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[K] no Basuke

Project K and Kuroko no Basuke crossover

Chapter 3: This is Team Homura's Play!

After they lined up, Riko held the ball with her right hand, glanced at both teams, before throwing the ball upwards. Kagami and Homura's team mate, Kamamoto jumped up to get the ball, but since Kagami was taller than him in the first place, the ball goes to Seirin. Everyone from Homura immediately ran to their positions. Shohei quickly stepped in Kagami's way, blocking him efficiently.

Kagami passed the ball to Hyuga, who was on his right. Just before Hyuga was about to get it, Yata managed to grab it in time and dribble past him, Kagami and Izuki, who was guarding him from the very start

"Kamamoto!" Yata yelled and threw it to said guy, who leapt and dunked.

The first score goes to Homura. There was a moment of silence in Seirin's team until Izuki called their attention for offence. The ball was currently with said guy, who was being guarded by Dewa. He notices a precence at the corner of his eyes and he directs the ball to it. Kuroko was there and he redirects the ball to their Captain. Yata runs to block him off.

"Don't tell me you're letting that little brat guard Hyuga…" Kagami murmurs, eyeing on Yata then to the other Homura members, "I see other people who could actually stop him,"

"Don't underestimate the Chihuahua," Eric states in English language, smirking at Kagami as he continues, "He's our commander actually,"

And just then, as Hyuga was in the air, prepared to make his 3-pointer, Yata manages to smack the ball from his hand. He got it for himself, took his stance and did his own 3-pointer.

"Another point! Yeah!" Yata hollered, pumping his fist into the air, "I'm so fired up!"

"That's our Yata-san…" Kamamoto sighed with a small smile.

Meanwhile, the watchers on the bench, more particularly Riko and the subs, had sour looks on their faces, and were also being filmed by Totsuka.

"Ah, don't be like that! Uhmm…this is practice afterall…" The blond hobbyist said, "My guys haven't played for a while so they don't really feel like going easy on you guys,"

Riko and the others shot his a look, "…not holding back, huh?"

"Well, they grew up in the streets, so you know how they play,"

After 15 minutes of practice, Homura had 38 points and Seirin is at 32. They had a break after that.

"That was great! I feel much better!" Yata yelled, running over to where the others are and slumping beside Kamamoto, "You guys never put up that much of a fight when we play!"

"Well, that's because we know you'll hog all the points, Yata-san," Kamamoto stated before gulping down his water.

" use the word 'hog' when in fact you are one…" Homura's commander murmured loud enough for the older male to hear and choke on his water.

"Ah! Yata-chan! I have an advice for you!" Totsuka said as he walked over to the group, eyes darting back and forth from the replay on his camera.

Yata nodded hesitantly, thinking that he might've done something wrong, "Uhmm..what is it about..?"

"Don't force yourself when you know you can't make it. Give it to Kamamoto for a dunk or Dewa and his lay-up,"

"Yeah! You're being selfish, Yata-san!" Shohei whinned, "I didn't even get to show my own moves!"

" Well, try to take the ball from me then!" The other one retorted, crossing his arms.

"Why the hell would we take the ball from our own teammate?!" Dewa finally spoke up, glaring at him. Yata shrugged, making Dewa sigh and lean back on the bench, wiping the beads of sweat on his forehead.

"Says the one who doesn't even do anything…"

Meanwhile on Team Seirin's bench, Riko had everyone in serious mode. She was glaring at him, but she still hid her temper, "Guys, I know this is just a practice game, but at least show some effort!" She removed her hands from her hips and crossed them.

"But coach…Can't you see how aggressive they are?" Koganei pointed out, "Our team is having a hard time in keeping up with their extremely fast pace,"

She thought of what Koga had said before looking back at the players, "Is that really the problem?"

Hyuga inhaled, closed his eyes and exhaled, "I guess they are strong in some ways…I mean, when we judged them by their heights, we thought we could take them no sweat, but we were proven wrong,"

"They are actually small but terrible," Izuki said with a slight smirk, but Riko and the other members' glare told him that it isn't a joking matter.

"That little brat!" Kagami hollered, slamming his water bottle on the empty space beside him, "He's getting on my nerves- always showing up in the nick of time with those moves of his!"

"He's good, Kagami-kun. I was surprised when I saw how high he could reach despite us being of the same height," Kuroko commented, nearly scaring the team when he appeared beside their bench.

"Kuroko, you can't even jump the average jump with that physical condition of yours so don't compare you and him-" Before Kagami could finish his statement, Kuroko had jabbed his hand on his side, cutting him off.

"I was talking about him being able to jump as high as Kagami-kun even though he was the same height as me,"

Kagami was already making choking noises to keep his voice and anger down.

Riko sighed before clapping her hands to gain their attentions, "They're quite the offense then, huh?" She said, eyes fixated on the unknowing group on the opposite court, "They steal aggressively; shoot even if they know they can't make it; and guard like their lives depends on it,"

Hyuga let out a soft laugh, looking at the other team, "But you know, what's admirable of them is the fact that they seem to trust each other to the point of…well, just shooting and knowing that somebody from their team will get it! All I see from them is eye contact, and they already know what to do,"

"So this is Team Homura…"

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-I want Eric and Kagami to talk to each other in english! AHHAHAHH!

-I've decided to give Yata that high jumping ability too cuz you know..he's Yatagarasu/ Wild Crow! Despite his size (which btw I'll remind you that he's a centimeter less that Kuroko's height), he can jump high, like when he's flying on his skateboard!

-Specialties of the Homura members:

...Yata- jumps and blocks

...Kamamoto- dunks/ rebounds

...Dewa- lay-up

...Shohei- ?

...Eric- ?

-Team Homura's strength is their team work and trust! YEAH! Their bonds run thicker than blood!


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Preview of Chapter 4:

"Kusanagi-san! Anna!" Yata came running towars the two, followed by his team, "What are you doing here? Do we have any news from Mikoto-san?"

Riko and the others watched in fascination as they conversed.

"No I'm just wondering if you destroyed something,"

"No we didn't!" Homura yelled.

Izumo looked at Seirin's group, "No they didn't,"

He looked at Anna, who was looking back and forth at the teams before looking up at him, "No they didn't,"

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