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Say, what abridgement have you for this evening?
What masque? what music? How shall we beguile
The lazy time, if not with some delight?

-A Midsummer Night's Dream

I sighed as I brushed my hands through my hair as I stood behind Xanatos as he stood in front of the ruined castle, Owen by my side. My short brown hair framed my face as I stood in my new outfit of my black flared skirt and button up white top with a black suit jacket, and black knee high boots. I had followed Owen's lead and took a more professional look, and had took on a professional aura around Xanatos. Owen as stoic as ever showed no emotion as he stood tall and perfectly straight, Puck and I had stayed with Xanatos for twelve years ever since that night. The game Puck and I played in was more than fun, Xanatos always seemed to surprise us, and in turn our boredom was dissipated. It was fair to say Puck and I had matured for the years we had spent in the human world, but our tricks and mayhem had not decreased in the slightest. Often mayhem ensued when Puck and I were off for a night and would cause harmless tricks on the humans, as always it was fun. Boredom never threatened us now ever since we worked for Xanatos, now for example as we stared at the rubble of the ruined castle in Scotland, Castle Wyvern.

"At last, Castle Wyvern," Xanatos said pleased, as I couldn't help but look on in amusement.

"Any second now," I muttered under my breath to Owen as he lowered his gaze to me from the corner of his eyes as I smirked.

As if on cue Xanatos ran off into the castle like a child seeing a brand new toy. I giggled as I flung my arms around Owens neck, as we stood there in private.

"Isn't that sweet," I cooed as I looked up at Owen.

"Not as sweet, as your voice my dear," Owen replied as he put his hand under my chin and further raised my head till our eyes met and smirked, a spark of Puck's mischief in his eyes.

I giggled as I let go of Owen as he almost sighed at the loss of contact as I skipped after Xanatos with childish glee. I stopped my skipping as I arrived at the top of the tower and stood calmly behind Xanatos my professional appearance take over as my features became more calm and my lips formed into a straight line.

"Magnificent," Xanatos praised as he tore off some ivy growing on the gargoyle statue beside him as Owen finally made his way to the top of the tower.

"What do you think Cecilia?" Xanatos asked as he slung his arm over my shoulders as my face remained nonchalant.

"Exceptional, sir," I replied almost as stoically as Owen.

"You heard her Owen, make the offer now. This instance!" ordered Xanatos as he removed his arm from my shoulders to turn to face Owen, as I turned as well walking over to stand beside Owen.

"May I say once again one last time Mr. Xanatos. That the costs of this venture will be astronomical," Owen reasoned as I pulled out my calculator quickly typing in the numbers before showing it to Xanatos to prove Owen's point.

Ignoring us Xanatos turned back to the statue, "Cecilia, hire the crews, I want to begin as soon as possible," he ordered.

I nodded as I quickly snapped my phone open dialing numbers to find the work force.

"It may prove difficult to find the necessary man power. The castle has a reputation with the locals, they considered it haunted," informed Owen, as I quietly talked into the phone.

"You know the answer to that Owen. Pay a man enough and he'll walk barefoot into hell," Xanatos said confidently as he stroked the cheek of the gargoyle statue.

"Mr. Xanatos," I said as I snapped my phone shut as Xanatos turned to face me.

"They'll be arriving shortly," I said as Xanatos smirked at me and looked at Owen.

"You were saying Owen?"

I swiftly typed on my computer as I secured Xanatos' appointments for the upcoming weeks, after the castle was finished being rebuilt on Xanatos' skyscraper we had arrived via helicopter. I was distracted as I felt arms wrap around my shoulders, and I stopped typing to turn my head and my brown eyes locked with Owen's crystal blue.

"Yes," I purred dropping the act as I stared at Owen's stoic expression melt into a smirk.

"Having fun?" he asked as he moved us so we were now both standing, his smirk never leaving his face.

"Always," I murmured as I wrapped my arms around Owen's neck as I moved to kiss him, only to be denied as he moved backward now sitting on the chair I had previously occupied and moved me to where I was sitting sideways on his lap.

"Why do you ask?" I questioned as I tried to move in to kiss him but Owens grip on my waist stopped me from coming any closer.

"I'll tell you later," he murmured as he moved into kiss me now as I slightly pushed back at him glaring.

"What?" he asked, still smirking at me as my eyes narrowed at him.

"What are you playing at?" I growled, as I scowled at the familiar words.

12 Year Earlier

"I'll tell you later," I promised as I moved my lips back onto his but was disappointed when he pushed me back upset.

"Payback," he smirked as I pouted only for Owen to chuckle before bringing me in for a kiss and I sighed as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"You don't play fair Robin," I breathed as he moved his lips to my neck sucking and biting lightly.

Only for him to slightly move and look up at me, "I never do," he smirked as he moved back to my neck.

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