The grass swayed in the breeze a fairy ring stood a figure stood in the middle who was small in stature and her laugh was like chimes as she seemed to be dancing within the ring. While another danced around the outside playing a flute, the figure outside the ring circled the one within revolving around the female, as if spellbound by her laughter. The female's arms were raised and her movements flowed into one another like. Unbeknownst to the world these two were of the fare-folk, or as some know them, Oberon's children.

Puck and I, were never concerned with anything serious, like children we were both still so young in our years, nothing but boredom threatened us. I was a fae like Puck with golden hair that reached to my back, sun kissed skin, my elfish ears poking out of my hair, and my white dress that had a tattered style bottom, and my white knee high boots that reached a little past my knees. We looked so different when beside each other with Puck having white hair and wearing his reddish-brown shirt with gold lining, his purple toga he wore over it, black leggings, reddish-brown boots with a trim of gold, and his golden cuff bracelets on both wrists. We had been together for at least a century now, and we were both so fascinated by the other.

Puck made the whole world seem like a game, and it was a game that only he had allowed me to join. He made me feel weightless and free, freer than I had ever felt before we had met.

I was dragged away from my thoughts, as I burst into laughter as I danced to the tune Puck played on his flute, the magic prompting my movements as I twirled and leaped in the grass. On a human it would've been like a drug, an intoxicating music that would put them into a trance but it held no sway over me and I could easily have broken such an enchantment. My skirts swished around me as I twisted and turned. As the music stopped so did my movements as, Puck grabbed me by my waist and flinging us to the ground.

"Robin," I giggled as we lay side by side as I swept aside some stray locks of his white hair, he shrugged before wrapping his arms around me and pulling me closer.

"I've found out something very amusing," Puck said as I rested my head on his covered chest.

"Hmm?" I hummed closing my eyes, Puck's fingers twisting into my hair.

Unlike the others of Oberon's children Puck and I had decided to stick together after Oberon had banished us all from Avalon because of Titania. Puck and I both shared one thing in common we were easily bored and had yet to find ourselves bored of the other.

"I saw Titania disguising herself as a human," Puck whispered into my ear, and I didn't have to see to know there was a playful smile on his face. My eyes snapped open, Puck's fingers slipping from my hair; I pushed myself up as Puck raised himself up on his elbows and watched me amused.

"That is very interesting," I murmured as Puck nodded and I looked back up at Puck grinning.

"I take it you have a plan in mind," I said as he smirked and levitated up as grabbing my hands forcing me to stand up as well.

"The Puck always does," he said as he spun me around in a circle so I spun into his arms, as he held me.

"The plan?" I questioned as I looked up at his crystal blue eyes.

"She's changed her name to Anastasia and has a husband named Halcyon Renard. We'll pose as humans as well, I've already found a part to play one the Puck has never played before," Puck said excitedly as I unwound myself from his arms and raised an eyebrow.

"And you have based your part off another, yes," I said as Puck grinned at me.

"You always were clever, Alina," praised Puck as I beamed at him.

"And who is the mortal?"

"Preston Vogel, the stiffest, and most wooden mortal on the face of the earth," chuckled Puck, as I couldn't help but smile.

That would truly be an interesting role for Puck to play, always the trickster but now he was going to be a serious character how…..amusing. Puck smiled as his magic surrounded him transforming him into a human with blond perfect hair and a business suit and he was also wearing glasses, the one thing that remained though were his crystal blue eyes. I walked around him as Puck smirked at me, but it looked so foreign on this human form.

"His name is Owen Burnett, pretty good, yes," stated Owen, as his firm proper voice sounded out.

"I suppose I must change as well," I sighed playfully as I used my own magic to change my form.

My tan skin was transformed to a pale white and my long hair shortened to my shoulders and changed to a rich dark brown, my pointed ears shortened, and my reddish brown eyes dulled down to dark brown. I finished off my look with a black skirt that went to my knees, a purple shirt off the shoulder shirt with a black tank top underneath, and finished it off with purple knee high boots.

"You look amazing my dear, you have decided on a name I presume," said Owen as he grabbed my hand and put me in a small twirl to take a full look at me.

"Of course, Cecelia Moore," I said smoothly as, I grabbed the quickest name that came to mind.

Owen smiled as he pulled me towards him, and I draped my arms around his next as I stared into his familiar eyes, "So what's next?" I asked.

"Now it begins," smirked Owen, as he led me out of the meadow, and onto somewhere new.

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