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[K] no Basuke

Project K and Kuroko no Basuke crossover

Chapter 1: We had nothing to do so…

It was a normal day in the Homura clan's base. Normal for Anna and Izumo anyways, to see the other members slumping on the couch, floor or stall. Apparently, it's been almost a week since there was any trouble brewing in Shizume city, and their will was drastically falling due to no violent acts.

"Why don't you guys go out for a while," Izumo suggested, waving his hands to the door, "I think it's better if you enjoy roaming around instead of waiting for something that won't come any time soon."

Anna nodded at them from the seat beside him.

Everyone, which included Yata, Shohei, Kamamoto, Eric and Dewa, stared at him with thoughtful faces for a while before going back to doing nothing. Izumo sighed, shaking his head before resuming to cleaning his countertop.

Just then, the door opened and Totsuka came in, sweaty and with a basketball under his arm.

"Totsuka-san? Where have you been?" Shohei asked.

"Isn't it obvious? I went to play basketball!" He said with a smile, showing them the basketball and spinning it on his finger, "It's my new hobby actually."

"Well, if you did, then you should've asked us for help. We used to play too, ya know," Yata sneered, head tilting to the side to watch Totsuka play around with the ball.

"I already asked help to some kids I saw playing basketball last week," Totsuka stated, placing the ball at their table and waving his hand, "Apparently, they're a group called Seirin,"

Dewa's head shot up at the mention of the name, "Really?"

"You know them, Dewa?" Kamamoto asked.

"Yeah, I studied in their school and hung around those guys before…" He replied, putting his head on his palm, "I had to transfer though, so..I don't know what happened to them,"

"Well, what are they doing here?" Eric questioned.

"I don't know,"

Totsuka sat down beside the group, "Actually, they said that they needed training, so they went here. That Ashinaka court is really wide for the place so they went to use it."

"And you've been going out with them?" Kamamoto eyed on the blond, raised brow.

He laughed back at him, "Don't worry! They're all nice people."

Dewa nodded at his words, "Yeah. They're pretty nice to hang around with," He looked out the window to his left, "Maybe I'll go visit them sometimes.."

Totsuka suddenly stood up, dragging the glassed boy with him, "Then let's go! They're still practicing when I left!"

"But you're already tired, Totsuka. Sit down and rest," Izumo added, placing a glass of cold juice on the counter for him.

"Thanks," He drank it all up in one gulp before running back to the group, "But I guess I have to go with them so they'll still have their common sense intact, huh?" He smiled at Izumo, who nodded at him.

"So what do you say guys?"

The group was silent for a while, until Yata spoke up with a wide grin on his face, "I SO miss basketball! I can't wait to show my skills again!"

Eric laughed at him, "Really? I don't think that you're fit for basketball, thanks to that height of yours, Chihuahua," He said in English dialect.

Yata was about to pound him to pieces, if it hadn't been for Kamamoto to stop him in time. Shohei helped him calm down and patted his back, "Don't worry Yata-san! Let's prove him wrong by showing how good you are!"

"You're right!" The hazelnut haired boy fisted the air and started walking out the door, followed by Totsuka who was dragging Dewa with him.

"Hah, seriously…Well, since there's nothing else to do.." Kamamoto grumbled, taking the last burger he had left on the table, and trailing behind Shohei and Eric.

After they had left, Anna looked back at Izumo, who smiled at her and patted her silver hair, "They're going back to what they were like before, huh?"

She nodded at him before resuming to eating her cake, "But that's not a bad thing at all…"


Suoh Mikoto watched from his window the rest of the members walking off with smug looks on their faces. He raised a brow, crossing his arms and blowing out a puff of smoke. Was there something that Izumo wanted them to do? Shopping? No. Totsuka was there…clutching a…basketball?

He closed the blinds and walked back to his couch, sitting down with a grunt. He looked up the ceiling blankly before smiling to himself.

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