Secret Informer

Chapter 1

Starsky and Hutch sat down across from each other in their favorite booth at the Mexican restaurant owned by Kiko. They received a phone call about half an hour earlier from Kiko saying he had something for them. He wanted them to come by just as he opened the doors before he got busy.

Starsky and Hutch had known Kiko since he was about ten years old and this was unusual behavior for him. Kiko approached their table with two glasses of water wearing an apron. It was of those aprons that had a big pocket in the front of it. After he set the water on the table, he glanced nervously around the restaurant and only saw his employees. He whispered so only Starsky and Hutch could hear him, "This was under the door this morning. It's addressed to both of you."

Kiko reached into the pocket of the apron and took out a plain white 8x10 envelope and placed it on the table next to Hutch. "Well, what it is, Kiko?"

Kiko shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know, Hutch, but this was with it." He looked around the restaurant again and saw a couple of customers sitting at the booth closest to the door. Their backs were turned toward him. He took a deep breath and reached into his back pocket and pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Hutch.

Starsky and Hutch had never seen Kiko so nervous in all the years they'd known him. Hutch neatly unfolded the paper and put it on his lap so no one else could see it. After he read it, he glanced at Starsky and looked toward the floor. Next, Hutch picked up his silverware and dropped a spoon, "I'll get it," Starsky said as he bent down to pick it up the same time Hutch did. Hutch was able to pass the letter to Starsky.

They sat back up and Starsky carefully placed the note on his lap so he could read it. He carefully read the words on the piece of paper that was made out of letters that had been cut out of a magazine: 'Kiko, give this to Starsky and Hutch and no one else. I do not trust anyone else. You will be receiving more.'

Without saying a word Starsky picked up his glass of water and drank about half of it. He smiled at Kiko to let him know that everything would be okay.

Hutch took the envelope and stuck it between his shirt and his jacket so no one would see it. He was curious as to its contents and so was Starsky but they both knew they couldn't open it here. Not in the open for everyone else to see them. It would have to be opened someplace private.

Kiko pulled out a pen and asked for their order to keep up the ruse of them being there to eat an early lunch. Starsky wanted to order his usual huge meal but they both needed to eat something quick so they could check out the contents of the envelope. Their curiosity was piqued and because they were two retired detectives, they were only going to be patient for so long.

They both ordered a couple of tacos with rice and beans. Kiko wrote down their order and went into the kitchen to prepare it. He kept looking for any signs of anyone who might have given him the envelope. He didn't know what was in it but he knew it if it involved Starsky and Hutch, it was probably trouble.

Hutch waited a couple of minutes and leaned toward Starsky and whispered, "I'm going to the little boy's room."

"Hey, that's not fair. We should see what's in it at the same time. Why do you get to see it first?" Starsky whined like a little kid who was being left out of some big secret.

Hutch grinned at his best friend and said, "Because I have it and you don't." He slid out of the booth and walked to the bathroom. Starsky frowned, knowing it would be too obvious if he suddenly got up too. Instead he looked around for any signs of anyone watching either of them or Kiko. He saw two men in the booth near the front door, a woman looking at a menu sitting at a table by the front window, and a young couple who seemed oblivious to everyone around them. Starsky smiled as he remembered being young and in love himself, although he was much older when he actually settled down and got married.

When he got into the bathroom, Hutch went into the far stall, closed and locked the door. He waited to make sure he wasn't followed before he retrieved the white envelope he had tucked between his shirt and his jacket. He carefully opened it and took out the first picture that it contained. He was shocked. He quickly looked at all the pictures and stuffed them back into the envelope. He saw a DVD in the envelope too and could only guess what horrors it contained. He tucked the evidence he'd just received back into his jacket pocket and headed toward the front door.

Starsky saw the look on Hutch's face when Hutch exited the restroom and knew they were about to skip yet another lunch. Hutch was walking toward the restaurant's front door like a man on a mission. He didn't even have to look at Starsky. Hutch knew Starsky would be right with him at his side, as always. Starsky stood up and stretched then walked out the door right behind Hutch. He got in the driver's seat and turned the engine on. Before he had the chance to ask Hutch where they were headed, Hutch said, "My place." Starsky didn't say another word as he put the car in drive and headed for Hutch's. Out of habit, Starsky and Hutch simultaneously checked their side view mirrors to see if anyone was following them. Starsky also looked in the rear view mirror. Satisfied that no one was following them, Hutch pulled the envelope out of his jacket and peeked inside again.

"What do we got, Hutch?" Starsky said as he rounded the corner almost throwing Hutch into his lap.

"Hey, take it easy, Starsk. We don't have lights and sirens anymore remember."

"Sorry about that. So, what is it?"

"Well it's some pictures and a DVD. The pictures look like a drug deal but it's who's in the picture that's troublesome."


"It looks like Keith Marshall."

"Keith Marshall, isn't he a juvenile parole officer?"

"That's the one."

"Should we call Molly? She's the top dog of juvenile parole officers isn't she?"

"Yes, but, well…" Hutch put the pictures back in the envelope and tucked it back inside his jacket. "Let's wait until we get back to my place. We'll be there in a minute anyway."

They both checked the mirrors again just to make sure, once again, they were not being followed. Starsky turned onto Hutch's street and pulled his car into the driveway. They got out of Starsky's red Mustang and went inside.

Debbie was sitting at the kitchen table talking on the phone. "Okay, that will be great, Sandy. Jeanne and I will see you in about an hour then." She turned her cell phone off and stood up. Starsky gave her a friendly hug.

"You girls going out?" Hutch asked.

"Honey, I told you this morning, we're getting our hair done."

"That's right; Jeanne said this morning that the two of you were meeting up with Sandy," Starsky added.

"Have a nice time, dear." Hutch gave her a goodbye kiss. "Hey, Starsk and I will cook dinner tonight."

"We will?" Starsky said sounding surprised as he gave Hutch a frowning look.

"Sure we will. It'll be great. Why don't you invite Sandy over and we'll all eat together."

"That would be nice. I haven't seen her in a while and it will be a good end to a perfect day. And just what do the two of you have planned for today."

Hutch shuffled his feet, "Oh, you know us; we're just going to hang around and stay out of trouble."

"I do know you. 'Staying out of trouble' and the words 'Starsky and Hutch' is an oxymoron. The two of you couldn't stay out of trouble if…oh, never mind." She looked at them wondering what they were really up to. Offering to cook dinner and 'just hanging around' sounded an awful lot like 'we're about to get into something we'd rather not tell you about right now' to Debbie. She was tempted to question them about it but decided to just drop it. If it was one thing she learned, it was that they could take care of themselves. If they didn't want to tell her about it, they weren't about to until they were good and ready. She left after hugging them both goodbye.

Hutch went into the living room and looked out of the window to make sure she was gone. Starsky opened the refrigerator and started looking around. He moved several items before he heard Hutch walk up behind him, "Top shelf on the right and the bottom shelf on the right."

"What is?" Starsky asked as he moved more stuff around.

"The root beer is on the top shelf and the left over pizza is on the bottom shelf."

Starsky didn't bother to ask how Hutch knew what he was looking for. Starsky was always looking for something to eat. Hutch couldn't see the look Starsky gave him but he rolled his eyes at his partner. He found the root beer and pizza and took them out of the refrigerator and sat at the kitchen table. "You know that…"

"Yeah, I know. This stuff is going to kill me someday. Well I'm surprised I've lived this long so at least I'll die happy. What are you drinking? More of that wheat germ, goat's milk junk."

Hutch took a glass pitcher out of the refrigerator. "Starsk, this just happens to be the best stuff you can drink. You want some?"

Starsky took a drink of his root beer and said, "Not a chance, Buddy."

Hutch poured himself a glass of the mixture and sat down at the table. He took the envelope out of his jacket, took its contents out and laid them on the table. They saw a picture of Keith Marshall and he was holding a bag of white powder. They couldn't be positive that it was heroin but it sure looked like it. He was taking it from a kid who looked to be between fourteen and seventeen. Hutch picked up the DVD, "What do you suppose is on this?"

"Only one way to find out. I figure we got about three more hours before the kids get home from school."

"We got a little longer than that. Davey has karate practice tonight. He's been working on a new routine for the competition in three months."

Hutch walked into the living room. Starsky picked up his pizza and root beer and followed him. Hutch put the DVD into the player and Starsky sat on the couch next to Hutch. Hutch hit the play button not really knowing what to expect, but they both knew it wasn't going to be easy to watch. Starsky and Hutch were shocked when they saw the video. They saw Keith Marshall standing around a group of young teenagers, about thirteen to sixteen years old. He said, "Now, I'm in charge of you. All of you, and if you don't do exactly what I tell you to, I will have you arrested or worse. Most of you could be sent up for a long time. A few of you could be charged as adults and go to a real prison. And if you think that kiddie jail was rough, you don't know anything."

"I don't want any trouble. I…" a small, skinny, young looking boy said.

Keith nodded at an older boy who hit the younger one in the stomach and he cried out in pain as he doubled over. "You don't know what trouble is boy, but if you don't do what you're told; you will." Keith went on to tell the young boys just what was expected from them. "Each of you is expected to sell some merchandise for me. I don't care who you sell to or where you sell. You will also be required to bring back some merchandise for me to sell. I don't care where you get that either. I'm especially interested in electronics. The more you sell and bring back the more progress will be put into your files and you could end up with time off your parole with good behavior. It goes without saying that if any of you say anything about this little operation you will be dealt with swiftly and permanently." He looked at two older boys who were holding onto another boy who looked to be about fourteen. This boy was tied, gagged, and blindfolded. He was only wearing his underwear and his tears were coming under the blindfold streaming down his face. Keith took out a taser and tased the young boy.

"No! No!" Hutch screamed. He rubbed his arm and his face went pale. Hutch knew what it felt like to be tased while gagged and blindfolded. Seeing it done to someone else brought back a lot of those old memories. Starsky put his hand on Hutch's shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. He wanted to tell Hutch that it was going to be okay. He wanted to tell Hutch that it was all an act, he wanted it to be. But it wasn't. It wasn't going to be okay and it certainly wasn't an act. Starsky wanted to close his eyes, not wanting to see what was going to happen next.

The boy fell to his knees then Keith took out a gun, aimed it at the young boys head and pulled the trigger. The young boy's body went limp and hit the ground. Starsky and Hutch both jumped. "Oh my God, Starsk. What the hell?" Hutch said slowly not wanting to believe the murder he just witnessed.

"He was just a kid," Starsky remarked, sounding as helpless as he felt.

It made Starsky and Hutch nauseated to think that this was a person that had been trusted to help these kids get their lives back together. It was his job to keep these kids out of trouble and off the streets. He was supposed to be a good role model for them. The DVD was only about five minutes long, but it was enough. Starsky popped it out of the player and they went back to the kitchen. He put the DVD back in the envelope.

Hutch shook his head and took a deep breath. He let it out as he looked at the pictures on the table. Keith Marshall would have to be stopped. He would have to be held accountable for his actions. One of the other pictures showed Keith hitting a young girl. Another showed a pile of what appeared to be stolen goods. It looked like Keith was in business for himself, dealing drugs and selling stolen merchandise with the kids doing all his dirty work. These were just kids who already had a run-in with the law and were at risk for even more problems.

Starsky picked up a letter that he found among the pictures. He read it to Hutch.

To Starsky and Hutch,

I know I can trust you to do the right thing with this DVD and the pictures. I only trust you because of the way Molly Ramos talks about you. I'm scared. I'm scared for myself, I'm scared for the other kids and I'm scared for Molly. I think she is starting to suspect something and if Keith Marshall finds out, he will kill her. You have to save her and the others. I know it's too late for me. I've done too many things, too many things that I can't undo. My life is worth nothing now, but you have the chance to save some of the younger kids. Keep them away from this monster. As long as I live, I will try to get you more information, more proof of what he and others have done. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Hutch just sat there staring into space as Starsky read the letter. "Hutch?" No response. "Hutch, hey, Buddy?" He patted Hutch's shoulder.

Hutch blinked a couple of times, "Huh, yeah, Starsk?"

"Do you think we should call Reynolds and Johnson?"

They looked at each other and said, "Molly," simultaneously.

"No. Wait a minute, Starsk. If we call or contact her it could put her in more danger. We can't let Keith Marshall know that we're on to him?"

"What do we do then?"

Hutch sat a minute and stared at the pictures and the note that went with them. "Oh, Molly, please don't do anything stupid." He shook his head, "I don't know, Starsk. I don't know. Maybe we should call Reynolds and Johnson and show this stuff to them. I mean, we can't investigate ourselves."

"Isn't there enough on that video to have him picked up?"

"There should be but the note said this is just the tip of the iceberg. I think that means Keith Marshall may be working for or with someone else and…"

"That might put Molly and the kids in even more danger." Starsky finished Hutch's thoughts.

"Either way we have to do something. Let's call Reynolds and Johnson I think they're working today. They may want to get an undercover operation going."

Hutch took his cell phone out of its case and called Johnson. "Hey, Johnson, Hutch here I need to see you and Reynolds at my place as soon as you can."

Johnson looked at Reynolds and said, "Sure, Hutch, we can be there in about ten minutes. What's up?" Reynolds turned the car around and headed toward Hutch's.

"I can't go into it on the phone but, it's important Ray."

The use of his first name let Johnson know that it must be really important. It's not very often that Hutch used his first name. "What do suppose they're up to now?" Reynolds asked as he made a left turn.

"I don't know but it sounds important. Guess lunch will just have to wait."

"We could eat at Hutch's."

"And eat what, a bean sprout sandwich followed by a wheat germ, black strap molasses shake?"

"Good point." They grinned at each other. Hutch was into health food and he always had been.

"Hey, wait a minute. Starsky's there maybe he brought a pizza or something more to our liking."

Johnson and Reynolds arrived at Hutch's and got out of the car. They were met by Starsky who opened the door for them and directed them to the kitchen table.

"Hey, before we start…" Johnson started but the look on both former detectives faces told him what they called him for was urgent and important.

Starsky knew Johnson was about to ask for lunch and said, "Believe me after you see this, you'll be glad you skipped lunch." He held up the DVD and Hutch showed them the pictures.

"Where did you get these?" Johnson asked as he starred at the pictures wondering what was on the DVD.

Hutch glanced at Starsky and the two held another silent conversation in front of Johnson and Reynolds who just watched the exchange take place. Starsky shrugged his shoulders and nodded. "Kiko. Kiko found an envelope that someone slipped under the door at the restaurant this morning. This was with it," Hutch said as he handed the note to Johnson.

Reynolds moved closer to Johnson so he could read the note over his shoulder. After they read the note, Johnson asked, "What's on the DVD?"

"Nothing good," Hutch mumbled.

Starsky picked the DVD up and started walking toward the living room with Johnson and Reynolds behind him. Starsky turned around to see Hutch still sitting at the table. He handed the DVD to Johnson and said, "Put it in, will ya? I'll be right back." He went back into the kitchen and put his hand on Hutch's shoulder, "You okay, Buddy?"

Hutch picked up his glass and swallowed the last of his special drink without looking at Starsky. "Hutch, you don't have to…"

"I'm okay, Starsk. Just promise me, we'll get him," he said as he looked into Starsky's eyes. Starsky knew that look, he'd seen it many, many times before over the years.

"We'll get him, Hutch, I promise."

The two went into the living room and joined Johnson and Reynolds. Johnson had taken a seat in the lounge chair and Reynolds was sitting on the arm of the chair. Starsky and Hutch sat next to each other on the couch. Starsky picked the remote up and turned it on. Hutch put his hand on Starsky's thigh and when the child was tased he looked away. Starsky gently took Hutch's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. Starsky knew that Hutch was remembering the time he was kidnapped and tased himself.

Starsky pushed the off button so hard at the end of the DVD that he thought he broke the remote. They all sat in silence for a few minutes. They sat on the chair and on the couch; each of them deep in their own thoughts. It was Johnson who finally broke the silence, "Starsky, Hutch, there's enough evidence here to pick him up right now."

Hutch shook his head and sadly said, "No. You can't."

Starsky finished Hutch's train of thought, "The note said this was just the tip of the iceberg. We think Marshall is working with or for someone else and if that's case…"

Reynolds chimed in, "Just getting Marshall won't stop it. It will only put Molly and the kids in more danger."

"And whoever gave the information to Kiko. We need to find him and help him," Hutch added, standing up and retrieving the DVD from the player. He handed it to Johnson.

"Kiko has no idea who slipped him this?" Johnson asked as he took the DVD from Hutch.

"Not a clue," Starsky said heading back to the kitchen. He was followed by the other three men. Starsky picked up the pictures and carefully put them back into the envelope from which they came.

Hutch took the envelope from Starsky and handed it to Reynolds. We'll let you know when we find out more. I think Starsk and I should talk to Molly. If she does suspect anything I don't want her to go snooping around on her own."

"When are you going?" Reynolds asked.

"As soon as we finish here we'll call her and have her meet us someplace," Hutch said as he was thinking of someplace safe they could meet Molly. They couldn't meet at Kiko's.

Starsky knew what Hutch was thinking and said, "I know, Hutch. Let's call Molly on her cell phone and have her meet us at Huggy's in the back room." Johnson and Reynolds can watch when she leaves and make sure she isn't being followed."

"What do you think, Johnson?" Hutch asked, sounding like he wasn't going to give them much of a chance to say no.

"What do I think? I think it sounds like the two of you keep forgetting you are retired. We appreciated your help with the nursing home but this…"

"This isn't different. This is Molly's life we're talking about and maybe Kiko's. The information is coming to us, not you. If we don't follow through, whoever gave that information to Kiko may not give us anymore." The decibels in Starsky's voice rose the more he spoke.

"Don't you understand? We are in this whether we want to be or not. Let us meet with Molly and see if she knows anything," Hutch said in a much calmer voice than his partner.

"Yeah, I know you guys are right. But how are we going to explain this to Chief Sterling?" Johnson said as he rubbed his hands together. He knew Chief Sterling was not going to be happy about Starsky and Hutch being involved in yet another case. On the other hand, Starsky was right the information was being leaked to them. If they pulled out then, whoever the informer was would probably give the police any more information. Johnson picked up is phone and called his chief as Hutch was on his phone talking to Molly.

Chapter 2


Molly became Kiko's adopted sister when she was twelve years old. Her father had been killed and she had no mother. It was just two days before Christmas and Hutch just couldn't send her to juvenile hall. Instead he took Molly into his home and both Starsky and Hutch took her into their hearts. Kiko's mother always had a heart of gold and when Kiko told her Molly didn't have anyone, she didn't think twice about adopting her after Kiko gave his approval. She never regretted adopting Molly and was very proud of both of her children.

Molly vowed that she would help young people when she grew up and she decided that she would become a parole officer. She could help kids that were already in trouble. She made it her personal goal to get these kids while they were young enough and turn them into useful productive members of society. She was very good at her job. A few years ago she was put in charge of all the parole officers.

Molly took great pride in the work she did with the young adults she worked with. She saw a lot of potential in all of them and believed in each and every one of them. Most of these kids came from troubled backgrounds. A lot of them came from broken homes, had parents that didn't care, some just fell in with the wrong crowd but all of them needed love, care and guidance. She meets with every single child that enters the system. When possible, she met with their parents too. She made sure that all of them know what is expected of them and she set them up for success.

A few weeks ago, she noticed a change in some of the kids. They were all usually happy to see her and eager to talk to her about their lives and all progress they made. Now, some of the kids seemed afraid to talk to her and she actually felt like they were avoiding her. They were holding their heads down like they were ashamed of something.

Molly had always been proactive when it came to each child in the system. She told each child they were important and no matter what they had done in the past, they could change. She told each child when they entered the system that it didn't matter what they did, they could turn their lives around and be somebody. She tried to instill a sense of self-worth. So many of the children never had anyone that told them they were important. In fact, just the opposite was true. Many of these kids had been told they were useless and would never amount to anything. She wanted each child to take pride in their accomplishments no matter how trivial they appeared to be. Staying in school a whole week was the best some of them could manage. Being at home on time and not hanging out in the streets was difficult for others. Each child came with their own unique problems and challenges but they each came with the need to be loved and encouraged.

The behavior of some of them had changed so much it became very disconcerting and Molly decided to look into it. She thought she could solve the problem herself.

The first thing Molly noticed was that all the kids she had concerns about had the same parole officer, Keith Marshall. She had spent the past few days thoroughly going through each file of the kids under him. The files themselves were impressive, showing much improvement in the kids. Their attendance in school was up along with their grades. There had been no further arrest of any of them, and the files showed a couple of them had found jobs. Molly read each file and felt it just seemed too perfect. It was all just too neat. The behavior changes she saw in the kids told a much different story and she knew it was time for action. She wanted to ask Keith himself, but she suspected that he was part of the problem. She knew talking to him could make matters worse and could possible endanger the kids.

Today was the day she decided she would get to the bottom of this. She would talk to the kids herself. As she got dressed, she pondered a while which one she should talk to first. One boy in particular, Kevin Boyd, had made a lot of progress in the four months since he was placed on parole. Molly had seen him in a hallway yesterday and he turned his head and walked away. It made her sad to see him like that. Kevin was a fourteen-year-old lonely kid who got in with the wrong crowd and was caught in a stolen car. He had been placed in foster care last year after his parents died in a car accident and had never been in trouble before.

Molly was sure she could get him to tell her what was bothering him. She was sure she could get him to open up to her. She was determined to get to the bottom of it all. She finished getting dressed and headed out the door.

She stopped by Kevin's school and tried to talk to him. The principal was used to Molly visiting 'her kids' and thought nothing about calling him out of class and leaving Molly alone to talk to Kevin in his office.

Kevin was called out of his class and was told to go on in to the office. He walked in and instantly had a terrified look on his face. Molly thought this kid looks like a caged animal.

"Hey, Mister Boyd."

"Ms. Ramos." He sounded surprised and scared at the same time. He came all the way in and quietly shut the door behind him.

"Have a seat, Mister Boyd." Molly never sat behind a desk when she talked to the kids. She always sat next to them, as their equal not their superior. She was on their level and didn't want to give the impression that she thought she was better than them. Kevin hesitated. He just stood there looking at her. "Mister Boyd?" Molly said in a soft voice as she moved the chair that was next to her away a little so he wouldn't feel like she was invading his personal space.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Have a seat. Don't look so worried. I'm just here to see how you're doing."

Kevin slowly sat down and looked down at his shoes as he started to shuffle his feet. His eyes did not meet hers and the smile he used to show her was gone. "I'm, I'm fine." His words were not the least bit convincing. Kevin thought what does she know? Does she know what I've done? She's going to be so disappointed in me if she found out what I've done.

"Look at me." She thought if his chin was any lower it would drag the floor. She reached out to him and lifted up his chin forcing him to look at her right in the eyes. "You're not fine and I'd like to know why. Please, tell me what's going on. I can and will help you but I need to know what's going on."

Kevin quickly turned his gaze back to his shoes or a spot on the floor it was anywhere but on Molly. "Nothing. Just leave me alone." He tried to sound angry but to Molly he sounded like he was desperately reaching out for help.

"I know better than that. I've been doing this job a long time and you know the background I came from." She looked around the room like she was making sure no one else could hear her. She leaned in closer to him and whispered, "Kevin, I know something's going on and it's not just you. It involves a lot of the others too and I want to help all of you. You know you can trust me. Please, help me help you and the others."

Kevin wanted to tell her what was going on; he wanted to tell her everything and he was about to say something but he heard the voice- Keith Marshall's voice-say, "If you tell anybody, I will hunt you down and kill every one of you. I know you kids think a lot of Molly and if she ever finds out, I will kill her too." He remembered the boy being tased and then killed right in front of him. Kevin never felt so helpless in his life. He just couldn't bring himself to tell Molly any of it. He clenched his jaw and turned his head to the right as he slumped into the chair.

Molly knew she wasn't going to get anything out of Kevin, not right now at least. "Kevin, I know and you know that I recognize that something is going on. I understand that you don't feel that you can trust me right now and that's okay. You can come talk to me when you are ready but please don't let it be too late."

Kevin started to say something. He had every intention of asking Molly for help. He briefly looked at Molly and even took a deep breath and opened his mouth but nothing came out. Fact was, he was just too scared to say anything to anybody. Molly smiled at him and patted his leg, "It's okay, Kevin. I'll be here when you need me." She stood up and walked toward the door. She glanced back one last time to see him sitting staring at the floor. "You can go back to class now," She said as she quietly closed the door behind her.

Molly had planned on talking to several of the kids but if Kevin wouldn't tell her anything, she didn't have much hope in getting the others to talk either. She wasn't going to give up, not just yet. She would have to be careful about speaking to the kids. Keith would get suspicious if Molly was too obvious about talking to just his kids. She would have to work out a plan. She headed back to the office to go over the files again. One thing she was sure of, she wasn't going to assign any more kids to Keith Marshall.

Molly was looking at the files for the hundredth time when the phone rang. "Parole Officer Ramos," she said, as she picked the phone.

"Molly, this is Hutch."

Molly smiled when she heard his voice. "Hutch," she said in an upbeat voice. She was feeling a little down at the lack of progress she was making and was happy for the break.

"Molly, Starsk and I would like to meet you in about half an hour, if that's okay with you."

Molly was beginning to suspect this was more than a casual meeting of old friends. Does he know something about Keith and the kids? How could he? She didn't want to let on that there was a problem and said, "I'd love to, Hutch. It's been ages since I saw you guys."

There was something in Molly's tone that made Hutch suspect Molly did know something. "Great. Starsky and I can pick you up in about half an hour then?"

"That would be great, Hutch. I'll be waiting." Molly sighed in relief as she hung up the phone. "They do know something, I'm sure of it," Molly muttered to herself. She leaned back in her chair for a moment. Then she started putting the files of Keith's kids in her briefcase. She added some of the other kid's files and put them on the top. If Keith stopped her, she would have files from several officers on her, not just his.

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