A.N: A new short story to show a different side of the two most talked about families of Castle Rock. Hope you guys enjoy and review. This is just the prologue to give some background and such. Thanks guys.

Many people had heard of the Chambers family before, in fact everyone in town had. Everyone knew of the lunatic father who spent his time beating his kids after a long day of drinking. Everyone knew of Frank Chambers, the oldest brother of the family, who was in prison for raping a girl. Everyone knew of Eyeball Chambers, or Richard, who was in the most feared gang in Castle Rock. And most certainly, everyone knew of Christopher Chambers, the youngest of them all. He had never done anything prison-worthy or hate-worthy before, but because his last name was Chambers, everyone knew he would turn out just like his family.

One could say everything was to be blamed on the father. One could think it was him who caused all the horror in his family's life, and this might have been true, but there was another side to the story; a side that no one knew of.

But before I start the story, there is a crucial part of it that needs to be described. This is where the Lachance family comes into play.

Of course there was the father, Mr. Lachance, who some people in town knew as the bitter guy. Everyone knew that after his oldest son Denny's death, he would never be the same. He didn't exactly grieve, but as I said before, he was a bitter man. He didn't speak much or leave the house much except for work. He most definitely spoke rarely to his youngest son Gordon, and when he did, he was unloving and uncaring. But even before Denny's death, he was not a good father to his youngest.

His wife Dorothy was that loving figure that Gordon needed. But that was also before Denny had passed. Afterwards, she was only overcome with sadness and a grief that couldn't be described.

Everyone of course knew that Christopher Chambers and Gordon Lachance had been best friends before anyone could even remember. And everyone knew this was a disaster for both families. After all, Mr. Lachance despised families like the Chambers'. He called them scum and dirty, disgusting humans, and he didn't want his son near any of them. Mr. Chambers of course hated the fact that Christopher was hanging around an intellectual and a kid that only made his family appear filthy. Both Gordon and Christopher knew that they weren't supposed to be friends, but they were anyway.

These were the two families of importance. To the town of Castle Rock, they were only a form of gossip (especially the Chambers'), but they were holding a secret so great, if anyone knew, everything in town would change.

The biggest part of it was that only the parents knew that secret. None of their children did, and they were determined to keep it that way.

Mrs. Lachance walked around town at times, and when she caught the eye of Mrs. Chambers, she simply turned away. They never spoke, they never interacted, and they tried to never come near each other.

Though they tried, the secret couldn't remain so forever.

The whole town would change very suddenly.