This story is modeled after the 2012 movie of Les Miserables. Enjolras is Aaron Tveit, and Eponine is, of course, Samantha Barks. Thank you for reading! If you don't like this story, please don't read it. Enjoy! - mysoulisastar

They say once you have murdered, the blood stays on your hands forever. You can't see it, but it's there, drip, drop, drip, drop. Only you can hear it. Only you alone. People have been driven mad by the sound. The sound, they say, the sound of your life, being measured.

Of course, MonsieurThénardier, they whispered, was so evil, that hell itself, spat him back out. The devil would not take him in, and they'd be damned, if they did either.

Eponine Thénardier had the great misfortune of being born in the family. As soon as her father had taught her the family trade - to steal - he pushed her from the house, leaving her to rot on the streets by herself. So there she was, seven, and all alone. Often times, she had to steal a jug of beer, or ale, or brandy - anything she could get her hands on. Not because she wanted to get drunk, only, at times, it was so freezing out outside, the alcohol in her bloodstream, would keep her blood from freezing overnight. And in this way, she passed a miserable seven years.

But, every day, she would see a boy named Antoine Enjolras, and the rest of her day with be much more bearable. He was her best friend. They would play together in the streets whenever his lessons were over. She knew that he was from a rich family, and she...? A girl from the slums of Paris. But still, for a few magical hours, she was a princess, equal to him.

Oh, he was handsome, but she knew he could never love her back, even if he wanted to. She was below even the decent working class, and how could somebody - a Prince to her poorness, even think about loving her?

At fourteen, Eponine's luck finally changed for the better. She was discovered by a Duchess, and the kind woman adopted her. Marie Kingsley, she was called, Eponine finally was able to leave her past behind in Paris, and become Eponine Kingsley, Duchess Marie's only heir. The only part of her past she did not wish to forget, was the boy named Antoine Enjolras. The boy she had trusted with her life. She could only hope that they would meet somewhere in the future.

But, as you see, fate was finally kind to the girl who had given so much, and suffered so much.

I hope you liked it! - mysoulisastar