And so are you, my little Canada. I love you."

"I love you too."


*No, I do not regret the word "sextravagant". I think it suits France perfectly.

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