I've been on a big Tony/Bruce bromance/BFF/science bros thing for a day or two now, and this little idea popped into my head. I think it might be the shortest thing I've ever posted, come to think of it... I own nothing.

Bruce's fingers began to twitch the second he entered the lab, looking around with an almost animalistic hunger on his face. He thought he had high-tech equipment at SHEILD's lab? He had been banging rocks together compared to this.

"You look like Christmas just came early," Tony said, and his voice was full of laughter, but Bruce shook his head, unable to form words. He reached out and just barely brushed his fingertips across the edge of a table, staring in undisguised awe at the numerous tools, papers, and screens scattered about. The place was a wreck, half-finished projects lying about, but to him it was paradise.

"How do you ever leave?" he asked hoarsely, feeling like a little kid in a candy shop. He wanted to bounce up and down and clap his hands and touch absolutely everything, but he kept himself where he was, not sure what was allowed down here. It was Tony's lab, after all, and Tony...

Moved his arm in a grand, sweeping gesture that encompassed the whole room. "Have fun."

Bruce's eyes lit up with what could only be described as joy, but still he restrained himself, swallowing convulsively. "You... you're sure?"

Tony slung an arm around his shoulders. "Doctor, doctor... we're science bros. I think I can share my toys with you, at least." He patted Bruce on the back with more force than was really necessary, pushing him forward a step. "Now go play."

And, with a noise that had it been just a degree higher could have been a squeal, he did.