Chapter 1: Dark Pegasus has landed.

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A boy was walking through Metal City (A/N: I think that's what the city is called.) He has fiery red hair and golden brown eyes. He's wearing a dark blue jacket that ends at his knees, white shirt, and blue jeans. He heard a couple kids running by, talking about some bey tournament.

'As if I care about that,' The boy thought and kept walking.

Soon the boy was sitting on top of a building, looking at the city, 'Hmph, this is place isn't bad,' He thought, 'I think i'm gonna take a nap,' He then laid back and fell asleep.

A couple hours later a cry for help woke him up, 'Ugh, who woke me up?' He thought angrily.

In a tunnel, a young green haired boy was surrounded by 5 goons.

"You can cry all you want, no one's coming to help you," A fat boy named Benkei said, "All right, let's get ready to battle!"

"3!" One goon counted off.

"Stop this!" The green haired boy named Kenta said, "I don't want to fight this kind of battle!"

"2!" Another goon counted.


"Let it rip!" Benkei shouted as he launched his bey and Kenta launched his bey.

The two beys clashed before Kenta's bey got sent flying.

Benkei laughed, "My grandma spins harder than that!" He said.

"Yeah," A goon said, "Looks like you're the top ten of babybladers."

All of the goons laughed while Kenta commanded his bey to attack, but it had no effect.

"Ooh, that tickles!" Benkei said as his bey sent Kenta's bey flying. This happened again and again until Kenta begged him to stop.

"Well then, should I finish things off now?" Benkei asked as his bey was charging at Kenta's bey, "Just watch and learn. You might wanna take notes. This is how you attack!"

"Sagitario!" Kenta cried, then a dark blue light hit Benkei's bey, causing it to stop.

"What?" Benkei asked, shocked, "But how?"

A bey went into someone's hand.

"Picking on little kids?" A figure asked, outside the tunnel, "How weak and pathetic you are."

"What did you say?" A goon asked angrily.

"Who do you think you are?" Benkei asked.

The figure revealed himself to be the red haired boy from earlier, "The name's Ginga. Ginga Hagane."

"Ginga?" Kenta asked.

"Think you're a tough guy, huh?" A goon said.

"Not a smart guy to get in the way of my battle," Benkei said as a goon handed over his bey, "All right, then. If you want to help this kid, then battle us."

"No, thanks," Ginga said as he turned to leave, "I have no interest in battling weaklings."

"What did you say?" A goon asked.

"Don't you dare turn your back on the Face Hunters!" Benkei said as he and his goons launched their beys.

Ginga, as fast as lightning, turned and launched his bey and quickly takes out the Face Hungers' beys, shocking said gang.

"Get lost," Ginga said, his eyes glowing red, "You do that again and I won't go easy on you. Got it?"

The face hunters ran away, shouting that they'll remember this.

Ginga closed his eyes and started to walk away.

"Hey, wait up!" Kenta said and started to follow him, "Thanks for saving my life back there."

"I didn't do it for you, kid," Ginga said, "I did it because I hate weaklings who think they're tough by picking on little kids."

"Oh," Kenta said, "Would you at least like to know who they are?"

"No," Ginga said, "I told you before, I have no interest in weaklings. Besides, people like them are everywhere."

"You mean you're not from here?" Kenta asked.

"No," Ginga said.

"Then where are you from?" Kenta asked.

"None of your business, kid," Ginga said as he jumped over a rail and layed down on the grass next to the river.

Kenta followed and laid next to him, "Then, can you tell me how I can stronger?"

Ginga looked at him and raised an eyebrow, "Why do you want to become stronger?"

"So I can stand up to those face hunters," Kenta said.

Ginga looked up at the sky, "Simple," He said, "Train."

"Train?" Kenta asked.

"Yes," Ginga said, "The harder you train, the stronger you become."

"Can you help me train?" Kenta asked.

"No," Ginga said, "I have no interest in training others."

"But how am I suppose to train?" Kenta asked.

Ginga turned away from him and said, "Figure it out."

"But how?" Kenta asked. When recieved no response, he looked at him closely to find him sleeping.

"Maybe I can ask him tomorrow," Kenta said.

The next day, Ginga was still sleeping until a shadow loomed over him and he woke up to see Benkei and the Face Hunters.

"Have a nice nap?" Benkei asked, "We're having a get together. You're invited."

Ginga glared at them, 'Great,' He thought.

Later, Ginga was at the Face Hunters' hideout, surrounded by at least 100 Face Hunters. Their leader, Kyoya, was watching on top of an post.

"Ginga Hagane," Benkei called out, "You thought you were pretty clever, embarassing us yesterday, but now we're going to return the favor, with the Face Hunters' specialty, the 100 bey battle."

Ginga closed his eyes and smirked, "Doesn't matter," He said, "100 bladers or 1000, you're still weak."

"What did you say?" Benkei asked.

"Now you're going to pay for your big mouth," A Face Hunter said.

"Yeah," Another one said, "We'll teach you what happens when you cross the Face Hunters."

"3!" All the Face Hunters counted off.

"2!" Ginga crossed his arms.


"Ginga!" Kenta shouted as he ran in.

"Let it rip," Benkei shouted as all the Face Hunters launched their beys at Ginga, who still stood there with his arms crossed.

"Oh no," Kenta said, "They're everywhere. It's hard to tell where a bey might come in from."

Benkei grinned, "Nothing warms my heart like a nice 100 bey battle," He said, "The beys smack into each other, increasing their trajectory, making it impossible to see where the attack his coming from. Good times."

"Stop this," Kenta cried, "It's not fair fighting this type of battle. Ginga, just run."

"Zip it!" Benkei shouted, "You just zip it and watch!"

"Yeah, kid, watch," Ginga said, surprising Kenta, "I'm not running away from these weaklings. And no matter how many there are, they're still weaklings." He was surrounded by a dark blue aura, surprising everyone, including Kyoya.

Ginga's eyes glew red, "Let's roll!" As he took out his bey, which was dark blue in color with a black fusion wheel, and put it on his launcher, "Let's crush them all, Dark Pegasus. Let it rip!" He lauched Pegasus and started to take out all the beys, surprising the Face Hunters.

Kyoya stood up and said, "That's impressive."

"Amazing," Kenta said, "He must've trained really hard to become that strong."

"Go, Pegasus!" Ginga shouted and Pegasus started to circle around fast, starting a whirlwind that is sucking up the beys. A dark blue pegasus appeared and with a flap of its wings, all of the beys were sent flying and the Face Hunters were sent running home to their mommies.

"Pathetic," Ginga said as he caught his bey, "No matter how many there are, they are no match for the bey spirit."

"Whoa," Kenta said as he ran over to Ginga, "That was awesome, Ginga."

"Ginga Hagane," A voice said and Ginga turned to see Kyoya, "Dark Pegasus, huh? At last, my friend, it seems that an opponent worthy of me and my Rock Leone has made himself known."

"And you are?" Ginga asked.

"I am Kyoya Tategami," Kyoya said, "This should be interesting."

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