Author's Note: Hey everyone! This is the sequel to Another Ghost Whisperer, Disappearance. Check out my community, ParaNorman Chronicles for even more stories featuring Laura and Norman! Enjoy! P.S. Due to writing another story, I won't be updating this story for a few weeks.

Chapter One

Laura's P.O.V.

"Dad, when is Daniel coming to visit again?" I asked urgently and yet excitedly at the same time.

Daniel was my older brother, he's a messenger for ghosts all around the world. He barely ever comes home, but when he does, he prefers to come to my Dad's house. Mom's a bit grumpy for his taste. Ever since the big "incident", things have been going pretty smoothly. I couldn't wait for Daniel to come home! He was pretty young to be a messenger, fifteen-years old to be exact. I am fourteen now, and Daniel had emailed me saying he had got me something as a late-birthday present.

"For the last time! Daniel's coming next week!" Dad sighed.

I just can't wait to tell Norman!

Norman's P.O.V.

Laura's been acting pretty typical these days. Hanging out with girls, keeping up with the latest trends, you know, girl stuff. But today at school, she told me her brother was coming to Blithe Hollow. It didn't really matter much to me, so I just shrugged. Things have been complicated since the "incident" with her mom, Loretta. We were previously dating, but we broke up since we both just wanted to be friends. Neil was a bit disappointed in this.

"So now she's... Single?" Neil texted me, albeit eagerly.

"Yes and you don't stand a chance." I texted back, laughing.

"Oh yes I do!" he sounded like he was protesting, although I guess I'll never know since this was on a phone.

"Yak yak yak." I texted back while grinning.

Laura and I were done with all that crazy adventure stuff now, but it was only a matter of time when a new adventure came about.