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Chapter Two:

The beginning of this story starts out before Gordon and Christopher were even born.
It was a typical day in Castle Rock; still, silent, and one could even call it serene.
It was a midsummer day in the year 1946.
Mr. Chambers was home and he was fed up. "Another day filled with shit," he would complain to his pregnant wife as he slouched down onto the brown couch.
Mrs. Chambers was forced to take care of herself through stages of the pregnancy. The pain didn't bother her husband. He let her deal with it on her own.
Mrs. Chambers couldn't figure out what had suddenly gotten into her husband. He hadn't been like this previously. In the past few days, he came home from work drunk. He roamed the house, cursing and raging, inflicting fear on his wife. He didn't even speak with her anymore unless he had to. On occasion, he asked how she was doing, but it was rare and even then, he would go directly back to his mood.
Over in the Lachance residence, a similar sort of problem was going on. Mr. Lachance had a pregnant wife as well, and though he tried to be of help and support to her, his mind was on something else.
He sat at home while his wife cooked dinner and rummaged around in the kitchen, sometimes clumsily because of her bulging belly.
He seemed distant, and Mrs. Lachance could notice there was something wrong because when she asked him a question, he responded with the same exact motion as always; a small head nod with his eyes looking into the distance.
Even as he read the daily newspaper, he wasn't entirely focused on it.
But the poor woman didn't dare ask what was going on with him. She thought it best to stay out of his business. She didn't want to make things worse.
So day after day continued and my many words were exchanged. In both households, the mood was glum. There was only the few times of drunken rage from Mr. Chambers. Then he would go back to sitting on the couch, not uttering a word.
After many months, the drunkenness became even worse. Steadily, Mr. Chambers became a lunatic, throwing beer bottles and slurring all of his words together as he spoke.
His wife was genuinely concerned. With her baby due any day, she didn't want the child coming into the world having to face such a father.
Now here is the part of the story where things get a bit insane. This is the part where in years to come, know one in Castle Rock would have believed it if you had told them.
When both Mrs. Chambers and Mrs. Lachance were just freshly pregnant, their husbands had been friends. They were quite inseparable in fact. They had been close friends for years, stemming from their youth.
Now, their wives up until that point knew of their friendship. They too were friends; they were in the Women's Auxilary together and in the knitting circle.
Once Mr. Chambers and Mr. Lachance changed suddenly, neither one of them understood what was going on. They continued to speak on the phone with one another, exchanging long conversations and whispering to each other late at night, wondering what could possibly be going on.
A few times, their husbands had walked in on them speaking silently, and had almost overheard the entire thing.
So for many months, even after the birth of both of their sons, Mrs. Chambers and Mrs. Lachance pondered the strangeness of their husbands' attitudes.
Mr. Chambers didn't stop drinking. His problem grew worse and worse, and right off the bat, he wasn't the caring father that Christopher needed as an infant.
Mr. Lachance also continued to seem uninterested and distant from his family. He was too busy looking depressed and tired, he didn't look after Gordon.
Mrs. Lachance sometimes stood in the kitchen with the baby, looking through the window, watching her husband in one of his rare happy moments, playing a round of baseball with his first son, Denny.
On those days, he had a small smile on his face, and he would kiss his wife gently on the cheek and stroke Gordon's soft face.
But Dorothy Lachance was still too afraid to ask what was going on.
It took both her and Mrs. Chambers a very long time to realize what had happened to their husbands' dear friendship.
On one late, stormy October night, they spoke over the phone, and finally came to the conclusion; Mr. Chambers and Lachance's friendship had diminished.
After that night, the two women also slowly drifted from each other, and when they passed on the street, they simple turned away from each other.
People in the town began to gossip more and more about those two families. They spoke of the strange silence between the husbands and the wives. And once Gordon and Christopher grew up, there was even more gossip about them.
Chris had become the kid who would turn out just like his father.
He grew up believing he was worthless and Gordon grew up feeling neglected by his own father.
Never would they know about the old relationship between their fathers. Never would they know that their fathers had once been kinder, fathers who didn't have stone cold hearts.
Sometimes, Mrs. Lachance lay in bed next to her husband, and she wondered, though much of the reason that he didn't want his son to be around Christopher was because he was no longer friends with his father, there was also another part to the story. She wondered, maybe another part was that he didn't any son of his to face the same heartbreak he had. He might have worried that one day, his own son would face such sadness. If he wasn't friends with Christopher, then there could be no chance of heartbreak.
Mrs. Lachance lay wondering this some nights, as she stared at her snoring husband.
That might have been part of the reason.
But the world would never know.