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Percy POV

It wasn't like he had never seen a ghost before. Percy was no stranger to ghosts, having imagined the ones for his father, having been haunted by the people, the friends he could have saved. He had even fought ghosts, a whole army of them, in Alaska.

To be fair, he hadn't even known for sure that Caspian was dead, only what Nico had told me about the visit, but I had assumed that he was dead.

I felt my eyes widening and my pulse racing as I stumbled back behind Nico. "No. You're dead. You can't be here." My voice came out shakier than I care to admit, scared under the scrutinization of his ice blue eyes. It felt like they were looking right through me, waiting for an opportunity to strike again.

The way that he smiled at me, grinning beyond madness, on the verge if collapsing under its own wait was less terrifying than the message he bore.

"Perseus Jackson. I wondered if you'd survived." He stumbled grotesquely forward, towards me, and I took another step back.

"But you're dead. How could you possibly come back?" Nico's face was scrunched in confusion, which, while isn't the most reassuring expression on the face of one holding Stygian Iron, was probably still better than mine.

"The side of my mistress has given me one last gift. You cannot kill me this time, demigod." He continued to crumble forward, slow but steady in his pursuit, and Nico pushed me back, on the defensive for once.

"The doors of death have closed." I breathed, eyes locked on the ghost. "There's no way that you could be alive."

His eyes closed as his head tilted back in a laugh, coming to a halt. "Alive? Oh, you have no idea of what I am, what I will become, do you?" As his head came to a seemingly dizzy halt, his gaze came to rest on me. "I can promise, that even you, Perseus Jackson," he paused dramatically, "Won't be ready for this." He turned around, taking one last glance at Thalia's tree, at the still forms of Connor and Travis. Before Nico and I could do anything, he was gone, scurrying into the trees.

We rushed towards the bodies, praying that they're anything but, as Caspian disappears behind a hill. I kneel down beside Connor, checking his pulse as Nico crouches next to Travis.

"They're not dead." I say, relieved even as my voice shakes. "It could have been worse."

Nico looks strangely at me, pityingly, and but Annabeth runs over to us, interrupting whatever he was about to say.

In normal, well I say normal, situations, I would have been glaring at her for not telling me about Caspian, but I was too shaken by what I had just seen, by the lax forms of my friends, to really be mad at her.

"What happened here? We heard shouting." Her grey eyes are wide and concerned, her fear completely selfless.

"Caspian isn't dead." Nico spits out the name as if it's poison, glancing up briefly before his eyes flicker back down to the twins, beginning to lift Travis as Annabeth and I bring up Connor.

"But we…" Her voice trails off and there isn't a real way to describe the way she looked at me. Guilt and acceptance, but knowing that she would do it again, afraid of my reaction.

"It's okay." My eyes meet hers. "I know." My voice is soft, quiet, and we don't say anything else until we reach The Big House and begin shouting at the Apollo kids for stretchers.

Annabeth follows Will into the infirmary, talking about stocks of Nectar and Ambrosia, giving me one last glance over her shoulder before the curtains close.

Nico and I walk away slowly, jumping at shadows. I sling my arm around his shoulders, carefully but solidly, and Nico leans into me as we walk to the Big Three cabins. By now, nearly everyone is awake, peering out of windows and trying to figure out what's going on. Clarisse, as well as Piper and Leo come out of their cabins to ask what's happened.

"We're going to hold a meeting tomorrow at breakfast. We'll have all the details by then." Nico answers. Clarisse goes back to her cabin quickly knowing that threats are kind of off limits right now, Piper stops to give me a quick hug before walking back, and Leo and Nico briefly discuss Festus's new "tattoo."

We stop right outside the door of my cabin, and as I contemplate letting go of Nico after the nights events, the painted doors seem ominous. Judging by the way he's looking at me, he's not too happy with that idea either.

"Um, I'm pretty sure that after tonight, Poseidon won't smite you if you want to sleep in here." He gives me a small smile and we go in, the door creaking like it always does. "Top bunk is mine, though," I grin.

We're both too tired to change into anything resembling sleepwear, so we just get into our respective bunks, and turn off the lights, comforted, reassured by the sound of breathing.

Nico POV

I don't know where I am. All I know is that it's warm here, it's not cold like it is in the Hades bunk.

Five minutes. Just five. I'm so comfortable. Soft. Warm. Safe.

Not Safe.

A voice screams at me and I jump. I think I jump. I don't know where I am, so I can't possibly be jumping. It's dark here, but it's still warm. Still safe.

Not Safe, Nico. You're not safe. I can see someone through the blackness, a face with no discernable features. He's wearing a suit. I think. He might be wearing a clown costume. It's too dark to see.

Hello, Son. Father?

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