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Episode 1

Kawachi looked at the camera, his head tilted to the side. "Tsukino, is it working?" He asked, tapping the screen. "It is? Good. Got it." He took a deep breath before starting. "Hey there, it's Kawachi Kyosuke from Pantasia." He began awkwardly. "You guys are probably wondering why I'm doing this, probably asking something like...'Why are you on the internet?' or something like that. Well, Manager thought up the brilliant idea of using the web to well, advertise for the South Tokyo Branch, I guess, but then he decided advertisments would not be enough. So here I am, doing this show for you guys and, well, I guess we'll see where this goes. Now, onto the first category..."


"Okay, this section is basically about the gossip that goes around Pantasia. I think you get the idea of what it's about now." Kawachi spoke. "Apparently, rumor has it that Azuma and Mizuno are going out. I personally don't get that. I mean seriously, Tsukino would be seriously mad if that was true, and I really don't think Azuma likes Mizuno in any way, so I'm going to say it's probably not true."

He paused for a moment, looking down at a sheet of paper in his hand. "Also, since we're on the topic of relationships, rumor has it that Meister Kirisaki is secretly dating-whoa. WHOA." Kawachi had eyes as wide as dinner plates. "Secretly in a relationship with Kuroyan? Seriously? Well...I guess it makes kind of sense, considering the incidents during the Newcomers Tournament. Then again, I probably shouldn't press my luck by saying it's true, so...It might be true. Maybe. I don't know."

He looked at the paper again. "Umm...I think that's it."

Q and A

"I think you guys get what this section is about; you guys submit some questions and I'll try to get answers. And you don't have to ask just me, there's also Manager, Tsukino, Azuma, Kanmuri, Suwabara, and everyone else! Go ahead and submit as many questions as you want! Though..." He cringed. "Don't submit too many questions. That wouldn't be good, either, I guess. And try to keep them 'PG rated,' as Manager put it. 'Kay?"


Kawachi sighed. "I know, this wasn't really much of an episode, I get it; I mean, this is kind of an intro to the show...But, if you guys submit some questions, I will get some answers and put up the next episode!" He grinned at the camera. "See you guys later, this is Kawachi, logging out-"

"KAWACHI! HELP! AZUMA'S GOT THE STOVE ON FIRE AGAIN!" Kanmuri was heard screaming from offscreen.

Kawachi face-palmed himself. "Azuma's trying to cook dinner again...I told him to wait until I was done with the episode!" He muttered. "Anyway, see you guys next episode, this is Kawachi, logging out and in need of a fire extinguisher! See ya!"

Author note: Yeah, I know. Short episode. The randomness really begins next chapter. I hope you guys review, and thanks for reading!