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"One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the the present." - Golda Meir

Cecilia's POV

I calmly stood beside Xanatos as all the gargoyles were in his office watching the flying fortress in the sky, as the glow from the television illuminated the room.

"I've explained the strengths and weaknesses of each fortress and given you what I think are the best plans of attack. Cecilia will debrief you on any of the details if you have any questions," Xanatos explained as he gestured over to me and I gave a nod of acknowledgement to the gargoyles as I held my clipboard to my chest.

"Only your speed and strength can stand against their defenses," Xanatos continued as he stood to place his fists on the desk.

"We'll take the air fortress," Goliath told Demona as he turned to look at the others.

"You three will breach the tower," Goliath ordered as he pointed to Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway.

"Cool!" Brooklyn exclaimed excited.

"What?" Goliath asked completely confused.

"It's a new word we learned last night," Broadway added.

"Cool normally is a positive response or to explain if something is fashionably attractive or impressive," I recited as Goliath turned to face me.

The gargoyle, Goliath, was I'd admit an intimidating figure, but he wasn't a real threat not really, Puck and I were far stronger in comparison.

Goliath stared at me for a moment not knowing how to respond and turned to the oldest gargoyle.

"Hudson, the ground base is yours…but take Bronx with you," Goliath stated as the smug gargoyle, or should I say Hudson, seemed somewhat insulted about having to take their pet with them.

"I'm perfectly capable-" Hudson began to argue before he was cut off by Goliath.

"Take him with you, he needs the exercise."

Both Hudson and Bronx seemed to be satisfied with that answer as they nodded in agreement.

"All of you be careful, humans are much more dangerous in these times," Goliath warned, as I quietly turned off the television.

"Come on then," Hudson urged as he gestured for the rest of his clan to follow.

I wordlessly followed the clan up to the tower, as they turned to face me finally noticing I was following them.

"Goliath, the underside of the air fortress is weak and you'll be able to easily tear the metal away there and get inside. Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington, for you the weak point will be the roof there is a normally locked door on the roof that you should easily be able to enter. I will also remind you to remain quiet and inconspicuous. Hudson, you shall enter through the underground and that fortress is not as well protected, and you shouldn't face much trouble," I finished my report as I closed the folder before looking up at the gargoyles.

"Any questions?" I asked, as I looked over their stern faces.

After a moment of silence I nodded before turning to leave before stopping and turning on my heel, "Oh, and don't forget people have never seen your kind before and they'll attack to kill," I warned and I walked towards the stairs.

"We are used to such treatment," I slightly turned my head as I faced the now solemn group of gargoyles; while Demona looked like she wanted to kill the closest human being possible.

I sadly looked at them before walking down the stairs and back into the castle before entering Xanatos' office, as Xanatos sat behind his desk with Owen at his side.

"They have just departed Mr. Xanatos," I reported as he nodded at me in acknowledgement.

"Cecilia, Owen I require you to check on the prototypes that are being built in case, I can't control Goliath," Xanatos told us as we nodded and made we both made our way down to where the robot look a likes of Goliath stood still plugged in to the massive computer in the room.

I quickly sat down in the computer chair as I began to type away checking that everything was stable as I felt Owen lightly press his hands on my shoulders, and I turned to look at him giving him my attention.

"Is something wrong?" Owen asked as he lightly ran his fingers over my cheek.

I made to object when I saw Owen's eyes turn to a glare warning me to not lie, and I sighed as I pushed myself off the chair, and walked a little ways away as I crossed my arms slightly hugging myself.

"I feel…sad," I muttered confused as Owen quickly turned me to face him as he dropped his stoic expression and worriedly looked at me.

"I don't like feeling this way," I told Owen as he moved to hold my face in his hands so he could clearly look at my face as my hands covered his.

"It's just a passing emotion it will fade," Owen assured me as he pulled me into his chest and I wrapped my arms around him as I buried my face into his chest and nodded.

I didn't know why I felt sad, Puck was alright and so was I. So why? Why did I feel this way? I tightened my grip on Owen's jacket as Owen soothingly rubbed my back in comfort.

I walked outside with Owen his arm wrapped around my shoulders, as my head leaned on his shoulder. We turned to see Xanatos as he stared at us somewhat surprised, as I slipped out of Owen's arms and stood by Xanatos.

"Is everything alright?" Xanatos asked as he looked between the two of us suggestively, but he was slightly curious as Cecilia and Owen had never shown any affection in front of him.

"Everything is quite alright sir, and it seems that some of the gargoyles are approaching. I will take my leave and see to the rest of the preparations," Owen informed stoic as usual, as he walked back into the castle.

"Cecilia," Xanatos said, as I stood behind Xanatos, as we watched Owen go into the castle.

"It was honestly nothing sir," I replied just as stoic as Owen.

Xanatos looked at me skeptically but turned his attention to the three gargoyles as they landed with in a crouch before getting up as they jogged forward and handed the disk to Xanatos, and he held it over his shoulder, as I grabbed it and placed it on my clipboard as I took note of their arrival time and efficiency.


I looked up as the three young gargoyles came up to me smiling almost idiotic smiles, as I gave them a nod in recognition.

"Is something wrong?" I asked as I looked back to my clipboard quickly reviewing Xantos' plans for tomorrow.

"No, we were just wondering if you wouldn't mind-" Lexington began but was cut off by Xanatos.

"I'm sorry Lexington, Cecilia is actually very busy and I need her to work on a project for me," as if on cue Demona and Hudson arrived both handing Xanatos, their disks as he placed them on my clipboard and looked at me pointedly.

"Yes, please excuse me," I replied going along as I walked back into the castle.

I walked into Xanatos' office as I placed the disks with a soft clack onto his desk as, the phone rang once and I immeadietly picked it up.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Xanatos is currently away at the moment, but if you have a message I will make sure that he gets it," I said robotically as I already knew what the call was about.

"Ms. Moore, we-we-we were attacked by these monsters and-" the man sounded practically hysterical as he went on and I inwardly sighed, as I shushed the man,

"That was merely a test, do not worry yourself with it, no one's jobs are in jeopardy it was just a robot nothing to fear," I soothed as the man seemed ready to believe any explanation as I hung up the phone and sat on the edge of the desk.

"I've become too soft," I murmured to myself as I covered my face with my hands, tired. I didn't know why I was feeling such emotions, I quickly straightened up moving off the desk but it was simply Owen and I gave him a smirk but it had no mirth in it, as Owen wordlessly walked over and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around him but I felt my arms slacken as they fell to my sides as my body went limp against Owen's.

"Puck what are you-" I started but that's when I lost consciousness.

Owen's Pov

I held Cecilia as I cupped the back of her head, as my hand began to glow successfully causing her to go limp as my arms tightened around her form stopping her from collapsing.

"Puck what are you-" Cecilia began to ask, as her eyes then closed and I picked her up bridal style as her head limply rested on my chest.

"I'm making it all go away," I reassured as I quickly walked over to Cecilia's room and gently placed her down on the bed, and I smoothed down her hair.

I sat on the edge of her bed as I placed my hands on the sides of her head, as my hands began to glow green with my magic, before removing my hands. All evidence of magic gone, as my expression softened somewhat as the back of my hand lightly caressed her face, before getting up and leaving the room.

I quietly exited the room as I stiffly walked to Xanatos' office as Xanatos stood in front of the large monitor screen, as he then turned to face me.

"Forgive me, sir. Cecilia wasn't feeling too well, so if you would please excuse her absence," I apologized, as Xanatos skeptically raised an eyebrow at me before nodding.

Xanatos' POV

I turned back to the monitor as I watched Goliath and Demona fight, and as Goliath went to go see Elisa. I turned off the monitor as I turned to face the view of the city, "It seems Goliath is too hard to control. Hm, a pity," I remarked as I raised my right arm, placing my right hand under my chin.

Cecilia's POV

I woke with a jolt as I quickly bolted up and looked to see myself in my room. How did I even end up in here? I held my head as with my right hand as I felt a slight pounding in my head, before shaking it off, as I unsteadily stood on my feet. I left my room to see Elisa escorting Xanatos in handcuffs to the elevator.

"Sorry for my absence Mr. Xanatos, I'll get your lawyer on the phone as soon as possible," I promised, as I walked beside him, into the elevator.

"Faithful as ever, have Owen explain to you the rest of the details," Xanatos chuckled, as I nodded.

The elevator opened with a ding and Xanatos and Elisa exited as I closed the elevator going back up to the castle.

I grinned as I saw Owen and jumped onto him as my arms circled around his neck, as I giggled, and leaned over his shoulder.

"Hello Robin," I laughed, as Owen himself chuckled and wrapped his arms around my waist swinging me so I was standing in front of him.

"You're better now," Owen smiled approvingly as he ran the back of his hand down my face, as I looked at him confused.

"What do you mean, Robin?" I asked as I grabbed his hand, and searched his eyes for an explanation.

"It's nothing," Owen promised as I made to object and order him to tell me, but stopped as he placed his lips over mine as I re-wrapped my arms around his neck, as he deepened the kiss as he tightened his arm around my waist, and cupping the back of my neck.

"What brought that on?" I asked as Owen and I parted, slightly dazed.

"Was it not satisfactory?" Owen asked rhetorically, as he smirked down at me.

"Hm, let me check," I whispered as I reconnected or lips, this time the kiss was much more rushed and passionate as he lightly pinned me to the wall his hand that was resting on my waist running up and down my side.

"It wasn't satisfactory, it was exquisite," I murmured as our lips parted momentarily, before reconnecting.

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