Chapter 7: Merci's Dangerous Trap

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In a helicopter, Doji and Kyoya are discussing Kyoya's improvement in his beyblading skills.

"Where are we going?" Kyoya demanded, "I thought I told you to take me to Gingka!"

"And what would you do?" Doji asked.

"Defeat him, of course," Kyoya growled.

"Can't you see?" Doji asked, "You would lose. As you are now."

Kyoya was shocked to hear that, but then his shock turned quickly to anger.

"Say what?" Kyoya asked.

"Your strength has increased by 1.5 and your reaction to launching has improved 150%," Doji said, "But in order to win against Gingka, you must obtain the Fangs of the Heart."

"The Fangs of the Heart?" Kyoya asked.

"We will be arriving shortly," The pilot said and Kyoya noticed that they're at some kind of canyon.

"Where are we?" Kyoya asked.

"In order to obtain the Fangs of the Heart and win against Gingka Hagane, you must climb to the top of Wolf Canyon," Doji said, "Once you have done that, you will have everything you need to do defeat Gingka."

"All right," Kyoya said, "If it helps me defeat Gingka, then I'll do whatever it takes." With that he takes a parachute and skydives off the helicopter and into Wolf Canyon.

Doji watches him and says, "Don't let me down, Kyoya Tategami."

Later Kyoya was climbing on a cliff, trying to get to the top. While he was climbing, he was thinking about his defeat to Gingka.

'Just you wait, Gingka,' Kyoya thought, 'The Humiliation… I'll pay it back in full!' He fell off the cliff, but proceeded to climb it again, 'Gingka… if it's about defeating you, I will,' His thoughts were cut off as he fell off the cliff again. He got back up and proceeded to climb it again, 'Again and again,' he thought over and over again as he climbs the cliff. He falls off again and hits the ground hard, 'Again and again,' He proceeded to climb it again and he was doing well this time. He looked down and saw that if he falls down again, well, let's just say he wouldn't be able to walk out with his life. Before he started to climb again, he falls again. He takes out his launcher, pulls the rip cord and throws the launcher up and it lands on a ledge, the cord stopping Kyoya's fall as he grabbed a tight hold on the rip cord. Kyoya sighs in relief before he looks down again to see that he's lucky that he had thought of that fast enough to escape with his life, "Am I going to die in a place like this?" He asked himself. He looks up to see an illusion of Gingka standing there, his jacket and hair blowing in the wind.

"You're weak," The illusion said, "Always has been, always will be."

Kyoya growled, "Gingka!" And with new determination, he climbed on the cord and made it to the ledge. When he climbed on, he noticed three caves in front of him.

"A cave?" Kyoya asked, and then he heard something, "What's that?" In the cave, he saw glowing red eyes, making him flinch. Wolves then came out of the cave, growling and snarling at Kyoya.

'What do I do…?' Kyoya asked himself as he took a step back as one of the wolves stepped forward. He turned around and noticed that there is nowhere left to go. He then felt the wind blow in his face.

"Wind?" Kyoya said, and then he got an idea, "All right!" He took out his bey, "Go, Leone!" He launched his bey. Leone started to swirl up the wind creating a wall around it. The wolves looked surprised at this, "How about that! This is the Lion Gale Force Wall! Nothing like you wolves will be able to stop the king of beasts! Make way already!" The wolves did not look intimidated or impressed. Instead, they snarled again, and started to walk towards Kyoya, despite the fact that there's a wall of wind in front of them. Kyoya was shocked, but he tries to cover it up, "Do you want to be blow off, huh?!" Once again, the wolves did not look intimidated as they were still snarling at him. Kyoya looked straight into the wolves' eyes.

'They're looking straight at me,' He noticed, 'how strong I am. Am I stronger or am I weaker than them… that's all.' It started to rain as dark clouds began to appear. The wolves started to howl as Kyoya remember what Doji said to him.

"In order to obtain the Fangs of the Heart and win against Gingka Hagane, you must climb to the top of Wolf Canyon," Doji said, "Once you have done that, you will have everything you need to do defeat Gingka."

'Fangs,' Kyoya thought, 'That's right. To get those I came this far." The wolves growled at him, 'Throw away the fear. It makes no difference that the opponent is a wolf. It's only about who's stronger. Only about winning or losing.' The image of Gingka smiling evilly appeared in his head, "I won't lose!" The wolves took that as a sign to attack, "I will win!" Lightning flashed behind him, and an image of a lion appeared in front of him, scaring the wolves. The winds started to increase intently as they swirled harshly around Leone. Kyoya roared as a green aura begun to surround him.

Meanwhile, at an unknown location Doji just received a call from Wolf Canyon, "He made it." He said and Kyoya could be seen roaring on top of Wolf Canyon.

At another unknown, there were dark clouds everywhere and blue lightning flashed everywhere too, on top of a building a figure was sitting there. He opened his glowing red eyes.

"I sense darkness," He said. The bey in his hand pulsed as a dark blue aura surrounded it, "And Pegasus seems to be excited." Blue lightning flashed again to reveal a part of Gingka's face, "Something interesting is going to happen real soon," Gingka grinned evilly, showing fangs, "And I can't wait," Blue lightning flashed again and Gingka is nowhere to be seen.

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