By dominusalthus

Watsuki-sensei is the only one who deserves to own RurouKen.

C: Conspiracy

Sagara Sanosuke is missing for five years now. Megumi had heard it from Ken-san first when they had a picnic four years ago in Kainsai; he said he had to run away because of a false accusation otherwise he'd be arrested and be given a grave punishment.

No one knows exactly where he is or what he does and everyone is constantly worrying about him. All of them—except for her. They could miss him all they want, yet she wouldn't give a single bit of care about it—Megumi just shrugs it all away.

Because, how in the world would she yearn for a man that lying spread-eagle on the bed right across hers?

"Hey," She called out to him, knowing that he's still awake despite of his closed eyes. "It's tomorrow."

Sano sighed and sat up, slightly annoyed that he couldn't doze off yet. He's been having problems in sleeping for a week now so he wasn't really in the mood for negotiations.

"Yeah, yeah, I know."

They were talking about the gathering in Mount Ueno with Kenshin and the others. Megumi had been trying to persuade Sanosuke into revealing himself to his friends, but he says he isn't ready yet.

Or maybe, she thought, it's just because of his love for procrastination. Her frown became more etched on her face.

"Give me a couple of days, chill." He waved a hand and smiled at her while he took in the beauty of the moonlight gleaming on her face. "Imma go get a dramatic entrance, wait for it, I swear."

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms on her chest. "So I have to act like I know nothing again tomorrow? Lie in your favor?"

"Eh, it's not like we're totally lying," He reassured her.

It's a fact, anyway. Sanosuke does travel around and he has reached neighboring countries-even the vastness of America and Europe-but it isn't true that he went completely off the grid. He wanders then goes back to Japan. Sano just doesn't bother on keeping in touch because there are some who are still in pursuit of him, and he didn't really have to since he knows Kaoru and Kenshin already has a child, he knows Yahiko's passed his genpuku and now owns the sakabatou-he is aware of essentially everything.

…And, Because he has someone in Japan to come home to.

"Besides, it's your expertise, that acting skills of yours."

"Ah, classic you, lazy bum. That's quite tiresome already." She quipped. "You better write a letter and tell them you are off somewhere—like Mongolia or something just to give them a little bit of peace of mind."

"Well... Yeah... probably that's a good idea. But I'll do that tomorrow." Sano nodded lazily and fell back into his bed but his gaze remained fixed on the woman across him.

"But, but… you know what's an even better idea?"

He patted the remaining space on his bed and winked. Megumi hissed at him, but still she obliged and lounged beside him. Sano's ears almost flapped in joy.

"Hm, it intrigues me..." She ran a finger through his unshaven beard down to his chest.


"Do you even know where Mongolia is?"

He wrapped his huge arms around her and leaned closer, chuckling huskily in her ear. "I don't have any idea. Well maybe you could take me there toni—"

Sanosuke's speech was cut short and was drowned under Megumi's playful kisses. He doesn't even mind if he forgot how to speak altogether, it's a fair trade.




Finally. A good sleep.

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